Red_Machine, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

"DEATH!" R.M. shouted, "Kidd, cover me while I go and check Death out, shoot anything than moves!" He ran forward towards Death and checked his surroundings every few feet, he reached Death in thirty seconds and began checking him over. He had a bolt from a Pred Spear Gun in his left leg, and R.M yanked it out. Death screamed in pain, and R.M. fireman-carried him back over to Kidd, who was busy shooting something which was following them.


Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Pred of hell still trying to finish of the rest of the aliens still battered by that pool of them he got his combistick and charged so 1 by 1 the xenos lost against them but then he heared the screeches and roares he knew a battle was raging.He found later on that decon and metterance and swift were trying to kill cystic worrior but then cystic worrior using his veteran skills threw of decon onto swift and takcled meterrance.He quickly threw his combistick right into c. worrior's arm making him flinch.

C. worrior then dug it out and trew it on the ground.Pred of hell knew his job there was done so he picked up his spear and left that battle.but c. worrior tried to charge at him and put a scratch on his back.Pred of hell then roared with fury as he punched cystic then left.cystic then roared and tried to tckle him again but metterance and decon and swift charged at him keeping him busy.

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solo_pred, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

solo had gone well... solo. he was looking for a specal someone from his last rpg. (flashback from the last RPG when i was fighting TDN.)
now he walked threw the jungle looking for sings of oomans.

he walked for about a hour our two and felt a strange presents. solo readed his wrist blades but out of the foliage walked K20A2. solo was delighted to see him.

what im going to do to you is for me to know and u to find out... *sound of wristblades sliding out*

mterrance, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Mterrance rolled with the throw twisting to land on his feet. As he landed he sprung forward to tackle the c warrior. But C warrior using it unknown sense saw the attack coming and spins on it's heels batting mterrance aside with it's tail. Mterrance went flying into the jungle this time landing hard on his back. C warrior turned back towards Decon and then moved toward Mterrance, with what seemed like a grin upon it face. Perhaps this xeno was smarter than the others it sensed that of the three mterrance was the least experience warrior. As The c warrior moved closer mterrance stood drawning his knife from his shin guard. He let out a roar of challenge to the beast and began to slowly circle. He was trying to provoke c warrior to jump at him as there was at least 8 feet between them. It was more than enough time to fire his wrist net launcher, with his quick reaction speed. He knew his reflexes were naturally superior even to his own kind. It was his gift his father had passed down to him when he was concieved, his mother had chosen well. (swift decon your turn)

cystic_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Cystic Warrior felt conciousness slipping away but then flung Blade Hunter into the air when his throat was released he had a sudden rush of energy he slammed Blade Hunter facedown and the jumped on his back. He began clawing lade Hunter all over his back.Blade HUnter overturned and was able to grab one of my hands, but too late he was and very foolish for we were face to face and then i pinned his other arm to the gorund. The suddenyl with a burst of strenght launched me off of himand into a tunnel he didn't know where i was because of all of the subsystems in the hive. Now i charged from behind him and tackled him into a wall and then the fight continued as he attempted to strike me with his wristblades but i caught his arm and showed him the true strenght of a xeno as we were in a deadlock we just stared dwon each other and i was ready to fighto the death.

( Sorry Blade Hunter someone had to die. You were an awesome enemy and look forward to fighting you again. Sorry i had to kill you. See you next time.)

It will only hurt for an Eternity!

OTANG, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

SKYSTALKER relishes his fictitious victory. He clicks his mandibles and behind that retched mask, smirk fills his countenance. He moves in on leading his slow advance towards Blade Hunter, with MTERRANCE, DECON and SWISTSPEAR in tow.

“You cant…†sputtered Skystalker as his words were interrupted by the blitzkrieg azzault and the massive jolt by a charging Yuatja that drilled him into the ground and into a dragging stop .Otang’s heavy breath exiting underneath his replacement mask fills their surroundings and small amounts dust is blown about with every deep breath. For an instant the charging yautja stares down on Skystalker as he stares back in disbelief. Mavrick in a graceful midair manuvre extends her body in choreographed moves and launches a smart disk at Mterrance embedding into his armor into the ribs in his back. With the recoiling motion, Mavrick returns her move by launching a shuriken with her other hand at a shocked and bewildered Decon.

Mterrance reacts by throwing his hand behind him at the immeasurable pain in his back and drops to his knees still unaware of the attacker. Mavrick lands gently on her feet on a low stance, and right arm on the ground. Decon’s shoulder reacts to the sudden piercing entering his shoulder blade, a mist of illuminescence appears, caused by the laceration on Decon’s shoulder.

