Badblood (Predator)




Xeno Slayer

these are the only pred comics i've read (besides predator vs batman but i hardly think that counts)

i really liked these ones. they follow the basic structure of horror/action plots (ie guyswith guns get lost in the woods with a predator) but it has some insight into the world of yautjas beond what is revelaed in the movies (not that anyone considers it canon)
the plot goes something along these lines.
some guy who owns a paintball arena arrives at work to find out that his best friend has been brutally killed.
It turns out to be a rogue predator that is illing inoccent humans for fun.
the badblood is a truly badass pred. he has a normal shoulder cannon and he wears the face of another predator on his shoulder.
he also uses a sword and he doesnt wear a mask.

after the pred kills several billion people another yautja arrives on earth.
although it isnt fully explained it is assumed that this new pred is a yautja police officer of sorts, come to deal with the badblood.

they duke it out for a while.
i wont ruin the ending.

anyways, theres tons of blood in this so you might not want to read it to your children.
ha ha in this one scene the badblood sticks his hand into someones mouth and tears the upper half of their skull off.

its great

happy hunting

Your Bad Blood review


This series is about a criminal Predator that is pursued to earth by law enforcement. What erupts is a chaotic scene of blood, mayhem, and Predator vs. Predator. This is amust read simply for the twist on Predator justice, and the artwork's reflection of this damn twisted sick mf'n Predator.

who saw new predators movie?


who saw the movie called predators :) its kinda lame kinda cool only because classic predator and falconer predator just tell me if u like it or not and the characters u like, but classic died:( just to let u know