daveberg, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

*It had taken nearly 200 years for the major infestations of Earth to be cleared. The baron waste lands of what used to be prospering cities were now slowly begining to take shape once more as human kind had appeared to be winning the war against these 'creatures'

With controled military tance and an abundance of heavy artilary, the marine core had tracked down and eliminated most of the fearsome xenomorph strongholds. Nuclear strikes had layed waste to communities and even cities as the death toll grew to extortionate proportions, that which already grew scarce thanks to the alien attacks.

With great resiliance, the human race stood firm and gathered their numbers from other worlds in aid of taking back their beloved homeland - The Earth. Finaly, there were but two major infestations to be cleansed, and from inside government intel - these were the two largest and densely populated HIVES to date.


It was a blisteringly hot summer, with hardly any cloud cover or protection from the sun, it was hardly suprising that the Marine corp troops were in extremely bad moods. This was to be their final objective before the summer months faded. The legendary Alpha Draconis squad, responsible for the topple of almost 70% of the xenomorph infestation were on their way to the brazilian border, headed towards the outskirts of some of the most harshest jungle ever seen to man. It was their prime mission to infiltrate the outer rain forest and proceed to the rock formations which held a maze of tunnel like structures below. It was here were the last two alien HIVES were supposedly kept.

Dusk slowly began to settle in as the sun set in a dream like sequence, the chopper began to slow down as it thundered above thick tree cover. Lieutenant TDN scowled at the thick greenland below him, he knew this was to be no 'walk in the park' The chopper powered down and the emergency lighting came on as the alarms began to sound. it was go time. TDN looked over his squad - a bunch of burly, haggered bad a*sed marines, men he relied on when the going got tough. Yes sir they had seen some action over the years, was time for one last mission.

'Another day, another dollar' Sighed TDN as he hooked up to a zip line right above the outskirts of the jungle below.........*

darkness of acheron

mterrance, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Mterrance's flexed as his pod fired from the ship. This would be his first hunt upon this world since his blooding hunt. He was ready his mind was on the hunt to come. He glanced at altitude reading, he would hit ground in a few more seconds. Seconds in fact all of this from launch to ground only took 20 seconds.

The pod slammed down, and the pod started cycling to release it's cargo. Mterrance held up his ceramonial kife, admiring it's edge and craftmanship. This was the very blade he had used to kill his first hard meat. As the pod decompressed he sheath it on his leg and stepped from the pod. Slowly he scanned his surrounding shuriken at the ready. Listening and looking, when he was sure he was alone he cloaked and vanished into the jungle canopy.

Kidd, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

After a couple of hours, Kidd awoke and he lifted himself off the ground. He rubbed his head and looked at the ground and saw what had hit him, it was a branch from a tree above him, and it was cut clean off the tree. Kidd jumped to his feet and picked up his pulse rifle and radio for the other Marines but his radio was out, there was no way to make contact. Kidd picked up his helmet and looked up at the sky and try to judge the time where the moon is at, but the trees keeps him from seeing the moon.

(A few hours after sunset is dark, alright)

While Kidd was looking at the sky, he heard a clicking sound, he readied his rifle and crept to the sound. As soon as he was within 8ft from the sound, a young Yautja (part of the tree clearing party) jumped at him, Kidd quickly rolled away from the predator's attack. The monster stand straight up and extended his wristblades, Kidd quickly try to get his gun but he was on it, he then grabbed his handgun and fired at the young one. Monster quickly moved to dodge the bullets but it was too late, a bullet found it's way into it's leg and the monster fell when he tried to jump, his leg refused to help the yautja from getting too far. Kidd stood up and walked over to the monster, aim the gun at the pred's face and pulled the trigger.

After Kidd killed it, he put his handgun back in it's holster and went over to pick up his rifle. Kidd walked back to where Death was fighting the monster (Celtic102) but it wasn't there, the only ones fighting was Death and Bob going agianst two other beasts. Kidd kneel down and scanned the area where they are still fighting and saw a monster in the tree. (Swift Spear) Kidd aimed his gun at the demon and fire, the beast quickly jumped away from the tree and onto the ground and started to walk towards him........

