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.:Terrors End:.

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It is 3586, The Yautja have been hunting off the remaining xenomorphs that inhabit a planet known simply as the Techtron void. Unbeknownst to most of the galaxy this planet is healthy and strivingly full of minerals! Weyland Yutani has dispatched an entire regiment of their best soldiers to take the planet by force and to search and destroy anything let on the planet. By the time the great Yautja had arrived on the planet it was a scorching relic of its past beauty, Anger from the Yautja caused a full scale war on the planets surface between Weyland Yutani and the Yautja with Scattered Xenomorphs throughout the planet sporaticly attacking.

Weyland Yutani has decided if they want this planet for themselves they are going need more help then just their regiment. Calling in the United States Colonial Marines was their only chance at survival and survival was at best an optical illusion. The Head Quarters of the USCM has sent one of its best units as a Quick Reaction Force Until further reinforcing can arrive. 3rd Battalion 1st Marines is being directed as the QRF( Quick Reaction Force) as they are the closest unit to Techtron void, Currently enroute behind 3/1 is the Marines of the "Fighting Sixth Alpha Draconis" 1st Battalion 6th Marines, Ranging from four to five days behind 3/1 the Marines of Alpha Draconis Are currently Under command by their Executive Officer Due to their Company Commander being with another Unit.

Planet Side USCM Personnel Journal

Date: 3586, 03, 14
This is ther personnel log on Major. Paulson of 3rd Battalion 1st Marine Regiment Company Kilo.

Its been 48 hours since we landed when we got here we thought it would be a walk in the park, its been two days already and ive lost ten marines bringing me down to thirty Marines left in my company. I wish i could say that Weyland Yutani is doing better but they have a little more then one hundred soldiers left out of the three thousand plus they had originally. Our only hope now is for reinforcements.

Date: 3586, 03, 15
Three long days of bitter fighting i lost my platoon sergeant today some metallic disc took his head clean off the top poor bastard... Made Contact with 1/6 Still 72 hours off station. God can only pray that they get here soon, a Private said he thought he saw something in the clouds but nobody could be sure. two hours later he swore he saw it again but once more nobody saw anything, i had no choice but to submit him to mental confusion therapy with WY sad to see a pair of boots leave the line for something such as that in a time like this.

Date 3586, 03, 16
(Page covered in blood)
This is my last journal entry i just pray that Alpha Draconis got our emergency transmission! Our line is broken and we are falling left and right they are still 28 hours away from us WY has broke and ran while we stand to try and hold the complex the pain from this plasma burn is unbearable! To anyone reading this do not go beneath the complex, strange sounds, preds outside possible xenos under complex command post overran Mission is lost cause Pvt Greene was right Pred fleet just hit twenty minutes ago about 400 yards off from the line.

-Major Paulson

In the deep catacombs of the royal chamber

The Queen Bellowed out sreeches of anger to her warriors the Silent assassins, shadow serpents and the hive had all failed in keeping the upper hives and lairs alive too many of her brood had fallen to incompantance of the humans and yautja and she had grown very sour mood wise, many corpses lay around her from former warriors who had failed her. the warriors in her presence knew that if they had failed this would be their fate as well. They all stood intently watching the queen as she comunicated mind images of the complex and lower sewers where they would enter and destroy these wretched humans from beneath the ground on which they stand! Hissing in acknowledgment the alien leaders dismissed themselves to tend to their clans before the battle. After three days they had finally broken into the lower sewers of the human complex killing all humans the leader of the Silent Assasins ShadowWall turns into what appears to be a medical lab of some sort, a human pulls a pistol and attempts to shoot him, with skillfull agility ShadowWall easily dodges the shot and impales the human in the chest with his tale killing him almost instantly the last thing the human saw was a set of teeth impaling his forehead! With the Humans broken and destroyed many drones have taken the human bodies back to hive for hosts, the yautja have quickly tried to move in to eliminate the aliens before they can retreat few have fallen but almost the entire brood escapes unscaved.

Aboard Yautja Flagship

The Elder sitting at the front of the massive warship is pleased to see his enemies falling mercesly to the might of his armada and soon the entire battlegroup will arrive and destroy these vile creatures along with their ultimate prey restoring peace to the planet. an alarm sounds aboard the ship and the Elder is alerted at once a human ship as entered the system and is making rapid progress toward his ship ordering his ships crew to prepare to destroy the ship he stops to think about how familure this ship is, For DeathWraith he has seen this ship and its humans before and he feels anger for the faults of their kind all endubted upon him. He orders the ship to fire upon the Human Cruiser.

Aboard the USS Wings of Liberty: 6th Marines Flag Ship.

"Sir we got incoming heavy torpedo off starboard side of the bow!" the ships Weapons officer yelled to the ship captain, "All Sheilds and Weapons to max scan the area for anything out of the ordanary!" The Captain ordered before picking up the ships intercom, "All 1st Battalion Marines this is emergency Mandate get to your dropships sorry ladies and gentlemen we have to drop you early!" He finished. "Sir pred ship on our starboard coming up along side us 500 klicks out!" "Weapons fire at will destroy that ship!" The Marines of Alpha Draconis Were scurring left and right boarding APC's and dropships it wasnt long before Alpha Draconis was in the dropship awaiting drop from the docking bay. "Listen up ladies and gents! This is a hot drop we havent heard from 3/1 in 48 hours, we dont know if its a comm failure our if they're dead, so keep your eyes open head on straight and stay frosty remeber your training and you will get through this!" 2nd LT. Peterson said. It wasnt long ago he was transfered back to Alpha Draconis and as the Executive Officer more or less it was his duty to make sure these marines came back alive and safe and he intended to do that to the dot! "Good Morning Marines of Alpha Draconis My name is Chief Warrant Officer Jonesy and I will be your tour guide on our fine journey through downtown shitville this morning, due to extreme safty risk of death we ask you please keep all hand feet and personnal articles in the dropship at all times, as your pilot I will not! be turning off the fasten seatbelt sign so your shit out of luck marines!" "Sarcastic asshole isnt that right sir!" a couple marines said joking around "Drop in 3...2..1.. drop" everything feel dead in the dropship for a brief moment before the shock hit from freefalling almost 9000 feet before the thrusters kicked in. after breaking atmosphere the marines learned it was around 10:45 PM and queit dark, "Circle the Compound" Peterson Ordered the Pilot. "Nothing no power no gunfire, what the fuck happend here?" a Sergeant said looking at the camera feeds. "Five minutes till insertion sattle up Marines!" Peterson ordered.

Enjoy everyone!