Peterson, Human, 12 years ago

Due to the severe number of people we have...I am posting this up so if your clan is not partaking you can ask to join an alliance with another more active clan that is currently partaking in this RPG. IE. if you are a lone marine you can ask ether Alpha Draconis or DBO to allow you to join with them throughout the RPG. This topic will remain open throughout the duration of the RPG. Keep it intelligent though, IE dont be an Alien Asking to join with Alpha Draconis or a Pred asking to join with the hive so on and so forth. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Kirby-Cage, Human, 12 years ago

due to the fact that thers only 2 xenos right now we and the low amount of people we might combind races anyways of couse this could change but i figure that it wont by much

Peterson, Human, 12 years ago

yeah i suppose your right but im not sure man you can always have NPCs with you knowing the aliens they always have shitloads more then everyone else.

concretehunter, Human, 12 years ago

Im not sure if HM will partake. If so i would love to go with any other clan. Infact we might have to do predator's on a whole as one team.

Kidd, Human, 12 years ago

Kidd is going in, Feet First.
"Marines Don't Die! They Regroup in Hell!"

DeathWraith, Human, 12 years ago

So Saysell and I... Who's on our side?

DeathWraith, Human, 12 years ago

Alright then, how about we just see who we're with as we go? And we'll discuss it here?

Gaunt, Human, 12 years ago

Just a notice, I am a Chestburster again as I realised I had more fun being one than being a fully grown alien (also I could make use of that sig Donut made me).

If anyone wants to team up with me (Kirby, yes?) then let me know, I'll post tomorrow when I have time :)

DeathWraith, Human, 12 years ago

I can't even imagine how someone is supposed to fight a little worm that dies from one bullet, but alright.

Mebber, Human, 12 years ago

Well, i'm not in the clan, but i've assigned myself to the marines of Alpha Draconis for this RPG, is that ok Peterson?