Derelict Analysis



Take it with a grain of salt....


According to the book Original Sin, Which is supposed to be a continuation of Alien Resurrection, Earth's Government was in league with the ... thing in the Derelict ships' Government. Everything that happened in the first movie was meant to happen. I, however, find the Fourth Alien movie, though unique from the others in a good way, Highly offensive to the Alien Universe. I mean, C'mon! It's a big joke! Everytime I watch the first movie, it chills me to the bone. The Second, still chilly, yet testostoroney. The third, still a little freaky. Resurrection, yawn.

good theory.


i thought this was a good theory. i mean what this theory says actually makes sense. but I'm not trying to upset anyone but this is my opinion. 4/5

anything with an alien r pred will feed my need


I think it's reasonble to say that the Predators were in league with the derelict...but to have a fourth race(count humans) of beings doing god knows what out in the depths of space sounds like a great chance to expand the series.