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Peterson, Human, 11 years ago

So because we have a creative group of people here with us, we have decided to create a topic for all of you to post your Fan Made Stories, so post them up and we all look forward to reading through them!

Dark, Human, 11 years ago

It is about 3 predators being sent down to Earth to learn human ways to understand them better when suddenly A predator ship crashes unleashing a horde of Xenomorphs, it is up to Dark and his two brothers to contain this outbreak and restore calm to New Earth. Im posting a bit of my story...

They landed and the pods recloaked. The predators opened up the flap on their left wrist covers and it showed a variety of red flashing symbols, they pressed one and they immediately cloaked as humans.
“We may like the heat but the dryness of the atmosphere.” Roark shuddered.
Skar grumbled and told him to focus on the mission, Dark remained silent.
The three sprinted at abnormal speed to each the northern part of the land. They reached it after three days and two nights of sprinting nonstop. It was nightfall and it was hot and humid.
“That is much better.” Skar said. They enrolled mysteriously at a local high school to understand their system of education. They rested for the night in a empty hotel room.
They arrived at the school and found many juvenile children staring at them; the human cloaks weren’t perfect as they were way taller than the kids. They sat down while a teacher started to write math problems on the board.
“Humans do this kind of primitive mathematics at this age! At our home world we had to do this a couple days after birth.” Dark thought to himself. The maths teacher said it was a test and he left the children to solve the sums. The predators solved them easily and were finished five minutes in. All three handed them in to the teacher and he was surprised.
“Very well” he said. He began to mark the test and
“Oh my god!” he exclaimed. Skar had got 98%, Roark had got 95% and Dark had got 100%.
A few weeks later the test results were given out before lunch. The scores were announced and they were released to lunch.
“I do not understand human food.” Roark said picking up a lettuce leaf and examining it.
“Just consume it you need the nutrients and we need to act like the humans.” Skar growled.
“You should try this white meat.” Dark suggested picking up a chunk of chicken from a salad.
Suddenly, a group of muscular boys approached their table.
“So you guys got above 95 for that test uh?” The biggest of them said.
“Yes we did.” Roark replied. After Roark said that one of them picked up a tray of salad and threw it at Roark’s face. Skar looked at the boy with anger, he had to hold back his fury and it felt like your insides were burning inside out. Roark simply shoved the pieces of food off him casually.
“You’re the one who got 100, isn’t that right nerd.” The big one said to Dark.
“What is this nerd you speak of?” Dark asked. The biggest one chuckled and introduced himself as Derrick and said he was going to cave his face in. He then picked up Dark and started to hit him. Dark had got to react as too many physical contacts would disable the cloak. Skar got up picked one of the boys by the collar and threw him at Derrick they were knocked out of a cafeteria window and Derrick simply sweared at them and took off. It was close, a few more hits and the cloak would have deactivated. Lunch ended and the rest of the day was left undisturbed. Suddenly, the hotel room door slammed down and there was Derrick and two of his goons, they were armed with knives and Derrick had a gun. Roark than said
“Come on let’s unveil our surprise.” Suddenly the three predators decloaked revealing their true selves.

Echo-Wolf23, Human, 11 years ago

Cool story, Dark! I love how your characters come into play! Is it alright if I do part of mine? I hope its not too boring for all you out there! :)

???: [echoes] Hey. Are you alright? Can you speak? Can you even walk?

Bella: [I hear.. a voice.. coming from.. somewhere..] I t-think so. Yeah, I can walk.. huh?

[Bella looked up to find a strage looking person.. or something that LOOKED like a person. She blinked and rubbed her eyes. Nope, he was still there.]

Bella: Um.. where.. what..?

???: I found you blacked out over by the Alien Hive. Did they get you?

Bella: No.. no, they didn't. Thank you for saving me though. Um.. who are you?

???: I'm Predator Zinc, the Wolf Predator.

Bella: [Zinc? Why does that name.. ring a bell?] Nice to meet you, Zinc! I'm Bella Claw!

Zinc: Bella.. Claw? Hm.. do you happen to know Melina Claw?

Bella: Melina? Oh yeah! That's my Mom!

Zinc: HUH!!! [bio mask eyes grow neon green] So you MUST be her daughter then! Ever since Conroy took you and your brother back to Earth, shes missed you both terribly. Why don't I take you to her?

Bella: Sure! It be great to see my Mom again! [smiles]

[Zinc walked over to the Predator village where the Predators stayed and lived. Some of them had shops or were just outside. She looked around, trying to find where her Mom was at. Suddenly, Zinc stopped at a small house.]

