Earth Hive (Aliens, Book 1)



Wilks was a space marine with a near-fatal flaw: he had a heart. Billie was a child, the only survivor of a far-flung colony outpost. Thrown together in the last hellish night of an alien invasion, Billie and Wilks helped each other get out alive. Thirteen years later Wilks is in prison, and Billie lives in a mental institution, the nightmare memories of the massacre at Rim seared into her mind. Now the government has tapped Wilks to lead an expedition to the aliens' home planet to bring back a live alien. But the competition on Earth to develop the aliens as a new weapons system is brutal. When Wilks's team departs on their mission, a trained assassin trails them. And what follows is no less then guerrilla warfare on the aliens' planet--and alien conquest on Earth!




12/10 It was like a new Aliens movie but better. More inside stuff and very realistic. It also has its morbid side which is great. The plot is good and the characters are the best. This one is the best aliens book out of all of them.



This book should've been the third or fourth movie. It's a direct continuation of Aliens, though different characters.

aliens book 1 earth hive

steve perry

This is a good book but does not have very much action in the book. The people that have read this book already dont like action and gore. On the other hand this book kicked some marine ass




Aliens Earth Hive


Personally I would have enjoyed seeing alien ressurection replaced by this. It has some mild humor, some more in depth info on the alien life cycle, and really descriptive scenes.