( Brother, time for sibling rivalry )

Look around each corner before you move because the chances are, you are not gonna make it.

solo_pred, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

K20A2 and i walked for what seemed like hours looking for the mariens. finaly they herd men shouting and the fireing of a pulse rifle. this was there cance as long as there where no EMPs they where ok

solo was board of killing aliens for the past 2 RPGs, besides he wanted revenge.

solo and his former leader cloaked and snuck behind enemy lines.

they sat up in a tree for an hour, (by now the sun was allmost down under the horizon) then one of the mariens started clmbing up the tree they where in, all the mariens where inside this was solos cance BELIVE IT. K20 told him not to do it but solo did not listen it was kill or be killed solo whent up tho the marien and grabed his head, the marien was about to scream but solo riped the head off of the marien and put it in a case.

solo hid the body some where in the woods and then came back to the tree.

Memorys consume like opening the wound im picking me apart again. GO LINKIN PARK.
what im going to do to you is for me to know and u to find out... *sound of wristblades sliding out*

Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

1 of them attacked decon!but ZING!!!Pred of hell sliced it in half just it pounced on decon.."Well...let's go!"The 2 clands were banning together they finished of the runners bu first stalker gave 1 of them a quick slice and dice, adn the rest followed..with out the queen the aliens seemed to be....just plain loco,with no1 to tell them what to do they just attakced everythimg in site..even thier own hive mates but the sluahgter comtinued and the preds helped a little with the slaughteriong and the 2 clans luaghed in victory..but the battle was not over yet.....

(btw is dave dead?Just 4 the record)

Predators RULE!

xeno_slayer, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

slayer ran to where cory was. bob the frog was lying dead on the ground.
slayer pulled out his combistick and stuck it in
her with rage.
" she was mine cory!" he laughed
"hahaha better luck next time!" he says
"my team was attacked by a gang of xeno's only a few of us survived. there was a predalien leading them i made a trophy of him but not before he killed two of my unbloods. this means the hive and the shadow serpents are on the move" slayer says to cory
"yes we will have to be more carefull"cory replies.
slayer opeans his comlink to his team
"make your wat to a clearing about 20 meters to the north"
"we copy that" one of the newly bloodied warriors
"once they arrive we move"cory says


kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

they found a dead merain next to a dead pred but the pred had been chest busted and so had the merain the four preds were now on the look put for a worrior and a lose predalien. all of a sudden decon saw a shadow move in the tree line.....
(i am running out of ideas fast lol)

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kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

no she was not dead as she got up and pulled the knife out of her neck decon heard some thing at the entrance of the hive it was a roar it was cory as he entered he ran to decon aid. (your go cory)


hunter of the shadows

Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

there was still a "hunter's moon" pod in a patch of trees.the pod started to rattle.fog sweep past the pod.the pod exploated.large chuncks of metal flew through the air.in cloak, cory jumped out.he ran for a tree and found a place to stalk.three lasers from cory's helmet searched the forest for prey.nothing was seen.

cory reached back and grabed his combstick and swung it in the air and it extended.he roared and ran through the trees.

cory slows down and smells the other clanmates.he then crackles his mandibles and jumpes down and looks around(still cloaked).

~Hunt for Honor,Hunt for Glory,Hunt for the Moon~
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OTANG, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Mistakenly, Pred of hell thought Otang’s knee was injured, when in fact it was Skystalker. The Balatu hunter somersaulted over Skystalker, confusing him, then backhanded Predator of hell who foolishly dropped his guard at thinking Otang was injured in his knee. A reverse kick to Skystalker, still facing somewhere else apparently, forced his knees to the ground in pain. Just then the situation changed

A fragile truce was declared, shystalker panting on the ground and Predator of hell hold his chin. Bewildered, the Balatu hunter looked at Decon’s missing arm, asking: “forgot something?†and so the clans collected around.

There’s ONE more hive to take out. Hunter’s moon had taken out the first. It’s our turn to take out the next. The two clanz zeparated in the jungle on their way to the next.

Clan Balatu
Struggle is The Glory

cystic_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Now know ing that they had landed the warriro alien now felt that heat that he felt the first time he did when he was in his first fight. HE eflt the Carnivore Genome Cell that only comes in the Cystic breed of aliens and the spike on his tail was now like a double bladed axe. He thisted for blood and suddenly vanished from his position. He was running at an incredible speed he didn't now where he was going but what he smelled and sense promised to be interesting.


black_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

As P R E D A T O R told the rest of the clan to come with him to look for another way in the cave I got my weapons ready just in case.
I can hear banging against the walls trying to imagine what is happening to doc and stalker. I hope that is the Aliens getting banged around.