Zinc: This is it. Melina Claw's house.

Bella: Wow. My heart is beating so fast! I hope she remembers me!

[She knocked. Nothing happened at first, but then.. the door opened.]

???: Yeah? What do you want?

[The woman with long wavy black hair and blue eyes looked outside at them. She wore a blue tanktop with crosses and blue pants, also with crosses, with black boots.]

Zinc: Melina?

Melina: What?

Zinc: Its your daughter, Bella. She came back.

Melina: Hm? Bella?

[She looks.]

Melina: [gasps] !!!

Bella: Hi, Mom! Long time no see, I guess!

Melina: Bell.. Bella..!! You've gotten.. so big! Ah!! [hugs her] I've missed you so much! You look so much older now!

Bella: Thank you, Mom! Conroy took such good care of me and Fara!

Melina: Hm? Fara's here too? Well.. where IS he?

Bella: Uh.. I don't know. When we fell out of the plane, he dissapered.

Zinc: He must have landed near the Alien Hive. I should go after him.

Bella: Wait! Let me come with you!

Zinc: What? But you have no weapons. How can you survive with those serpents?

Bella: I.. I don't know. But.. I'm going to save my brother!

Melina: Heh, just like me, all that courage. Well, I better go get Radon-

[WHAM!!! Suddenly, the house door came flying off the handles and onto the ground 3 feet away! There, standing behind Melina, was the Berserker Predator, Radon.]

Radon: I heard my son's with the serpents.

Zinc: Yes, and I'm going to-


Melina: Hey! Wait up, Radon!!

[Radon with stealth and carried Melina through the forest. Bella stared.]

Bella: Um..

Zinc: Yeah, hes quiet a handful. Shall we go, Bella?

Bella: Sure! Lets go, Zinc! I'll be sure to give it my best!!

How was that? Kinda dumb, isn't it? I get very nervous when I write stories to other people. I hope you all like it! Please tell me what you think! Thank you for listening! :)

Xenomorph1212, Human, 11 years ago

I am making a story, but it's not finished yet. When I finish I'll post it on here.

And good stories Dark and Echo Wolf...

supersonicman96, Human, 11 years ago

Midnights Contempt
chapter 1

It was dark, complete darkness. There weren't even stars to light the sky, only the moon was out today but it didn't offer any real light. The woman omly made a small observation on the matter though. She was just walking through the forest, but that was nothing new. She liked to walk out here with her brother to calm down.

Her name was Abby, she had blond hair and green eyes. Her brother, Henry also looked like her except he had dirty blond hair. Abby sat down for a second when she heard a hissing sound.

"Henry, What was that?".
"I don't know. Maybe it was...".

Just then a blade shot right through Henry's abdomen. Abby screamed with horror. Henry was being lifted up by the blade. Abby could now see that the blade was connected to what looked like a segmented tail. Abby couldn't stand to look any longer, she had to get out of there and fast.

She began to run away, but to where, she didn't know. She was to horrified to know where she was running to. Just then, something grabbed her from behind,a clawed hand, it looked like some fingers were actually stuck together. The monster turned Abby around to face her. The monster was truly horrific.

It had no eyes, it had a never ending grin and its head was long and elongated with ridges on the top. The monster began to open its mouth, revealing instead of a tongue, a second set of jaws. In Abbys last moments, she looked directly into the area where its eye's would be. It was dark. The inner jaws began to open. Only the moonlight was reflected there, but it offered no real light. The inner jaws struck. Complete darkness.

Xenomorph1212, Human, 11 years ago

Wow! That's really good, you should write more!

supersonicman96, Human, 11 years ago

I hope everyone likes midnights contempt. If you have any problems with the story or questions, just ask.
Midnights contempt
Chapter 2

The beating of a heart. A curious sound wasn't it. It wasn't only constantly beating but depending on the situation, it would beat fast.I hated every single beat of the heart though. It kept me awake when I needed rest.

I guess rest wasn't the best choice of words. I didn't need rest. My siblings didn't need rest. So if we didn't need rest, why did we sleep. Sleep was the moment when you would stop moving and just fade out from this world and into another.

But the main question is, why do we rest. These were just one of the things I thoughts about while I 'rested'. Another thing I think about are names. Normally, individuals have a name to show that they are different but what is the point of that, if you want to be different, do something different then your siblings. But there is this one word I heard that I can relate to myself. Tenebris. I heard that it was latin for something.