Moments before, Otang and Mavrick had made their way out of the hive. Upon capturing PredAlien’s64’s skull, both Yautja returned to Mavrick’s pod not much more than a mile away for supplies and a new mask for Otang. They had made their way back into the hive when they found it had been ransacked just before they arrived. Remaining xenos, attacked the pair but were dispatched strategically. In there hasty egress they found the group of young yautja and had surrounded Blade Hunter. Just before his descision to attack, Otang transmitted to the others and several of Balatu were on their way.

Otang got up and slammed his fists on Skystalker’s chest armor, grabbed him and stood him up. The breath knocked out of him, the young Hunter’s moon clansman could only hold his abdomen as Otang’s retribution focused on a the coward leading the charge against one solitary Blade Hunter. For a second, the attacking hunter lost his composure and shifted back, returning only with a fist to Skystalker’s trachea. And both hunter’s fell to the floor off balanced.

BLADE HUNTER, now inspired, ran at MTERRANCE and the pool of blood collecting under him.

MAVRICK stood up, growled at DECON who was holding his shoulder where he had one arm missing. Mavrick saw her Opponent’s impaled chest which had dried blood already from a recent encounter with a xeno Queen. Decon had already sustained stabs through his body by a queen’s tail, stabbed once more in the back by a marine, and lost a knife, a combi stick and the smart disk when they melted after he attacked the queen. Mavrick turned her attention to Swiftspear. He had no combi stick after impaling both FrozenAlien and the queen, his glaive (which was illegal anyways) melted when it entered the queen’s chin. Her majesty’s head on his waist was holding him down. She darted at him punching right, left then elbow smash with her right to his temple, dreadlocks whipped over at the twisted head gave way and the limp body fell to the floor with the added weight of the skull.

Mean while, Otang and Skystalker made their way back to their feet. The Balatu hunter can see P R E D A T O R in his own battle a distance away. With arms open and heavy roar, Otang descended unto Skystalker with kicks to his knee cap’ almost shattering it. Skystalker instinctively back handed in response forcing the other Hunter to step back into postion.

(hunter's moon dont forget opponents have to reply otehrwise it doesnt count to kill them, and remember no cheapening)

Clan Balatu
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predalien_64, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

i'm passed out not dead


Predalien of the Shadow Serpents

OTANG, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

The SUN hungered to make its presence known once more. The night slowly began giving way to the orange glow of the radiant orb. Tropical birds flew about the tree canopies, barely weary of the intense action taking place in their home. Watching two xenomorphs interact, but from a concealed location, Otang reflected on his previous battle. That was young xeno, but the cranium displayed his achievement toward becoming a warrior. His acid proof wrist blades were concealed and cleaned from the blood of the beast.

Hours ago, Maverick had finally reported in headed in his direction to meet up at the shadow serpent hive. Because he wasn’t about to enter it through its main entrance, topographic information showed geological structures and possibly smaller cave entrances. These two black beasts unfortunately stood in his way. Otang scanned the area looking at everything that can h*rt him in his trek towards the hidden caverns leading to the hive. The rock formations in close proximity showed promise, the trees, the brush, the rustling leaves, all taken into account.

The hunter, decided to spring over his cover and with front flip roll landed in a squatted position and very slowly took his time straightening his body up right. He clicked his mandibles his muscles fibers flexed in his shoulder as he opened arms with palms open. His roar alerted the only conscience xenon of his intention. The xeno, ACE was surprised by this unknown figure. The hunter had waited for GHOLA88 to leave the area, and Otang was certain he wouldn’t return for now.

The alien PREDALIEN 64 was on the ground not moving, but alive. Instinctively at the site of the unknown creature, Ace charged Otang and pounced from an inconceivable distance and managed to overtake the hunter . His claws ripped the air around them as he aimed for any part of the yautja’s body. The razor sharp claws met their mark a few times. The hunter was well prepared for the pain that was being endured his master, Ad- Hreyo prepared him for conquer matter using the mind. Still, Otang was not invincible so he pushed off Ace; both warriors took that second to briefly rest. The hunter’s attention turned toward the granitic formation to the west. Ace stood in his fighting stance slowing rocking his body up and down. When he saw the Yuatja take off for the rock, Ace tilted his head in disbelief and darted after him, tail fluttering behind him.

