donut, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

Donut and frozen had finaly reached the hive, they both ran into the queens chamber where some other xenomorphs were. Donut spotted predalien64, he seemed to be explaining something the queen as well. After predalien64 had finished talking, frozen went to the queen, but the queen had already realized what was going on due to the grid marks on her forehead, they alweemed to glow when those creatures were around... Donut and Frozen were getting prepared to leave the hive once more, there were no more excuses, they were going to fight those creatures despite the risk of loosing their lives. The queen will always come before the drone, that is the way of life for the xenomorphs. Donut and Frozen stepped out of the hive and took one last look at the moon, it would perhaps be the last beautiful thing they ever see. They both crouched down and began a speedy run through the jungle, they heard many noises, both of pain and victory. *whoosh zap!* a plasma bolt hit the tree next to donut causing it to fall down and almost hit her, Donut jolted to the right and scanned the area from where it came. (wait, frozen?? where are you!) donut thought. She looked around histaricly for frozen, Donut wasnt afraid of being alone but she was afraid that frozen was hurt. *whoosh zap!* another plasma bolt was shot at donut, but this time it actually hit her on the waist. *Screaaaaaaaaaaach!* Donut let out a howl and clasped her wound, acidic blood dripped from it leaving deep holes in the ground beside her. She looked in the direction in which the bolt was shot from. There on a high branch crouched an eight foot tall yatja holding his spear and aiming his plasma caster straight at donut. There was no backing down this time, there was going to be a fight, and a fight that would determine if donut would live, or if she would die...

-now this is the time for any predator wishing to fight me thats not currently in a battle to fight me =D but i wont be on for quite awhile so dont expect a quick reply-

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Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

Blade Hunter could only laugh inside as he thought about the situation, "Here I go to rescue Otang and he winds up saving me, then Skystalker and POH seem to forget about me mid-fight." Well I'll forget my pride for now, the remaining Hive is more important. My thoughts were cut short as more xenos appeared and attacked. Though the storm of Balatu spears and the balistic attacks of Skystalker and POH fell many of the xenos more still came. Charging forward I began to spin making myself a deadly top shredding into a line of xenos. As I tore an alien's head from it's shoulders who had been careful enough to pierce my left thigh with it's tail, I could only glance at Sky and his alley. Though a huge pile of dead aliens lay at their feet they had been separated and were slowly being overwhelmed. "Balatu or not, no more of my allies will be slian today!" I screamed diving into an almost pool-like mass of xenos that POH had disappeared into.

cystic_warrior, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

Cystic Warrior tackle Swift Spear after suddenly jumping out of a bush na dstabs him in the back with his tail and slamming him into a tree after being thrown 20 yards.


Unknown, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

harrigan awoke from his slumber,looked around and realised he was on his own.once he came around he stumbled out from the ship,wondering where the rest of hunters moon had gone.undeterred,he slowly moved out fron the sanctuary of the ship and immediately scanned the area for lifeforms.seeing no immediate danger he moved slowly towards a weak signal that was picked up.he tried to contact celtic 102 but no reply.

wary of the environment,he cloaks and takes to the trees,waiting for a sign ,or some kind of movement,just so he cant get an idea of what the hell is going on.

still no contact with the rest of hunters moon.
"where is everyone,why do i feel strange,why is nobody avaliable for contact".neverthless,harrigan has to find out why he was left on the ship.

the weather was helping,as the rain was pouring down,all you seen was a shimmer and then nothing,harrigan had to remember why they were here, but for some reason,he could not recall the perameters of the mission.he needed to get in contact with the leader of hunters moon,but still no signal.all he could do was keep going and find out where the hell everyone was.....


kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

decon ran passed the xenos after the one that was to be his kill. decon saw swift and mterrance in front of him they were close to the xeno. then the xeno sundully stopped on a branch swift and metrrance stopped as well. they and decon hid and watched the xeno has it lifted it tail to it mouth and sprayed resin on it. it was healing it self with out the hive. but decon swift and metrrance did not care about that they charged at the xeno.

at the same time the slide out there wrist blades out. the xeno jumped at decon knocking him down. decon got back up and ran at the xeno and slashed with his wrist blades in a rage the xeno was doeged evey attack and came with a powerful counter attack. decon then pulled out his combi-stick out and stabbed the xeno in the chest. (ur turns swift and metrrance)

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kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

the worrior got back up and charged at decon sending its tail flying into decon's leg in the same wound that the xeno called donut made.

decon roared with the pain and pulled his knife out and cut off the tail end the worrior recoiled and decon pulled out the severed tail from his leg. decon got his wrist blades out ready for the worrior to charge at him but it didn't had it got smart or had it learned something decon did not know all of a sudden the worrior shot into the trees.

decon tried to follow it but his wounds were too server. decon needed help he fell on to the ground....

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Swift_Spear, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

Swift Spear gave Decon a medi comp and started chasing after the xeno warrior with Mterrance right behind him.

After Decon healed himself he went to go find Swift and Mterrance. Decon followed the xeno warrior,Swift and Mterrance trail and ran into five xeno who were following the same trail.

You got to be swift to catch me because if you can not, you are dead.