.:Terrors End:.

Peterson, Human, 12 years ago

It is 3586, The Yautja have been hunting off the remaining xenomorphs that inhabit a planet known simply as the Techtron void. Unbeknownst to most of the galaxy this planet is healthy and strivingly full of minerals! Weyland Yutani has dispatched an entire regiment of their best soldiers to take the planet by force and to search and destroy anything let on the planet. By the time the great Yautja had arrived on the planet it was a scorching relic of its past beauty, Anger from the Yautja caused a full scale war on the planets surface between Weyland Yutani and the Yautja with Scattered Xenomorphs throughout the planet sporaticly attacking.

Weyland Yutani has decided if they want this planet for themselves they are going need more help then just their regiment. Calling in the United States Colonial Marines was their only chance at survival and survival was at best an optical illusion. The Head Quarters of the USCM has sent one of its best units as a Quick Reaction Force Until further reinforcing can arrive. 3rd Battalion 1st Marines is being directed as the QRF( Quick Reaction Force) as they are the closest unit to Techtron void, Currently enroute behind 3/1 is the Marines of the "Fighting Sixth Alpha Draconis" 1st Battalion 6th Marines, Ranging from four to five days behind 3/1 the Marines of Alpha Draconis Are currently Under command by their Executive Officer Due to their Company Commander being with another Unit.

Planet Side USCM Personnel Journal

Date: 3586, 03, 14
This is ther personnel log on Major. Paulson of 3rd Battalion 1st Marine Regiment Company Kilo.

Its been 48 hours since we landed when we got here we thought it would be a walk in the park, its been two days already and ive lost ten marines bringing me down to thirty Marines left in my company. I wish i could say that Weyland Yutani is doing better but they have a little more then one hundred soldiers left out of the three thousand plus they had originally. Our only hope now is for reinforcements.

Date: 3586, 03, 15
Three long days of bitter fighting i lost my platoon sergeant today some metallic disc took his head clean off the top poor bastard... Made Contact with 1/6 Still 72 hours off station. God can only pray that they get here soon, a Private said he thought he saw something in the clouds but nobody could be sure. two hours later he swore he saw it again but once more nobody saw anything, i had no choice but to submit him to mental confusion therapy with WY sad to see a pair of boots leave the line for something such as that in a time like this.

Date 3586, 03, 16
(Page covered in blood)
This is my last journal entry i just pray that Alpha Draconis got our emergency transmission! Our line is broken and we are falling left and right they are still 28 hours away from us WY has broke and ran while we stand to try and hold the complex the pain from this plasma burn is unbearable! To anyone reading this do not go beneath the complex, strange sounds, preds outside possible xenos under complex command post overran Mission is lost cause Pvt Greene was right Pred fleet just hit twenty minutes ago about 400 yards off from the line.

-Major Paulson

In the deep catacombs of the royal chamber

The Queen Bellowed out sreeches of anger to her warriors the Silent assassins, shadow serpents and the hive had all failed in keeping the upper hives and lairs alive too many of her brood had fallen to incompantance of the humans and yautja and she had grown very sour mood wise, many corpses lay around her from former warriors who had failed her. the warriors in her presence knew that if they had failed this would be their fate as well. They all stood intently watching the queen as she comunicated mind images of the complex and lower sewers where they would enter and destroy these wretched humans from beneath the ground on which they stand! Hissing in acknowledgment the alien leaders dismissed themselves to tend to their clans before the battle. After three days they had finally broken into the lower sewers of the human complex killing all humans the leader of the Silent Assasins ShadowWall turns into what appears to be a medical lab of some sort, a human pulls a pistol and attempts to shoot him, with skillfull agility ShadowWall easily dodges the shot and impales the human in the chest with his tale killing him almost instantly the last thing the human saw was a set of teeth impaling his forehead! With the Humans broken and destroyed many drones have taken the human bodies back to hive for hosts, the yautja have quickly tried to move in to eliminate the aliens before they can retreat few have fallen but almost the entire brood escapes unscaved.

Aboard Yautja Flagship

The Elder sitting at the front of the massive warship is pleased to see his enemies falling mercesly to the might of his armada and soon the entire battlegroup will arrive and destroy these vile creatures along with their ultimate prey restoring peace to the planet. an alarm sounds aboard the ship and the Elder is alerted at once a human ship as entered the system and is making rapid progress toward his ship ordering his ships crew to prepare to destroy the ship he stops to think about how familure this ship is, for he has seen this ship and its humans before and he feels anger for the faults of their kind all endubted upon him. He orders the ship to fire upon the Human Cruiser. Aboard the ship, a strange character. The many times dead mercenary Xeuss, a familiar of the clan, about to get an extra training session.

Aboard the USS Wings of Liberty: 6th Marines Flag Ship.

