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So hello I\'m BloodHarpy you can either call me Harpy, Harp, Bloody or BH. I\'m active when I can be because I\'m in college(online college but I take my education seriously) and I have two jobs. I own three dogs that I love dearly and I have a weird group of friends. So that\'s it about me other than I'm married, so bye.

Height:7 1/2 feet tall
Eyes:Flame Orange
Skin:Dark with visible spots
Appearance: Tall, muscular, fearsome and imposing.
History: BloodHarpy was a promising young warrior full of potential. She passed her Xenomorph trials without incident thus become a Blooded yautja. BloodHarpy went on to join five more hunts after her Xenomorph trial and took trophies on each. BloodHarpy’s down fall began when she went to hunt on a remote planet used by her clan and a rival clan. This planet was merely a game preserve when prey of various species and planets were dropped. Harpy was successful in taking down a three-headed reptilian like creature and two armed human males. She was supposed to return but she lost contact with her clan after accidently springing a trap set by a previous human. Wondering around BloodHarpy was ambushed by three members of the rival clan who challenged her to a death-duel. BloodHarpy accepted the challenge and killed all but one of the rival yautja who quickly fled after stabbed Harpy through the left shoulder. When a drop ship arrived BloodHarpy assumed it was her clan but she became enraged when it turned out to be four members of the rival clan. The coward who escaped contacted his clan and claimed BloodHarpy attacked him and his clan mates for their trophies and only escaped after wounding her. Because her mask had been damaged and she couldn’t contact her clan there was no way BloodHarpy could prove she was innocent. The members of the rival yautja clan informed her that her clan had sided with their side of the story and that she was now a Bad Blood. The coward who escaped her before attempted to slice of her head but she dodged the attack and instead blasted of his head with her plasma caster. The four other yautja engaged her in battle but she easily overtook them. Knowing now that she was now in deep trouble BloodHarpy stole the drop ship and headed for another planet far from the planet she once called home. Years went by and the once honorable huntress slowly became what she had been wrongfully branded: a Bad Blood. BloodHarpy had killed anyone who was sent after her and killed anyone who got in her way thus adding to the growing reputation as a ruthless murderer. Forgetting who she once was BloodHarpy embraced her now sadistic nature and enjoyed her position as Sub-Leader group the Dark Blood Organization. Until some unknown event occured and Xeuss, Lucifer, Saysell and a couple of other members of the Dark Blood Organization vanished without a trace. After this BloodHarpy found herself in an even more power position than ever before in her life; the leader of the DBO.
Other: Harpy is excellent at speaking the human language, she finds the recreations of long extinct Earth animals interesting and and a strange tolerance for the resident youngest member of the DBO, Kieran.


I'm your superbeast!