Arriving on the rocks, Otang started up the rocks, but not forgetting the black mass heading his way. In a fluid motion the combi-stick was accessed, extracted its blades and with rehearsed planning swing it with both hands hitting its mark on the xeno already in mid air at his position. with the move, Otang foolishly lost his footing on the hard surface and pumped his legs trying to get traction, landing on his back on the slope. In a fraction of a second, Ace was on him again, this time stabbing with its tail. The hunter used the combi-stick to block the xeno as Ace, with both claws on the stick, leaned harder into Otang as it screeched wildly.

Xeno liquid oozed on the Yautja’s facemask, just before he shook it off with sudden shakes of his head. Annoyed, at the situation Otang used his rippling chest muscles to catapult the beast off him. He took to higher ground, the hidden hive entrance was within site. Rolling on his back and j*rking his legs towards the ground, the hunter quickly flipped to his feet, and got into a squared up battle stance. Face turned toward the entrance then turned to Ace. Dreadlocks whipped around the shoulders and Otang let out a growl at the alien. Little drops of luminescent blood surround the warrior left over from his close encounter with Ace’s claws. A quick zoom revealed Pred64 was still out of commission on the ground at the base of the rocks.

Clan Balatu
Struggle is The Glory

black_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

I just wanted to say my combistick is acid proofand my plasma caster cause it is covered by PA64's skull. but good fight. but before i die i put my combistick into your chest peircing your heart. I twist and twist while you screech in pain i take one last look into your ugly dome-shaped head while i pull out my combistick along with your skull. (combistick got caught on your spine) Then i take off part of my melted mask and roar as my insides melt to liquid and set off my wristnuke to make sure no facehugger can get me. then i close my eyes.................5,4,3,2,1 BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. As a gigantic blue ball of plasma envelopes me the wristnuke clears trees for miles around. MY last thoughts were "I have become blooded, and fought with the [email protected] of my strength i have reached my goal!"
Then before i die my wrist comp sends a message to the rest of the clan i have been defeated. But have destroyed and took the skull of my killer in in the process. But again MY LEGEND WILL LIVE ON.

This was the legend of the blooding and the death of a determined warrior. He lived and died for the hunt. He fought the ultimate prey and died while fighting. He had an honorable death and will be remembered. His name was BLACK WARRIOR known to his friends as BW. Lets have a moment of silence lol. I shall be back!!!!
BTW to all of my clan good luck and may you be sucessful in the hunt FOR BLOOD& HONOR

Death before dishonor

celtic102, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

This is then LOCKED people

Thanks to all who wrote and posted in here ^-^
until Next time Warriors...


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kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

decon knew what c.warrior could do so decon ran between them with his combi-stick out and he tried to scare c.warrior away but decon knew it wounldn't work c.worrior jumped at decon and as he did decon stabbed him in chest. c.warrior had stopped moving was he dead. as decon pulled the end of the combi-stick near him with c.warrior still stuck on its end c.warrior began to move and thrash around with his tail. decon punched him of the end of his combi-stick. c.worrior got up and jumped passed decon on metrrance but before decon could act that second jaw had periced metrrance head and he was gone. (soz metrrance) c.warrior got and roard for his kill. he now turns his atentions to decon...

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Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Mavrick and otang regroopsed stood side buy side they breefley made eye contaced and noded tio eachother. simaltaniosly they both erupted into a charge hed on into the aliens Otang ran streight into an alien sholderbarjing it into the ground a defoning crunch rang out as the aliens rib cage desintogrates Otang forses doun on the aliens chest with his right foot then forses hid combistick through its face

Mavrick charges towards 2 of the other aliens the aliens tern to face her and apeer shoct to wache her seemingly vanish. she had leeped into a forward flip over the aliens landing just behind them a faint highpich ringing nois resanates through the air.... Mavrick retract her wrist blids and terns to face the alien to see them slowly slumt to the ground then seemingly slide inhalf .

the wariors loock around there is no other aliens to bee seen they count the boddy .. but there is only 7 .. mavrick loocs at Otang and sais "wairs the big 1" just as she notases a shadow growing larger over otang Mavrick loocs up to see that Katam had launched himself from a neer buy tree and he was going to land on Otang.