"Sir we got incoming heavy torpedo off starboard side of the bow!" the ships Weapons officer yelled to the ship captain, "All Sheilds and Weapons to max scan the area for anything out of the ordanary!" The Captain ordered before picking up the ships intercom, "All 1st Battalion Marines this is emergency Mandate get to your dropships sorry ladies and gentlemen we have to drop you early!" He finished. "Sir pred ship on our starboard coming up along side us 500 klicks out!" "Weapons fire at will destroy that ship!" The Marines of Alpha Draconis Were scurring left and right boarding APC's and dropships it wasnt long before Alpha Draconis was in the dropship awaiting drop from the docking bay. "Listen up ladies and gents! This is a hot drop we havent heard from 3/1 in 48 hours, we dont know if its a comm failure our if they're dead, so keep your eyes open head on straight and stay frosty remeber your training and you will get through this!" 2nd LT. Peterson said. It wasnt long ago he was transfered back to Alpha Draconis and as the Executive Officer more or less it was his duty to make sure these marines came back alive and safe and he intended to do that to the dot! "Good Morning Marines of Alpha Draconis My name is Chief Warrant Officer Jonesy and I will be your tour guide on our fine journey through downtown shitville this morning, due to extreme safty risk of death we ask you please keep all hand feet and personnal articles in the dropship at all times, as your pilot I will not! be turning off the fasten seatbelt sign so your shit out of luck marines!" "Sarcastic asshole isnt that right sir!" a couple marines said joking around "Drop in 3...2..1.. drop" everything feel dead in the dropship for a brief moment before the shock hit from freefalling almost 9000 feet before the thrusters kicked in. after breaking atmosphere the marines learned it was around 10:45 PM and queit dark, "Circle the Compound" Peterson Ordered the Pilot. "Nothing no power no gunfire, what the fuck happend here?" a Sergeant said looking at the camera feeds. "Five minutes till insertion sattle up Marines!" Peterson ordered.

Enjoy everyone!


Kidd, Human, 12 years ago

One particular marine stood up amongst the group and approached the Second Lieutenant. Weapon slung over his right shoulder and walking as if he does not feel the weight of his entire gear, he speaks to be heard by the officer, "Another Day in the Corps, right Peterson?" The officer did not have to see the face of this marine as his voice alone explains it all.
Looking back at the men and women of the platoon with his warrior brown eyes, he nods his head knowing for sure that these Devil-Dogs are hungry.

Tightening the straps of his gear for secure fit and checking his own person to see everything is in place, he instructed his marines to do the same to their fellow marines to squeeze in a last-minute check on equipment. Doing the same with Peterson, he bumps the officer on the back, signalling him that he is ready to "Get Some."
These Officers were no ordinary CMC COs. Alpha Draconis Marines, either it be Enlistees, NCOs, or COs, All must Fight. No Officer Uniforms were visible, not even from the gear which are issued to the lower ranks and Sergeants. They All Fight like Grunts.

Turning and looking out the windshield of the Cockpit, he grins at the pitch blackness of the night sky and says,"A Great Night for a Fight." He heads back to the marines of Alpha Draconis. They were gung-ho, pumped up, and feeling hardcore. These are the Marines of Alpha Draconis. Ready for combat in a moments notice.

Sadly for Junior, catching up with his now nine year old daughter which he missed out on the first six years of her life due to his Love for the Corps, was pulled out from that pleasant life only to be plunged right back into a world he is so familiar with.
The itch of his trigger finger never stopped. His one thousand yard stare never left. The question is, is he really ready to go back to this world which he grew up in? Age is slowly catching up to the once young marine as his body is starting to have aches from the strenuous excercises he put it through in the past. His body no longer was as buffed when his marines last saw him. He must be getting soft. At the age of twenty-nine and serving almost a full decade in the Corps, it is about time to retire this Devil-Dog to the Desk. The problem is, He knows nothing but Combat.

"Alright Marines, thirty seconds! Check your corners, stay frosty, and Cover your Battles. We are going to see what Hell brought with it this time. Stay Low and watch for Drains, Vents, and Windows. These creatures love to throw a surprise party so stay sharp. Hoo-rah!" Junior spoke up loud to motivate these marines only to have them motivate him as well with their traditional Marine responce, "HOO-RAH!"

Peterson, Human, 12 years ago

The last five minutes always felt like the longest five in Peterson's mind, it was ether the last five before the drop or the last five waiting for exfiltration. Looking at his company he trusted the Marines in this dropship and he hoped they trusted him back, for some this was just another drop and for more this was their first drop. he felt pitty for most of the kids in his unit. In the deep reaches of his mind he knew alot of this kids that were still fresh from boot and infantry school wouldnt be coming back alive. "30 seconds sir" the pilot said to Peterson. "Alright gents listen up we have a batallion down there that needs our assistance. So its our job as the marines of the Mighty Alpha Draconis to go down there and kill ANY I say again ANY In human mother fucker thats stupid enough to get on the other side of our cross fire! Check your targets and follow your team leaders, were coming back after this gents OORAH!" Peterson said to the marines before the dropship touched the group, "GO GO GO GO!" He shouted out, "cehck the back side of that building" "Watch our six!" "Cant see shit" Was all Peterson heard throughout the courtyard of the compound followed by the sounds fo doors getting kicked and in a fireteam running in yelling out "Marines marines Colonial Marines! is anyone here?" Where was all the marines from 3rd batallion? where was the corporation. a young sergeant walks up to Peterson, "Yes Sergeant what is it?" "Sir compond is clear there aint shit here sir." Very well Sergeant take two fireteams and come with me where going to the command center.