The hot air and conflict bring us.....ahhhhhhhh........*Home Sweet Home*

kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

decon swift and metrrance moved in to the jungle closely followed by the balatu clan with stalker in the lead. the to groups split up. they hoped to meet up somewere eles in the jungle. decon swift and metrrance moved deepper into the forest the air changed they felt a prentants near the and it wasn't a pred. decon turned his trusty xeno vision on and saw about five runners and two worriors the group readyed there weponds....

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mterrance, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Following Swift and decon, mterrance flexed his wrist extending his wrist blades. he thought how he wished he had more shurkin, but no matter he was well prepared as he tighten his grip on his combi stick. As three moved mterrance saw the jungle in front of them explode as stalker rushed decon. Because of honor he stayed back wacthing to see if anymore of Stalkers caln would attack. But as quickly as the attack began it ended. And stalkers words rang true to all. When decon agreed with stalker, he turned and looked at mterrance and swift who nodded in agreement. We would now hunt together, there would be no more blood fued.

Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

before his slumber,staring into the eyes of this mysterious yautja...tears rolled down his eyes before the blades struck into his chest that had been mangled before.as a mid adult,he layed there under a faster,massive,and stealthy predator.the blades swung there the air,getting ready to die,cory rembered his blooding,his prey...he knew he lived good enough to apreaite what he had done.he would be back...he well come back for his killer....the bad blood within died out..his eye's glow died and left his body.blood came down from his mandiables.his weapons droped to the ground as the blades severed his head and threw it far.

the dishonor like treatment to his dead body as he was mangled by the massive stealthy warrior.tareing cory's once lively,destructive,mass terrorerbody apart.takeing it like holding onto pain.

diceing and pelting his blades into cory,stalker promps cory off of them.he steadys him against a large rock on a slope of the woods.*SHHSSHSHHIINNNGG* slides out stalker's wristblade.in the blade is the reflection of cory staring at him devilishly."Lets do this!"cory roard.the blades made it's way across cory's neck.biting its way through,his head telts opward and eventully flies off.sweeps across the jungle's damp floors.

cory's body hit the floor.blood leaked endlessly.his weapons stay clentched in his hands with red and xenomorph blood splattered on them.smoke feltered out of his plasma caster.
the holes in his chest iked with blood.in the battle his body rested there.but he was gone.....crying out in the afterlife that his clan will not make it if they followed his examples,they had more to experiance that cory just had....the wait to for his resurrection to birth...being zombied back to life,he will come back for revange.

(i want my helmet back!!!! lol)

"Like the coldest winter chill
Heaven beside you ...H#ll within"

donut, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Donut took one last look at her mother then left the hive, she was infuriated. Her pheramon vision was able to track the scent of her enemy... she would find him soon. Donut lunged through the trees and came to the top of a canopy. The green leaves of the jungle trees swayed in the slight wind, it was still hot even though it was night. Donut peered across the landscape, following the scent, he seemed to be getting farther and closer, it seems like he is in a battle... She began to jump through the canopys of the trees, leaping from one to another, cyrstillic drool dripped from her fangs as she thought of someone killing him before she could. She desearved to kill him, he was hers and only hers....she would not let him get away with what he did. Donut continued to follow the scent, the bushes and branches of the jungle sped against her as she ran past them, every step she took she was one step closer to finding him. On and on she ran, ignorin other battles around her, every time she saw one of the creatures, it enraged her even more, how dare they destroy her mother, how dare they try to exterminate her race, how DARE THEY use her race as trophies for some game... Donut finaly came to a battle... There stood decon fighting cystic warrior, both were injured. Cystic warrior smelled donuts scent, he looked in her direction, then peered back at decon. *telapathy* "cystic, let me kill him, go find another, this infidel belongs to me.." donut told cystic (in telapathy) "maybe so, but i've gotten this far, he's too wounded to make a fast comback, i will think about it." cystic said. "very well, but this is something i need to do, it is unfinished business, i have to be the one to put this creature down, i have to make him suffer as he did with me and our mother. please let me have the joy of destroying his happiness." donut said. Decon seemed to be recovering slowly, "hurry! make your decision now!" "very well, take him on! i shall return to the hive." with that cystic scurried away to the hive, now decon and donut were left confronted... this was it, Donut could not die for she would not allow it, she WOULD kill decon... Donut and Decon stared at each other, now he had to face a more powerful xenomorph and one at full health. Decon drew out his spear, and donut ready'd her tails, and they charged. Donut leaped over decon and slicing his shoulders with her tails, he let out a howl and flung his spear at donut, it hit her spine but it did minimal damage do to the fact that he was already weakend and she was at her best. but dispite that it was at minimal damage, donut could still feel the pain, she let out a hiss and turned to face decon. He drew his wrist blades and started swipping at donut, he was able to hit donut more than once, causing acidic blood to spew from her wounds. They kept attacking each other, Decon getting weaker and weaker by the minute, and Donut getting more and more aggitated and infuriated. Donut stabbed her tail into decon and was about to thrust her other tail into him, lucky for decon that he caught the other tail in time and pushed off of donut doing a back flip and landing on his feet. They both took deep breaths and stared at each other, no one was going to run, it was a fight to the death. Donut lunged at Decon, his spear thrusted into donuts chest, she cried out in pain and blood poured from her. Due to the distance they were at, Decon got a whole lot on him, it burned through his armor to where he had to it off. Donut pulled back and twisted the spear from herself, she roared at decon and stabbed his spear into his foot...