Mavrick sprints towards Otang and sholderbarges him out of the way when Katam falls onto Mavricks back pining her to the ground face doun. Katam is about to use his iner jaw on Mavrick when atthe last second hee sees the mighty boot of Otang hertaling towards him
Otang drop cics the alien sending katam flaying into the forest flor sending a cloud of thic dust ito the air ..... the alien seemingly vanashes into the dust wich also seems to be blocing his heat signature from the preds mascks


black_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

As Doctor lets out a roar i jump into my droppod and punch the keys to close it up. I than brace myself for the impact: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 BOOM. My pod lands in a hillside surrounded by huge boulders and trees, just then i cloak and look for my other clanmates i switch tothermal vision and see my clanmates droppods. As BALATU's warriors are coming closer i uncloak, let out a short war cry and extend my black combistick and thrust it in the air. THE HUNT HAS BEGUN!

btw Daveberg i dont know if i can do 4 posts today but ill try

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Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Katam arose yet with such weakness katam needed to rest for now to gain his strength back but the queen needed him at her side for she cannot fight them all alone katam started to make his way in the direction of otang.This time katam had relised not to hold ack on these creaters for they are more skilled then he had first thought.

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Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Surveying the jungle once more Blade Hunter notices Black Warrior's vital signs on his mask display were gone, dead. A new resolve began to pour within me, no longer will I abandon friends for this "greater good" I keep telling myself about, NO! I then proceeded to rush back towards Otangs position nearest to Black Warrior's last, in case he needed my help after an obviousely intense battle.
But it would seem that my luck was against me as I run straight into Skystalker and Predator of Hell while on a supposed shortcut to Otang. "Oh snap" I said drawing both my wristblades and assuming my battle stance as the two other hunters turned towards me slowly. "I don't have time for you!" I roar slamming my elbow into Skystalker's stomach and then bringing my heel down on his back. Only to have Predator of Hell slam into me and send me carrening into a nearby boulder. Standing up I smirk to myself, "Well you wanted a challenge didn't you?"

celtic102, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Celtic runs thorugh the forest and finds the punk that wanted him, GNEF DEATH ! !. Celtic circles round him and extends his blades. Gnef drops his guns and brings out his knives. Celtic pulls the plasma castor off his shuldor and throws it to the ground. Celtic backs up a bit and hears a large waterfall behind him with spkey rocks at the bottom. Gnef Says "well come get some" celtic exteneds his blades bigger..... The BATTLE IS ON

(Dont delete, he will be on later so dont interfare with me and Death)

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donut, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

(i'll post more tomorro so you can continue this if you like but ONLY ONE POST UNTILL I COME BACK ALFKJDLJFS)

Donut was now back on the jungle floor, she took a glimpse at the ship above her then continued on toward the hive. Donut speeds up her process towards the hive, her steps were light and fast, the wind was blowing violently against her as she went even faster. Donut hops on a tree and continues to prance through trees in a graceful way. Sounds of guns firing and alien tounges were heard, She knew she was getting closer to the hive, Donut slowed her speed down as she approached the hive...something was terribly terribly wrong. Many of her breatherin lay scattered and dead, along with the bodies of creatures whom had attacked here. Donut could still hear noises inside the hive, her brothers and sisters were still alive and they were still fighting for their queen. Donut crawled through one of the holes on the ceiling which lead into the queens chamber, but she couldnt smell the queen, its as if she wasnt even there... Donut continued through the hole untill she reached the queens chamber, her hands began to sweet with anxioty, she started to move faster, pulling the moist resin beneath her. She reached the queens chamber and looked down upon it.<?!?!?!> the queen was dead, her head was stolen, and all that was left of her was her main body and a pool of acidic blood... Donut jumped down from the ledge she was standing on and landed on the floor of the chamber, the floor was cold and lonely, how long had it been since the queens death?? Donut went to the body of her fallen mother and looked down upon it. Donut let out a mournful hiss and looked away from her mother. Donut was filled with both rage and sadness, but she was overwelmed with the desire to get revenge. She could smell those who had killed her mother, one in perticular smelled quite familiar... this smell was the same smell of the one who had slaughtered her before..she could not forget him...Decon. "i swear on the body of my mother that i shall destroy this-this thing..this thing lower than scum, this infidel. it shall die by my hand." Donut would find him, and she would kill him.

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Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Alright guys, no more, the rpg is finished



Swift_Spear, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

You got to be swift to catch me because if you can not, you are dead.

Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Predator of hell was running through the jungle depleted of all weapons.but then he heard the gunfire of a battle he then heard a roar.He dashed to find swift_spear and decon fighting off the marines he ran through gunfire and sat next to swift_spear."Where the hell have you been?!" swift_spear said."Just busy."pred of hell said.Swift gave pred of hell his extra mask and pred of hell put on his xtra he only had 4 shots of spear gun, his spear, 1 disk and shuriken and 1 shot of net gun along with the xtendable blades.

Pred of hell helped decon take out the snipers and covered swift as well.then suddenly a huge tank full of missles were coming.pred of hell and decon cloked and tried to get in it while swift_spear was covering them.

Predators RULE!