concretehunter, Human, 12 years ago

Stay cool... stay cool... You have the clan right behind you... About 6 other yautja and me are going to hunt down these marines sent here to back up the boy's we slaughterd, It seams now they sent men.
"Concrete we have some guy checking the reer of the building, You're closest, cover it"

Alright then looks easy enough. Young marine, like the dead ones. Ok wristblades drawn. I know... ill toy with him. Ok what voice simulators do we have...
/Entry code 92903/ Nahh
uhhh /So the bitch wouldnt suck it/
That one's not right...
/Oh.. oh god SOMEONE HELP/ Bingo! We have a winner

"Oh.. oh god SOMEONE HELP"
"Huh.. what? IM COMING"
The young marine ran like it was his goddamn birthday.
"Man were are you? Cmon stop scaring me" The rest was gargeled screams.
"Ok guys he's down... the others will soon follow, Cloak and back into hiding" I left the marines body in the middle of the ridge right in plain sight and now i wait for the marine to notice their missing comrade. Good thing thet didnt scan for life twice.

Peterson, Human, 12 years ago

"Sir we have a life sign going dead on 3rd Squad's Pvt Jones" The Dropship pilot said over looking the trakers installed aboard the ship. "God Damnit Rodger that Peterson out" Cocking his rifle Peterson motioned for the rest of his team to do the same. "All hands this is Oscar One PaPa, one casualty has been reported there is no one left alive from these marines you will answer no calls for help and you will not go anywhere or do anything alone! We clear marines?" Several Marines replyed in confirmation to Petersons orders, "Very well then Sergeant lets go we have much work to do" Aye Sir" the sergeant said to Peterson.

.:Thirty Minutes Later:.

With the Command Post operational Alpha Draconis Now had access to long and short range scanners. "Sir all scanners are operational" "Good to go Sergeant pull our APCs back into the main compound and lets lock this bitch off, i want full power to emergency defense system all fireteams out on patrol anything not wearing our uniform shoot the god damn thing there isnt anyone besides us out here." Peterson explained to the Sergeant, "Aye sir consider it done!" Sighing Peterson sat down in the Operational Overwatch Chair. Good god he thought to himself after six years and so many combat tours he was still sitting at a Second Lieutenants Rank "fuck it" he said to himself before standing up to check around the Former Commanding Officers Room. pushing through some papers and over useless junk Peterson came across a Personnel journal which after some reading he discovered was the Former Major Pualson's well fuck he thought to himself.

Gaunt, Human, 12 years ago

Gaunt awoke, he looked around, he hadn't really paid attention to his surroundings earlier, small lab, two dead half eaten men ... perfect.

He stretched himself out, 'ahhh it feels so good to move again', he looked around, 'small lab setup, both doors locked, ahh small air vent in ceiling, good'. Two minutes later Gaunt was in the ventalation system, he heard alarms, but no movement, no sound at all.

He couldn't see anything, no Xeno's, Preds or Humans, nothing, he moved along the vent quickly, everything was off, main power was obviously gone.

He could here silent whispers in his head, wait the whispers ... the Hive!, here?. Gaunt paused for a moment and considered his next move. It didn't matter how they got here or who they were if there were Preds and Humans his options were now clear, regroup and survive.

DeathWraith, Human, 12 years ago

"Pardon, Old One, for intervening..."

The shadow-like creature speaks from his place near the Elder's seat, still in meditating position. As his eyes open, his vision is revealed to be fixed on the huge, red hologram of the human ship levitating several meters off the the floor of the room.

"Death Wraith, you interrupt me as I give orders?" the Elder utters with slight surprise in his tone. "Speak, what is it?"

The hybrid stands. An obviously unusual, for some unsettling sight, no matter the vision one would witness it in. Half human, half xenomorph, yet given special treatment within a clan of yaut'ja. They call him "Death Wraith" in their tongue, because they've killed him. Again and again. He always returns for more.

"Old One, I recognize that ship. I have some of my own clan among those humans, working with them, against them. I request the chance to see all of my clan to safety before the ship is destroyed."

The Elder ponders for a second. He's known the Death Wraith for a thousand years. He's trained him in the arts of hunting and leadership; and yet he doesn't seem to have learned much.

"You know I think it unwise to mingle the friends and enemies together. I will give you some time to do what you have to do, however you must remember that you are not of the clan. Once you leave this ship, you are once more fair game. That is my condition."

The Elder sits back on his small throne. The hybrid smiles.

"Of course."

Without looking back, he heads to the drop pods. Already fully equipped, because he trains with the yaut'ja. Always ready to kill, because his veins pump xenomorph blood. Definitely about to use a mountain of lies to his personal advantage, because his upbringing is human.

Mebber, Human, 12 years ago

This was a bad day. Very bad.

"Hey Mebb, move your sorry ass more quickly. The LT wants this section checked ASAP, we need to find and secure every damn rathole which leads into this compound. You don't want a damn facehugger slipping in to give you a lil' good night kiss this evening, huh?"

Mebber, that was Private Cedric Stones nickname. He wasn't sure why his comrades keep calling him like this. It had something to do with a very long night and way too much alcohol, but he couldn't remember it completely anymore.

