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Human Facts: i play avp2 for pc. when i was young i used to wach godzilla an i loved jarracic park. now i love scifi. on AVP2 my name is {RAV}tracker//tweak,thats only on the. im 13 and love predators. i hope they make a predator 3. on AVP2 Im the only remaining member of {RAV}. Im a God of death in Clan balatu. somthing funny about me is when i was 3 i was the yellow power ranger for halloween. lol. My Favorite bands are Linkinpark, Seether, Staind, Papa roch, Panic! at the disco, fall out boy, evanesence, 3 days grace 3 doors down, nickleback, Ozzy Osbourne, Sum41, Toby Kieth, TRUSTcompany, Trapt, and other bands.

Pred Info: MY armor is all black and it covers my whole body. My mask i i ware is Acid Proof this is because when i got it from K20A2 when i got the rank of God Of Death. My wepons are also all black. my wepons include 3ft wristblades, 2 combsticks, (one acid proof) 2 shurkins, a maul, a smart disk, and a wrist mounted net gun and stalkers plasma caster.

Trophy Room:Brentopia, a ravanger skull, 30 rouge pred skulls, two young drone skulls, 2 chest burster Skelletons, 3 AD medic skulls, 3 AD crew members.

Im hoping to get my stats up.
well Thats me oh ya my name is Sean.


Black warrior and solo pred The Dark warriors of Balatu