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The Sergeant is the responsable for commanding the platoon on the field of battle. They're very experienced combatents and usually prefer wisdom over aggressiveness. The sergeant also has access to more advanced tactical weapons.


Combat Knife
When you consider the other available weaponry, and the strength of the enemies you'll fight, it's not at all a good weapon to use in battle, but it's still important in battle, it's needed to cut yourself out of nets from the Predator's Netgun.
A rather aged weapon used often and carried by all Marines, the M4A3 is mainly used against human targets or aliens without a hard exoskeletal armor. The range is approximately 1500 meters, but its maximum effective range is 50 meters. It is rarely used against a xenomorph threat.
Pulse Rifle
These rapid fire guns are the norm for the Colonial Marines during their missions. The occasion is rare when a Marine does not carry one of these into battle. This gun is rapid fire and holds 99 M309 rounds per magazine. It becomes very easy to run out of ammunition when using these. Also incorporated into this weapon is a PN 30-mm hand pump grenade launcher, which almost always is armed with M40 High Explosive fragmentation rounds, which have an effective range of 400 meters.
The M-90 Minigun is one tough son-of-a-gun. Each clip of ammo holds nine hundred rounds.
The Minigun shoots many, huge and powerful bullets, that can tear through anything. In fact, it's the best weapon in the Colonial Marine arsenal to deal with heavily-armored Praetorians and Queens.
The Minigun has to charge-up first before actually firing.
Minigun actually has as a special ability to spin-up the barrel before actually firing which allows it to fire instantaneously, but doing so does a lot of noise giving your position away.
Motion Tracker
The Motion Tracker is the Colonial Marine's way to detect opponents beyond visual range - whether they are invisible or behind a wall - the Motion Tracker will track it.
Instant heal stims. These are the soldier health insurance. Use them between battles to replenish health and energy.
Flares are used to light-up a certain area. It's a common tactic for Colonial Marines to shoot Flares away from them to lure their opponents just where they want them. Flares will block out all of the pheromones that you give out.
Hand Granades
The 23S Grenade is a small round grenade with a pin on top. The handle supresses the explosion, but not the timer. The timer is set for 12 seconds, if you hold the handle down for 12 seconds then let go, you have an additional 3 seconds to throw it. Use the time wisely.
Pattern Ballistic Armour
The Pattern Ballistic Armour includes a defensive blast helmet and armoured vest. The armor consists of an outer layer of ultra-light titanium aluminide alloy, a middle layer of boron carbide resin and an inner layer of woven kevlar fibre. It's effective against low calibre and non-armour piercing rounds but is vulnerable to high calibre and armour piercing ammunition.



Uploading Marine Profile

Service NO#: A07/TQ5.0.15130E2
Rank: First Lieutenant
Name: Junior, K. A.
Age: 30
Nationality: American
Height: 6\'2\"
Weight: 195 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Combat Class: Commissioned Officer/Grunt
Primary Weapon: M41A1 Pulse Rifle/M92A PN
Secondary Weapon: M4A4 Tactical Pistol/
AN/PEQ-85A Multifunction Illuminator
Melee Weapon: Gerber mkII

Helmet: M10 Ballistic Helmet/Motaco 417 Tactical Camera/M6 Infra-Red Sight
AN/PRC-489/4 Transciever/IFF/Philips Personal Headset
Armor: M3 Personal Armor/M2 Combat Webbing/MX99/U TNR Lamp Box/
M2156 Ammunition Case (Large)
Arms: M2 Combat Gloves/Personal Data Transmitter Watch
Legs: M3 Clamshell Greaves/Gerber mkII Sheath
Boots: M3 Combat Boots

A man who stands up to the towering height of six feet two inches tall. His build is of strong, lean muscle, making him appear to be fit to do almost everything physically. On top of his head, he has dark brown hair which he keeps as a buzz-cut at all times during his service. Seeing the world through his dark brown eyes, there is no difference in them from the ordinary human beings except for the dark circles.


An old Devil-Dog who served Alpha Draconis for four years and led them for six. Joined Alpha Draconis while under the leadership of TDN the true founder of Alpha Draconis. Became leader with the permission of TDN to continue his dream of establishing AD as the galaxy\'s elite unit.

Led Alpha Draconis to the world of Gaia where he recruited some of the fiercest marines that he ever encountered. Later during the campaign and soon following by severe state of depression, he lost sight of TDN\'s Dream only to fail himself as a leader. Taking his time to think about his mistakes and recovering the sight of the Dream, he is prepared to take Alpha Draconis further.

Site Information:
Kidd has plans for the future, other than for Alpha Draconis. He is wanting to promote himself in challenges that he has avoided in the past. Although, most of his plans he never followed through with, he is more than willing to make a name for himself.
Filled with ambition, he is willing to step his game up by participating in Sparring Matches with anyone in the galaxy.

RPG Record: Leap of Faith, The Bleeding Star, Decending Fate, Ties that Bind

Victory Over:

Defeated By:

Sparring Record: 3 - 0

Wins: Outcast, Stoneheart, Cleticyautja


Ties: Cleticyautja/Stoneheart


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Kidd, Shippo, and Chibi


Born to Fight, Trained to Kill.
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