"With your pretty face, They'd go for you first anyway", Mebber replied. The LT ordered the troops to check and secure the compound, but because the installation was quite large a few soldiers had to split into pity two-men teams in order to scout the entire complex in due time. Mebber had the luck to be assigned to one of those two-men teams, alongside with Corporal Richter, one of these guys extremely devoted to the 'corps and its ideals. Great.

Richter stopped in front of a large bulkhead door. "This one is barred, looks like another lab. Your turn, Mebb."

"Alright, this can take a few secs." Mebber shouldered his M41 pulse rifle to use his hacking device on the barred door. Other than the shiny Corporal Richter, Mebber wasn't that devoted to the corps or the goverment it stood for. In fact, the only reason he joined the USCMC was the lack of any other options. Grown up in the bedraggled slums of some petty mining colony in the outer territories, all he knew of Earth was that they were the bastards who robbed most of his homeworlds earnings each year. They called it "tax collection". To join the the corps as a grunt was the only option to get off that rock, and Mebber took this chance.

"Goddamnit, hurry a bit! We ain't got all day, ya know!?" "Do it yourself or leave me do my work. This damn circuit is fucked up, i've got to improvise."

Many of Mebbers comrades came from the inner worlds or even earth itself and didn't share his lack of national pride; they were blooded though marines, believing in the USCMC's mission. Mebbers obviously unpatriotic attitude lead to more than one brawl with a few of them and earned him a pretty bad reputation among his comrades. But he was a good soldier, which is why he was assigned to the 3rd Battalion 1st Marines, known as "Alpha Draconis", in the first place.

Suddenly, a local alarm siren started screaming behind the door. Richter checked his motion tracker, which started to make the well-known, adrenalin-producing noise which indicates a nearby contact.
"Got something, mid range. It's behind that door."
"I'm almost done."
"Wait... it is moving away. 10 metres. 12..."
"That's already outside of the room, which direction?"
"South, it must be using the vents! Accordings to the schematics the next vent entrace is in Medlab 6, corridor 5. That's just around the corner. I'll make a run for it, maybe i can catch that bastard within the vents! You'll open this damn door and block its pullback route!"
"The LT said we shall stay together. Remember what happened to Jones!"
"Don't shit your pants, it's just a single contact. I want to nail that bastard, whatever it is."
"Shut up asshole, i've got the superior rank. Now open that damn door!"

Corporal Richter ran away, following the signal on the motion tracker.
This was bad, very bad. They shouldn't split up. Mebber didn't joined the corps to fight strange high-tech predators and carnivorous aliens anyway. All he'd experienced in the corps until now were minor-bug wipe-out missions and a few bloody "pacify" operations on outer colonies, the usual stuff. His time of military service had to be over in less than two months, and now he was trapped on a planet full of hostile alien motherfuckers. He'd already started to plan his future after the corps- maybe he'd take a nice job as barkeeper on one of the Saturn moons. Or as a mercenary, he wasn't quite sure about that yet.
Finally, he'd hacked that damn door.
He armed his rifle and entered the room.

"Good god!"

The room was a real mess- two corpses were lying around, and it seemed like they were... eaten. There was blood all over the floor. A vent shaft on the ceiling was broken- probably the reason for the alarm signal. Mebber pushed a small lab table beneath the vent shaft and climbed upon it. Carefully he looked into the broken vent. He couldn't see anything, the creature wasn't there anymore. He activated his radio.

"Richter, i'm in. No signs of the intruder here."

No answer.

"Richter, it must be heading your way, do you copy?"

Nothing but swoosh answered his call. "Goddamnit!" Mebber jumped off the table and ran into the corridor, heading for medlab 6. Maybe it was a comminaction failure. Maybe. Or it was a fucking xeno, chewing on Richters throat right now.

"Oscar one this is Echo two. Got possible contact in the medlabs. Repeat, possible enemy contact in sector B2 corridor 5, do you copy?"

He knew it was a bad idea to split up.

Gaunt, Human, 12 years ago

Gaunts survival instincts had obviously not desapated despite being drugged and restrained for such a long time, he had stopped moving, Humans, moving throughout the complex.

He could see them, some were in big groups, others in what looked like pairs, 'great...' he thought to himself, 'company already'.

As he lay in the vent his head turned, he could hear running, one Human alone?. Gaunt checked the area, the Human was definatly alone.

He started to slowly move closer, the Human stopped running, Gaunt paused for a moment, the Human seemed confused, he was holding something, what?.

Gaunt started to move closer, the Human moved, Gaunt stopped, the Human was looking almost directly at him, 'There you are you little fucker!'. The Human reached behind his back and pulled out his rifle.

'Shit, they have motion trackers', the Human opened fire on Gaunts position, Gaunt sped down the vent avoiding the gun fire that narrowly missed him and destroyed the area behind him, he zoned down to the area of vent above the Humans head.

The Human was still firing and shouting, 'DIE YOU LITTLE FUCKER!, his rifle was blazing away but he obviously had no idea where Gaunt was. Gaunt looked down, he slashed through the venting directly below and fell right on top of the Man.

He screamed 'FUCK!', Gaunt quickly sqwirmed down the Mans back inbetween his armour and his body. The man had dropped his gun now, he was panicing, spinning, trying to grab the overgrown chestburster that was pressed right behind him.