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kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

decon looked around at his clan mates and said ''now we hunt the last of the hard meats we wipe them out and take there skulls. they have no queen and they are now weak in numbers and are an easy kill so what say u brothers''

decon waits for the reponse........

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Stalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Stalker pinned decon, "brother, why are we fighting?", "you killed one of my clanmates, cory didn't need to die" came the response. Kneeing stalker in the stomach. Reeling, Stalker replied "he went after my blood bonded sister, predatoress, & thought he could escape. Grabbing decon & shoving him against a tree " we need not be at each others throats, we are brothers in arms". Decon stopped, his mind was racing, "You're right, brother"......

Balatu & Hunters Moon were tearing each other apart, these two powerful & honoured yautja clans were imploding. Stalkers mighty roar echoed, bringing the savage battle to a standstill. "Brothers, why are we fighting?". "We are brothers in arms, not mortal enemies". There need not be this senseless bloodshed". The doctor glanced at Stalker, then turned his attention to Hunters Moon. "He's right, brothers, this violence need not be". The two mighty cltared at each other, their needless, violent bloodshed was resolved, they were once again, brothers in arms. (nobody startt a fight with me, I won't be here for a few days)


XTheXRogueX, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

in the distans near the outskirts of the rain forist in a dark shallo cave the rogue of the shadow sirpints senced a battle stiring in the forist....a chanllange...it soon will be night and all will be in shadow the pirfict time to join the other shadow serpants and attack the invaders.......
the time is now the sun has finally set
just then the rogue sent out a pysic signal to all the other shadow serpants in the area saying
"we must join together and fight as one to destroy these interlopers in the forist"
then the rogue left its cave and ran teraing though the jungle knocking down anything in its path to join up with its bretherin.



Celtic_Warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

c.w DEFINATLY heard somthing. he told predator of hell to take the others and go ahead. they did this and c.w remained behind.

he stood and waited, watchind the environment, not moving a muscle, just his eyes. birds were squarking and flying away. c.w extended his wristblades and his spear. an alien came out of the bushes slowly infront of him. c.w looked at it as it hissed. c.w had a grin on his face, hidden by his helmet.

this was gonna be fun

the alien ran towards him. c.w still stood his ground. the alien launched at him.

c.w threw his shirikin..............


Celtic_Warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

c.w was thrown back. cystic bent over him. it raised it's hand and swung.......... c.w grabbed it and sliced cystic across the chest with his wristblades. cystic jumped over him and climbed up a tall tree. c.w stared at it as it taunted him. he then started climbing a tree across from the one cystic was on.

cystic started clawing and swinging it's tail, trying to gain the upper hand as the both of them climbed higher. the reached the top. the pocked out of the leaves with the moon behind them. cystic was still attacking, and c.w was doging. he then aimed his lasers at him. a bolt of lightning struck a tree near them, making c.w loose his concertration. this gave cystic his chance, he lept at c.w knoking him off the tree. cystic grabbed hold of the tree again as he watched c.w go plumiting to the ground.

c.w spun in mid air and threw his shirikin at cystic, it span around him and cut a branch that fell and trapped cystic's tail against another branch. c.w quickly grabbed hold of a branch and he lowered himself to the ground. he reaced the bottom and watched cystic squrming around trying to get free. c.w knew he would, so he made for the escape, clenching his dislocated sholder out to find p. of hell.

(i'm tooooooo young to die cystic.lol, you might get another chance.lol)