Alien Trilogy





This game has bad graphics (considering the fact that it's a ps1 game) but i think it is still pretty good it as a decent number of levels and at the last one you have to kill the queen. You cant be an alien, but i sure wish you could like on alien versus predator 2. you have a good array of weapons including the infamous flamethrower.

Hunter no.1

Hunter no.1

The graphics are poor but the gameplay is good. You roam around blowing aliens to hell with a kick ass arsenal of alien exterminating weapons like the pulse rifle and smart gun, but most likely you will just run around scared jumping at every flickering light and tiny noise. All in all I would rate it 7/10 for game play and sound. I personaly did it quite quickly but I am quite good at games anyway.

I was hoping this would be a decent retro aliens blast


I was hoping this would be a decent retro aliens blast, but mostly it needs you just to shoot everything, theres no actual objective. But the music is good, and ther are some special moments, like the boss battle with the queen. Recommended for trigger happy alien fans!

this was a really good game


this was a really good game.. i know it had me playing several times over... but as everyone else said... the graphics sucked... but who cares... it certainly was great. you start hust like out of aliens the movie... and you play through alot of levels until you reach the queen... it includes a few weapons like the machinegun, shotgun, and flamethrower... the only reason i wrote this was to say that this isn't the only alien game... i have alien resurection for ps1 wich is a million times better then this game. you start out as ripley in your little prison, when all of a suden youre door starts to bang, and then blows up. you pick up a hand gun and run through the first level pretty quickly and you only see a few aliens and kill 1 face hugger. i aint spoiling it any more.but i could give five
reasons why its better than the trilogy.

1.the graphics.
2.better weapons.
3.more scary. fight alot more waves of enemies(which sometimes can be bad). fight that hybrid human alien thing, and launch it into space.

i could also say some bad things.

1.not as many variety of enemies. can be a bit to scary sometimes.
3.its alot like quake.

look for it in gametraders (if you live in aus).

The overall game itself is good


By the fact that music is shitty Graphics are bad
But the overall game itself is good with neat gameplay and blasting those alien bastards back
but the fact that the Akklam comany didnt know alien 1,2 and 3 is the worst thing

bad qaulity but good gameplay and music


bad qaulity but good gameplay and music if i had to rate it i would give it a 8/10.I like the part where you kill the was quite easy too.somtimes you get a fright and you just run. all the weapons are good like the pulse rifle and the smart gun.

I personally love this game

pope benedict

I personally love this game, the only problem with it is the graphics, their not bad, but their dated. the levels are great, and you get to go through loads of places from the movies, like the space jockey ship, hadleys hope, and fury 161, the prison world. overall, i would give a 9/10, coz of the dated graphics.

this is pretty good...


this is pretty good besides the graphics that suck. but you can blow the living crap out the aliens.