The Man screamed as a sudden and terrific pain shot through him, 'AHHHHHGGHHH!!!', he fell, Gaunt had slashed through his spine, Gaunt opened his inner jaw and repeatedly struck the man in the back, tearing out random chunks of red, bloody flesh.

The man had lost his ability to speak, his left eye was closed, all feeling in his body was gone, Gaunt sqwirmed up out of the mans armour, blood covering his face, he slithered over the mans body, straight to his head, he looked into the terror filled eye of the man, 'slash, riPPP!, GlugGggglug'.

Gaunt now turned, he started to move to the wall on his left, there was a small service vent, about twenty metres away behind him, as he moved to the side he watched down the corridor in front of him, there was another Human coming, frantically shouting a name into a radio, and the radio that was blarring his calls was in the front pocket of the now dead Man.

concretehunter, Human, 12 years ago

Fuck... these marines mean business.
/Left flank follow my command, We have tons of soldiers watching the perimiter of this complex... building WHATEVER. Is everyone in position?/
/Yes concretehunter, Ready for orders/
/Get inside, Tear apart the complex for marines and show them hell, meet at the command centre in 20 minutes/

From then on it was just wispers from the marines. Ok ill take another, This is just boring. 3... 2... 1... SMASH, The sound of a smart disk hitting from long range never gets old.

"Peterson we lost rameirez"

Mebber, Human, 12 years ago

Mebber reached the crossway that lead to corridor 5, took aiming position and rushed around the corner. A few seconds ago he heard gunfire, so he expected to see the worst.

Aww, shit.

No, that wasn't a comm failure.
Corporal Richter laid on the ground a few metres inside the corridor, in his own blood. His pulse rifle and motion tracker were laying right next to him, and there were bullet holes in the vent on the ceiling. There was another hole in the ceiling directly above Richter's dead body... but where was it now?

Mebber approached Richters corpse, carefully watching the corridor and the ceiling. The motion tracker wasn't beeping. The creature had to be somewhere around here... impossible it got out of the trackers' range within the few seconds between Mebber heard the gunfire and he reached the corridor.

He took a precautious look at the hole in the ceiling, but it was empty. No sign of the creature.

Where are you...

Mebber took the motion tracker, Richters' pulse ammo and his identification tags, then he advanced further into the corridor.
His heart was beating. Cold sweat ran over is face.
It was absolutely quite.

As he approached the next corridor crossway, something in the left corner of his eye alerted him, and quick as a flash he turned around. Something jumped out of a dark corner of the corridor. He couldn't pinpoint what is was in the rush, all he saw were steely fangs twinkleling in his flashlights' beam. A thunk and a bloodcurdling, inhuman scream cut through the silence as Mebber hit the thing in the air with his rifles' butt, throwing it backwards. Immediately Mebber retook aim and filled the air with a full salvo of 10x24mm bullets, but all it was good for was demolishing the corridors' wall a bit.
The creature disappeard again.

Fast bastard!

Quickly Mebber turned around to search the area for the creature, but he wasn't fast enough. The beast leaped again from somewhere besides Mebber, and this time he wasn't fast enough to throw it back.


Mebber raised his left arm just in time. Instead of his throat, the little monster now clenched his fangs in his left forearm. Mebber dropped his rifle and gripped after the xenomorph, but he couldn't pull it off his arm. Desperately he bored his finger nails in the creature. He didn't penetrated the thick skin -otherwise his fingers would have been burned by acid blood- but finally the alien released its bite a bit, and Mebber was able to pull the beast off his arm, in conjunction with a piece of his own skin. He threw the thing on the floor and grasped for his sidearm, but stopped right before pulling it out of its holster.

This was the first time he saw the xenomorph -the first xenomorph he saw ever- detailed. The alien creature curled on the ground, then it erected itself, looking directly into Mebbers eyes. At least Mebber thought it was looking at him, the beast didn't had any eyes at all.
It looked like some sort of hellish worm, with terrifying fangs, a long tail and rudimental extremities tight-fitting at its body.

The xenomorph bared its teeth and hissed wrathfully, then it crawled with enormous speed around the corridor crossroad. Mebbers shock was over, he draw his pistol and rushed after the xenomorph. But the beast was gone already, all he could see was its flogging tail disappearing around another corner down the corridor.

Mebber paused for a moment and observed his wound. It hurt and bleed like hell, but fortunately it wasn't very deep. He pulled out his first aid kit and bandaged his injury while he activated his radio.

"Oscar One this is Echo two, please come in. Richter's down, a stage 3 xenomorph got him. I'm going after it!"

He picked up his rifle and went into the direction the xenomorph disappeard.

DeathWraith, Human, 12 years ago

"A dropship just landed." the Elder's voice says. "Several humans came out of it. And one who was not human. I thought you'd want to know. You will be right on top of them in a few seconds."

An image appears in front of Xeuss' eyes, displaying coordinates and a map of the location. He changes the course of the drop pod. He drops straight down, into the marine camp.

5000 meters left.




BOOM! The pod sinks into the solid ground causing a small earthquake around it. The hologram shows marines massing around the dust cloud, ordered to shoot as soon as it opens. And there it is, among them, a heat signature he needs to remember at all times. His second in command, his most trusted advisor, Saysell.

