Batman Versus Predator



BVP fliping sweet


sweet coimc injoyed it very much.the fact that they braught two of my fav things together was one of the main reason i picked it up,but after words i could not put it down at any point till i had finnished it.

Batman VS Predator


The only text i have ever read outside of AVP2 for PC. As a long time predator and alien fan, i thaught it was an absolutly fenominal writing. One renegade predator unleashed oppon the city of Gothem. A squad of 3 predators follows the renegade hunter hoping to find and kill him. Then batman gets involved. I have never really been much of a "Batman Fan" but i did enjoy this comic verry much, even WITH Batman. The gore was fantastic if i remember correctly.



the sceans in this comic are amazing! My fav 1 is when the predator dips a decapated head into acid, while watching tv.

Comics review


I've read all the comics and i like them, it is a good twist.