Latin was apparently some forgotten language but that was of no real concern to me right now. I want to sleep, but I won't get any rest with that constant beating. The first thing I want to do is end the beating but I can't, or else I'll die. Whats that sound. It's was a steady flow. Where was it. I know that sound, it was...hissing.But where was it. To the left or to the right. Now I know. Its in my head.

"Escape, my child...grow into one of my warriors".

The voice was dark but soothing. It was demanding...but motherly. Caring...yet without warmth. I knew I had to listen. I knew this was what I was born to do. I began to move forward. The beating became faster. I pushed around the things around me.

Faster beating but with a new sound. I didn't just push, I shoved, ripped, and destroyed. The sound became louder, the beating became faster. I came to this hard material. I smashed against it with my head, cracking the obstacle till it was gone.

Those other sounds, they were screams.I found a softer material. I smashed against it, and I tried to tear through it. I tore through it, and blood followed me. People were screaming and pointing at me.

I actually enjoyed these sounds, they filled my thirst, but my thirst for what? The people, they swore at me. They ran away from me. Was I ugly to them? amongst these mixed sounds, I noticed there was one sound missing, the beating of the heart. One person looked at me and screamed a name at me. It was my name but its what my siblings were called when they frst emerge. A Chestburster

supersonicman96, Human, 11 years ago

Midnights Contempt
Chapter 3 (A little note, I can't come up with good Yautja names)

"You are a yeyinde". That is what my older brother called me. I was the youngest child of my family. My mother's name is Ry'kel. My father's name is G'vrek.

I have two older brothers. The eldest of us is Mk'enet. My older brother is Sh'dowux. My name is Sp'rtun. I have a sister as well.

She is the second born. Her name is K'vexe. She was old enough to hold children and she has met a mate but he is a Tarei'hasan. He claims trophies that he only gained through kwei methods. He was also too pyode for a yautja.

To put it basically, he was a Lou-dte Kalei. My mother and father walked up to me. They were here to give me my final good byes. I was planning on departing for a hunt and they were nervous. I was still a youngblood but I've proven that I am truly a Paya so I've been inducted amongst the elite, alongside my brothers.

My mother handed me my smart disk, as unblooded as a Yautja child.

"My youngest child, bringing honor to the Yautja race, you truly are worthy of the name...Yautja."

My father handed me my combi-stick. I made it with my own two hands.

"My son, I expect to see impressive trophies when you return home."

My father slapped my shoulder as a sign of respect. I looked them both. "When I return, whenever that may be, I shall bring more honor then any Yautja as ever done." I walked into the mothership. One elite walked by me but took a quick glance at me and showed shock. "I-it's you. Your going to join our elite clan. It's an honor...prince Sp'rtun".

badapple24, Human, 11 years ago

This is based on the view of the Colonial marines more is on the way. This is just before the incidents On LV-426

“This is dropship 01 landing on the surface.” The pilot said; then the marines emerged from the dropship “spread out standard formation, just another bug hunt…” the L.T ordered. My squad was assigned to the sewer, hold up got something on my tracker 25 meters and closing 15, 12, 5 It’s right on top of us” moss yelled looking up into the vent and being sucked up to the vent “Keep going” the Lt ordered and farther down the sewer they saw a way into the jungle.

(More is on the way)

Xenomorph1212, Human, 11 years ago

So far these are some pretty good stories. Keep up the good work and Suppersonic you can soon turn yours into a book!

Echo-Wolf23, Human, 11 years ago

Oh wow! Super Sonic, your the coolest writer ever! Your stories.. they bring the characters to life when I read it. So beautiful and creative! I have another story in mind. I'll show you guys! :)


Melina: UGH!! Ohhhh.. that fucking hurts!! Mm? [gets up] Where.. am I?

[She looks around what appears to be the Amazon Forest. She smelled the air.]

Melina: Hmm. I smell.. something. [sniffs] It smells like.. meat?

[Suddenly she heard a yell and was ground pounded from behind!]


[She looks up and sees a man. Or.. what IS a man. He had long red dredlocks and a mask with a jaw on the bottom. His body was ripped. VERY ripped.]

???: Eh? Wait a minute.. your not a Serpent!!

Melina: No, I ain't no damn Serpent. And do you mind getting off of me?! Your so fucking heavy!

???: Peh, I expected a HUMAN to say that.



Melina: .. No.

???: I am Radon, the Berserker Predator! I live by my OWN rules! I don't listen to no one but myself! I am the most powerful Predator in ALL of Predatoria!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! [laughs]

[She blinks.]

Melina: Huh.



Radon: Melina.. Melina Claw?