"Thank you, Old One!" he transmits back to the Elder in his own Yaut'ja tongue. "He is of my clan. The human ship is no longer part of our agreement."

The drop pod opens up. "Fire!" Bullets rip through his body and his vision blurs. The last thing he sees is the ball of fire in the sky. The one that used to be the human ship. He falls.

"What the hell IS that?"

"Wait. Don't step in his blood..."

Peterson, Human, 12 years ago

"Rodger that Meb kill that mother fucker!" Peterson ordered Mebber, Putting in a chaw of tobacco Peterson spit on the ground, "Trust me saysell im not going to ask how you know this and quite frankly I dont give a shit, All Marines this is Oscar Two PaPa, Standby for heavy resistance, all personnel to fall back to Rally point Zulu 05 Xray, Oscar Two Out!" Lets let these damn hunters think they have us trapped, "USS Wings of Liberty this is Alpha Delta Charlie Oscar Request heavy payload ground assault over?" "Confirmed Alpha Delta Heavy Payload Package Number Skyscrapper standing by, Ground Assault Enroute ETA is Fifteen Minutes Wings of Liberty Out" Smiling to himself In Petersons mind he loved the Skyscrapper drop package, The Best Weapon the Marines of Alpha Draconis where privlidged to have, a weapon capable of engulfing continents in a split second Peterson had only seen it in action Twice in his tours of duty.

-===Thirty Minutes Later==-

Standing next to a convoy of APC's Peterson Watched all his Marines Boarding the APC's in fireteam order. "Sir, All Marines mounted al standing by to move out on your orders sir." "Verywell Sergeant lets load up" Jumping in the first APC at the front of the Convoy Peterson took his seat in the command chair. "Attention Marines, We are ordering a Skyscrapper Air Package to destroy this compound and everything within 500 miles strike package is on emergency standby if we are overran we will put Directive 17Alpha-24 Mike, That is all for now" Putting this APC comm down Peterson signaled the Driver to go, a Convoy with twenty Five APC's Full of Marines was a force to be reconned with and he felt disappointment at anything that would be stupid enough to attempt to take the convoy on.

Gaunt, Human, 12 years ago

Gaunt scuttled around the corridorr corner only glancing back for a second, that Human was still following him, he had guts but he wasn't gonna get the chance to take a proper shot.

Gaunt considered the fact that the Human dropped his rifle, he'd been lucky so far, one Human caught by surprise and the other drops his arms, the bonus was he got a free meal from both of them.

He laughed in his head 'Hah!...tasty', then he focused back to the matter at hand. He had missed the service vent in the last corridoor, Gaunt glanced around franticly as he turned the second corner.

He stopped and listened, the constant beeping of the motion tracker had stopped, the Human had stopped and Gaunt was now out of range at the end of the corridoor. He turned, his pursuiter was holding his arm, tending his wound by the look of it.

Gaunt let out a loud shriek of both disapointment, happiness and excitment, he had wanted a challenge but at the same time got to kill again and have his fill, he was certain that this Human could of put up that challenge that he wanted and was leading him to a better, clearer area to fight. But clearly that wasn't going to happen anymore.

Gaunt started to move down the corridorr once again, he scuttled down and around the next corner, he looked back with sadness, thinking to himself 'There are more...more, not just Humans, Preds, I'll get a good fight...soon'.

He pounced upwards towards the ceiling and punched throught the thin metal of the air vent above him, he started to slither along down the long, cold, dark vent.

Kirby-Cage, Human, 12 years ago

(sorry for the late post but schools been getin in the way)

running around kirby couldnt help but notice of large amounts of humans roaming around and they never went anywere with out at least 3 more following them making sneak attack impossable with his own death being the outcome; however hideing was becomeing more and more difficalt the humans had starnge beeeping machines that allowed them to follow any thing that even twiched created more then there fair share of problems.

now what to do....attack?run? kirby needed to find more of the brood to attack and running never solves the human problem. picking the first option kirby quickly and steathly ran in search of the remaining brood.

delta-boy, Human, 12 years ago

James 'Delta' Harland glanced at his mirror-like visor and saw his fresh expression looking back at him, suprisingly fresh, seeing as he had just only re-enlisted back into the USCMC and after both basic and recon training, joined up to the infamous Alpha Draconis unit... yet again. He'd thought he had left that life behind him, after the trouble which caused the unit within itself to implode, he left disgruntled and following a traitor into the very edges of deep space.

He was angry, mad and discouraged by what he had seen, the values of the Corps was not what he had witnessed from within, the Old Breed had changed. His following of that same traitor led him to Weyland-Yutani Corp, the almost supreme company which controlled vast amounts of space, materials, and people. One sector was defence, and James coaxed himself into thinking that he'd find his true meaning and happiness with this band of rogues in an even bigger company full of evil-dooers.

He had witnessed and committed both acts of murder and treason to his own people, he had still not forgotten the faces of the innocent of Barnos, an outer-system planet which was home to a tribe of human nomads, the company needed that particular piece of land for its crude oil, thus the people had to move. They didnt go without a fight, altough a fairly one sided fight and James along with his fellow WY-Security took them all out with ease. He had many memories, and events like these could go on.

These fights were nnot limited to humans either, various missions from putting down Xeno hives to a full scale war on an Xeno installation. These adventures didnt fill him. He was regretfull about what he had done, and deserted WY-Security when had gotten the chance on that blasted desert world he had long remembered. Living in a cushy upper-caste apartment on Earth didnt help, and many a nights were awoken to cold, sweaty fear from his dreams. Something had to change, a last chance was needed and James was going to make sure that chance came true.

He came back into reality, the day dreaming finished, he was awoken back into reality by the tires of the APC hitting a harsh, jagged rock somewhere long beneath and behind him now. His hands felt slick and sweaty in his gloves, and he still looked at his reflection in his ODST-style helmet, his signature piece of gear he had adopted since joining AD many years ago, the privillege of serving in such a Special Forces unit allowed leniancy in gear.

The helmet went over his head, it clicked into place and he watched as ever, amazingly, as his HUD updated with the latest stats, voice com control, and messages sent to him and his fireteam. He looked around the APC he was sitting in, trying to spot some familiar faces, he didnt, but he did see veterans to the USCMC, hard-hiting, lean, and extremely mean recon Marines some of whom he thought looked the age of 3+ contract veterans, but then again, looks werent to reliable, war aged people. He got looks from the Marines inside but he ignored them, he sat in his seat and waited, counting the seconds go by and wishing upon the past and hoping it would of turned out different.

concretehunter, Human, 12 years ago

"Well boy's as i said, Its rare to kill a NPC predator in a RPG"
"Concretehunter what are you talking about?"
"Oh right... you wouldnt understand these things"
"listen men, this complex is going to shit. Follow that convoy"
And as that was said 6 flickers of cloak's fled from the rooftops and down next to a unsuspecting APC.
Ahh this will do the job nicley, Anti-vehicle bomb. Ok slow... dont splash any puddles.... Freaze, I think he saw me. This isnt good, Stay perfectly still... oh god hes right by me.
"Captain stay calm... We got him on our spear gun, Just say when"
"On 3, Smother them"
Oh god hes walking up to me.
Dont breathe, dont breathe
He stoped.
"Smith get in the convoy, This place is going to dusk in 30"
Oh thank god... he turned around. Ok best keep moving, Noone has seen me yet. Alright no problem attaching the bomb. Ill just hitch a ride on the next APC.

"Captain we will meet at were these guys stop"
"Ok men, If i get in danger you know what to do"
Ok peterson, look like we can finaly battle.

Peterson, Human, 12 years ago

Sitting in his command chair Peterson would spit out a wad of dark brown tobacco spit on the floor of the APC, "The Fuck is that sir?" a marine asked looking at the screen to the top left of Peterson, "PLASMA BOLT ALL UNITS 10 METER SPREAD!" Peterson shouted into his comm link as a plasma bolt hit the APC in front of his! "All Gunners Supportive Fire! All APC's Wedge around the APC and provide rescue operations Delta tac 17" Peterson Ordered as he grabbed his rifle and kicked open the apc door, coming out into the bright sunlight the only sounds where from the large mounted weapons atop the APC's . Running to the burning APC Marines where already pulling survivors out of the APC. "Lets go get them into the closest APC and lets get ready to get the fuck out of here!" Moving the wounded was a usually slow process that seemed as if it was moving faster then usual, "All gunners cease fire" Peterson said through the global comm link, "Wings of Liberty this is Lt Peterson we have one apc down request some fire in the sky how copy over?" "Affirmitive on fireworks Lt Standingby for your coordinates" Jumping back into his command chair Peterson opened up a tactical overlay map of the surrounding area."Wings of liberty strike coordinates are as follows delta 05 38 29 kilo 78 lima 25 how copy over?" "Wings of liberty copies all eta for fireworks 2 minutes" "Rodger that Peterson Out!"

Watching the rest of the wounded get loaded up Peterson ordered everyone to mount up as a lound explosion covered the entire terran three miles out on the left flank of the convoy. "Damn hop that mother fucker fries!" a young marine on Peterson's APC said. "Stough that shit marine, Driver get us out of here!" Peterson said through his comm.

==One Hour Later==

Cruising at max speed the convoy felt like it was never going to make it to the evac site. As the day drew on to an almost never ending ride along everything seemed to be going well apart from the fact that it was turning to night quickly. "Sir, lights on or off?" the Driver asked Peterson, "Negitve, All Units Lights off lets try and not brodcast ourselves more then we already have" Peterson said sternly.

"Sir we have received contact from the Warlords requesting to speak with you sir" "Patch them to me marine" "Aye sir" The Warlords 2nd Battalion 2nd Marine Division a force to be reconned with as Peterson re counted the numoress events and battles the Warlords played a role in as the force of the Turning tide good times he thought to himself as he allowed a smirk to show on his face. "Warlord 2/2 this is Alpha Draconis Actual how copy over?" "Alpha Draconis Actual we read you lima charlie, we have two companies with us to touch down and retake the compond" "Sir orders where to pull out and drop a sky package on the bastards" "I'm aware Lieutenant, orders have changed command needs that outpost and we're going to retake it Warlord 2/2 out" great He thought to himself 8 hours out from the compond and command decides to change their minds again. "Alright Marines listen up! Our ever so wise command has changed their minds again we're heading back with the warlords and retaking the outpost" a few marines let out queit complaints and remarks about the COC aboard the Wings of Liberty and up the chain even higher back at Head Quarters. "That being said Warlords are leading the assult as the primary offense AD is coming in to support from the flanks that is all" Sighing Peterson could feel this as a death trap, alot of these men would meet their deaths. innocent blood would once more be on the hands of Headquarters.