Melina: YEAH. Melina Claw.. and you better believe it!

Radon: Melina, huh? Well!! Your a pretty LOUD woman.

Melina: Loud?! Listen you-


[He tackles her to the ground. When..]

Melina: Eh..?

[He groped her. Plain and simple.]

Radon: Whoaaaa. I never knew Human breasts could be so.. SOFT!!!





Radon: Well.. at LEAST they were soft. [sneers]

Melina: I hate you, Radon!!



Ahahaha! This made me laugh while writing it! I hope you all think its funny too! :)

alienxeno, Human, 11 years ago

this is the alien story second part.also ragnarok is in it.if you dont know part 1 it is in a topic.

james did not know what to say about this....but him getting free,meeting aliens,and becoming a space hero was too good to e true.i will do it.i am not scared for a trip to space.the serial killer called serpent was going with a group of space marines to a planet called:elles nova;1. they gone in a prototype of the sulaco.the marines are:erin bricks a weapon specilist.
mortan cide a brilliant engineer.(no jockey)
claian clidla a commander once in the army

they reached the planet and opend the door.they could breath normaly but the air smelled smelled like acid and blood.suddenly a shadow got behind them very fast.WTF james screamed......

to be continued.

alienxeno, Human, 11 years ago

this is part 3 of the alien is in it.

ragnarok was a hunter with skill.he was chosen to go to a planet and to hunt there a he accepted the mission he gone to:ellis nova;1.when he arrived he cloaked his ship and turned invicible him self........we have send a mere of hunters but no one came back. we want to find them. ragnarok felt that he was being badapple watched him ragnarok got the creeps of this planet5 and started jumping on trees finding a marine base......

part 4 coming soon......

alienxeno, Human, 11 years ago

alien story.part 4

james watched back as he saw scar watching him.
a creature with a long head sharp claws a even sharper tail and it was revealed that when it opend his mouth a inner jaw was there.the creature atacked james and everybody started shooting but they did not hit a thing.scar was already gone running to the hive.when james and the rest found a marine base everybody was dead.....james was shocked to see marines dead on the ground.a marine was on the ground saying:stay away from me!suddenly a chestbuster came out off his chest.a little white snake like worm with hands.
my god.WTF happend here!

alienxeno, Human, 11 years ago

ragnarok saw the chestbuster and took it in the neck snapping it.
james heard this and ran trough the hall leaving the others behind.
a good oppertunity for ragnarok to kill him.
james heard a sound from behind him....

supersonicman96, Human, 11 years ago

Before I write anything, I just wanted to say how much I appreciated everyone for liking Midnights contempt. After reading everyones comment on it, i couldn't stop smiling =). A little note, I don't support alcohol.
Midnights contempt
Chapter 4
Sgt.Moore poured himself a tall glass of whiskey. He usually didn't drink alcohol but after he heard that his cousins had been found dead, he needed to calm down. They were found shredded to pieces. It was obvious that Xenomorphs had caused this. With one gulp, Moore drank the beverage.

He shuddered alittle as the warmth flowed down his throat and traveled all over his body.

"I thought you didn't drink alcohol."

Moore looked at the source of the voice. It was Cpl.Roxanne. Moore and Roxy had been friends since they were both five years old. She had olive skin and short, dirty blond hair. It used to be longer but she had to cut it short, military rules and all.

She had bright blue eyes. She was shorter than Moore but not by much.Moore however had dark brown hair, brown eyes, and was more tan than her.

"No, I said that I don't really drink alcohol, except when I need to."
"I understand but we're about to land soon and Capt. Riley Won't appreciate you being drunk."
"I'm not going to be drunk."
"Alright, I believe you." Roxy smirked at Moore."I always pegged you a beer type of guy."

She left Moore's room. Moore smiled.

"Of course she would think that."

Moore put on his gear and grabbed his gun. He walked into the garrison room where the marines gathered before being dropped off. Moore spotted Capt.Riley scolding a marine for who knows what.The hatch to the dropship opened up and the marines soon entered into a desert terrain, hunting for bugs.

badapple24, Human, 11 years ago

Whoa cool. that givis your characters a real sense. It is a cool book, and if you ever had to hand in a story for a class that would be the story i'd hand in.

alienxeno, Human, 11 years ago

before ragnarok could kill james a weard sound came in the hall.
it sounded like a snake.ragnarok turned around when suddenly the queen alien was in front of his face.


the queen came closer......its head was diffrent.
it was wide and hard.but i felt like glass.

i got to get the hell out.james said.
ragnarok instead atacked the queen.