==Six Hours Later==

Driving back the same way they had come Peterson could smell something burning, wierd had the Warlords dropped a bombing payload on the complex? He threw the thought around in his head for a couple of minutes before picking up the comm link, "Warlord Actual this is Alpha Delta Actual how copy over?" after 45 seconds of no response Peterson became suspicious, "I say again Warlord act-" "Brace!!!" the driver shouted as he swerved the APC off the road! A loud explosion and the weight of the APC being flipped over at least five times was all Peterson could think about before he blacked out.

==Three Hours Later==

Waking up Peterson looked around the APC, "The fuck just happend? Jones give me a sitrep... Jones i said give me a fucking sitrep" he said as he got up and went to the front of the APC, His heart sank as he found jones hanging from the drivers seat dead "give me some if your still alive" Peterson said picking up his rifle. No response his command team was dead where was the convoy he thought. Cutting through the busted APC door Peterson was finally free, free only to see the entire convoy lit up in a firy ruins on the road was a downed Dropship and several dead marines, his marines. he was alone... movement in the distance, taking a knee and bringing his rifle to the ready position he shouted out, "This is Lieutenant Peterson of the United States Colonial Marines Show yourself and drop your weapons if your armed!" two marines edged their way from behind a burning APC, "Shit sir we all thought you died with everyone on that APC, glad your up sir, but the Warlords are down for the next four miles its nothing but burning Dropships and APCs" "Good fucking god, alright gents we have a mission to do and loss of reinforcments and transportation aint going to stop us! These mother fuckers have whipped out a battalion and 3 companies! Retreat! Hell we just got here gents! Gear up and lets move out!" Insperation like this had never been seen from him mottivation and anger swelled inside all the marines! A young Corporal stepped up, "Alright marines! You heard the Liuentant lets Fucking Move!" "Mebber and Delta your with me." Peterson ordered as he began to gather ammo, "Pick up any ammo, grenades anything, Corporal get me the tags of all these Marines" Peterson said picking up a magizine of a pulse rifle. "Aye Sir" "Delta your second senior man, Your may platoon sergeant until you die!" Peterson said as he un harnessed a Smartgun from a fallen marine, "Hello old friend" he said to himself attaching the smart gun to the harness. "We're good sir" "verywell thank you Corporal, Alright Marines MOVE OUT! Five meter spread Tactical Collom Formation!" Peterson ordered. What ever killed his Marines and the Warlords was about to fuck with a force that was unmatched for centries, and they wern't about the be matched today. Adapt and overcome, that was the Marines motto and the marines of Alpha Draconis were about to show these alien bastards why they used that motto! Along the three hour hike back to the compound the marines recited differnt Marine caidences and motivational bits, "Repel the enemy assult by fire and menueaver or repel the enemy by fire and close combat oorah!" over and over, Peterson wanted these inhuman fucks to know what was about to hit them!

concretehunter, Human, 12 years ago

So he isnt dead... i knew he would be a challange, I was warned about you peterson. Sadly you werent warned about me. My fellow clan members have surrounded the area, i told them not to attack any marines incase it might be Peterson, I want his head.

His marines run of to secure the area, But they wont find me. I have a great idea to get his attention.

As i leap into the air and the cold sharp sound of extending wrist blades rings out in all of the marines ear's as they turn and marvel at the sight of a 7 ft yautja decloaking in mid air and landing wristblades first through the kneck of their unlucky comrade. A hundred shots were fired as i ran recloaking into the dark. Their terified babbles and screams fill the air as order's are barked at unsuspecting men.

But instead of fighting any of them im just going to leave for no aparent reason.

"Herpdy derp cya peterson, have fun with your plot bullshit"

/Clan leader, This is concretehunter. I think what would be best is a thermonuclear strike from orbit, nothing of value will me lost, send down some scout ship's to pick me and my team up, rondezvous in 20 minutes's/

FireHunter, Human, 12 years ago

FireHunter's mighty head swung to the side, how it wished to just follow its brethren to the surface, to kill once more. How FireHunter wanted the blood on its carapace again, but the queen wouldn't allow it, she forced FireHunter to stay, growling its impatience.

"Patience.....Warrior.....Good...GO!" The Queen's synaptic scream resonated in FireHunter's mind, and like a mad dog let of the chain, it sprinted away, following images from its mental link with it's brethren.

within minutes it had exploded through the floor of a complex which was sitting on top of the hive, FireHunter's mad body turned towards a human tending a wound on his arm roughly thirty meters down the hall, the man looked up. FireHunter's massive body filled the corridor, the hot liquid from the light-tube attached to the ceiling was dripping onto it. FireHunter was shrouded in darkness, it braced for a charge, and charged down the hall, light-tubes shattering as its back struck them as FireHunter continued his mad charge towards the injured human.

(Mebber, if you didn't realise, that injured human is you)