as ragnarok wrist bades unsheated the queen sliced his neck.
the hunter was mad and sliced the chest of the queen.
but then badapple dropped by.he said:the queen is a breading mother not a fighter.
you will fight me instead.

alienxeno saw his older brother atack the hunter.

alienxeno said:i am now sure......

badapple24, Human, 11 years ago

Ok Aliens second hive paragraph is up check it out here

Kirby had come back with word about 5 minutes after Bad apple and Gamefreaks courtship and all xenos gathered around with envy Kirby hissed to them that Colonial marines are landing on the planet. Something caught Bad apple’s eye… a new Xeno that must’ve snuck in while we were paying attention to Kirby. Back at the mansion the next morning the colonial marines just landed. “Ok sweethearts let’s get a search party going, don’t fire at anything that isn’t ebony colored and with an elongated skull.” The corporal barked at the marines. Now the Marines dispersed into the jungle. “You think they will survive?” James asked the Corporal, and he replied with “That’s a guarantee. Back at the hive the queen and Scar had been very busy preparing the hive for the guests. Scar’s face looked at the queen as the hive mind suddenly popped into Scar’s and every other Xeno’s head “Protect the hive” Bad apple and Game Freak had been together for a while and still they were working. Suddenly Bad apple saw it again this time a better look at him, he was a runner didn’t seem like a threat to the hive. Bad apple went to go check him out and knew where he was hiding, fifteen minutes later Bad apple came across an old vent that had a runner in it. He was in fact part of the hive. His name was Forerunner.

alienxeno, Human, 11 years ago

cool story.i am trying to make one too....but i am out of ideas

ThePredator13, Human, 11 years ago

AVP: Reckoning
Chapter 1:
08:00 hours, The Royal Crown:
Captain Jackson watched from his ever present lookout on the bridge of one of the world’s best cruise liners, maybe if you were on the bridge at the time you might have noted the captain looked like a vulture waiting for its next meal, so steadfast and cold like a statue, his neat grey hair buzzed into a military cut, wearing his shining white captains suit, it was like he demanded respect and if you gave him respect he’d respect you back, the captain himself though was charmed by shinning excellence, not a single spot on his record, people said the captain could fly any ship through any space and he would bring her back intact and everyone was happy and had enjoyed their cruise.
Today was different though, whether it was the change in scenery or the complete stillness of this place, The Captain felt like something was coming and when it came all hell would break loose, he had his crew up in shifts to make sure it didn’t happen but, now… it still gave him the chill that went up his spine whenever he thought more about his uneasy feeling. The Captain straightened up “I want full power to engines, I want to get the hell out of here A.S.A.P”, “yes sir” called out Nick Falor at the controls as he turned to the radio and called through “Captain Jackson wants full power to the engines, make it snappy.” “Sir…” the call from one of the crew, “yes Mr. Mason” Jackson said coming over to the controls, “Sir we’re coming up to… some kind of wreck Sir… It’s one of the big military cruisers, Reverence class” “What in holy hell could take down those cruisers, their armed with nukes and all…” First mate Falor called, “I don’t know… pull us alongside it, Falor notify the passengers we’ll be stopping for a few moments”, “Aye sir”, “And Mr.Falor…”, “yes sir”, “notify security to be ready for a rescue mission”, “aye sir.”
Ships engines started to slow bring the ship to a halt next to the cruiser as the clear tunnel that the securities would go through was extended into the Cruiser providing a safe entrance into the ship, the men stepped through slowly into the unknown territory beyond and started to walk through the hall leading to the air lock door to get into the ship, “wow this thing was jammed shut” one said trying to budge the door, “well jerry give me the torch and let’s get this over with this ship creeps me out…” they got to work quickly on the door sparks coming of it as they made their own entry point, after making it into the ship they moved toward a door…with to dead marines by it, “looks like they were trying to seal something up…” one muttered, “were the successful?” the other asked, “I don’t know jerry, I don’t know….” The two security guards moved slowly into one of the main rooms, marines bodies were everywhere, “what the… how could something kill all these marines…” one stammered, they moved to a wall and stepped over dead bodies as they moved through the ship, then a sound… both twisted, they were looking at some green… slime on the wall it sizzled like bacon in a frying pan before melting through the wall, “what in…” one screamed shooting up through a loose panel in the roof into the vent work and then nothing “Taylor…” the other guard twisted and saw nothing “ Taylor… this isn’t funny man…” he heard a noise and looked up… a scream and gunshots and the sound of the shell casings hitting the floor… and then nothing.