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The Chestburster is a Xenomorph infant.
It's expeculated that it develops in a manner similar to that of the immature heartworm that migrates through the body absorbing nutrients before establishing itself.
Some chestbursters are born with arms but most of them aren't.
They are very quick and intuned with their surroundings once emerged. If in a populated room it will immediatly try to escape.


Sprint increases your speed for a short duration. It's best used to gain terrain on an enemies, or as an escape method.
Health Regeneration
Automatically regenerate health when not being attacked. If you get drawn into battle, don't be afraid to retreat to a safe place to regenerate and find a different strategy.
Fire-Retardant Secretions
Enhanced Pheromone Detectors


Specimens Current Status:UNKNOWN

Note: I'll get back to this all properly. Some day, some day. My-my, so many spelling errors.

Gaunt's profile

Hello there, and welcome to my profile, a page of collective ramifications, and fan-fic back-plot.

This is a picture Donut did of my character, drawn quite a long while back (must of been back in my, second year, on this site, around 2008-9), it's a great picture, thanks again Donut =)

Sadly you're not around anymore (so few are).

I never get tired of seeing it, I love this picture hahahah!!!

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My current signature, created by the one and only, DeathWraith (thanks again) =)


I hope this all makes sense, It's Gaunts history (hence the cheesy titles), this is EVERYTHING I have written about my characters development while I've been on this site. Some work has been rewritten and adapted over time (to include information I had yet to add) to generally add improvement where I thought needed.

I think it's quite a story and I hope you enjoy reading it.


Xenomorph classification process was intiated on a sedated and docile specimen at **/**/** at *** hours, information classfied, V.I.P usage only.

Name: Gaunt ('Gaunt' is the common descriptive nickname that has been given to the particular Xenomorph by soldiers in the field. It is responsible for multiple horrific deaths and the destruction of Weyland Yutani property in different time zones and locations).

Species: Xenomorph.

Class: Adult:Stage three Xenomorph:Chestburster.

-A conflicting argument between our top Xeno-biological staff is where 'Gaunt' should be classified in the Xenomorph life cycle as it is clearly overgrown and stronger that an average Chestburster, even able to match the failed *[series] Xenomorphs in combat, with fairly brutal results. (refer to field test #2491). This conundrum will take many more months of research to resolve.-

Dimensions: Gaunt has reached a size that is roughly two times that of a normal Chestburster, his dimensions are as followed:

Length: 2ft.

Width: 1.75 inches (varied measurement, decreased bodily mass and size around its lower [abdominal?] region and tail).

Height: Approximately 1'5'' in height (this is also a varied figure, inclusion of tail can render Gaunt up to 1.75 feet in height).

Appearance: Gaunt has fairly normal skin colorization and pigmentation for a Xenomorph Chestburster, though also a larger body, compared to that of an average Chestburster.

It has a cyan colored skin patch on the back of its neck/head (unknown meaning and/or function), its frontal limbs are also significantly bigger, measured to be increased from the varied but typical half inch to three inches in length (which in turn balance out to its bodily mass).

-INSERTED **/**/**- : We are surprised to report that we have found the reason for the Xenomorphs continued survival, despite its history for grievous wounds, the likes of which should of destroyed it.

It has seemingly adopted hereditary traits which allow us to classify its intended adult form as that of a Xenomorph Warrior, which inherit the same genetic advantages. What many scientists have dubbed as the "Onslaught Genome" is the key to this discovery.

It should also be noted that this genetic advantage not only makes Gaunt harder to destroy, but all the more dangerous to any that come across it. We have no doubt that the Xenomorph has also inherited a highly pressurized bloodstream making it extremely volatile in combat, with a chance to explode on death.

Redundant life support organs are present in Gaunt, allowing it to regenerate limbs, organs and potentially its entire being, over time. While all Xenomorphs can, in fact, naturally regenerate over time, with these organs present Gaunt is able to repair itself at almost any time, even with a loss of up 92% of its bodily function.

In conclusion we have found that to destroy Gaunt every key particle of its being must be destroyed, due to the multiple life support organs, encased in different sections of its body. Even if one of these unknown organs is left intact it has the potential to regenerate the others, even after death of the body and the mind.

It is advised to any personel ever found in a situation facing Gaunt or a Xenomorph of the same caste, due to the organs being self sustaning and highly resistant, to physical and environmental damage alike.

Side notes: This Xenomoprh shows no clear sign of mutation or deformation and yet it still resides in its adolessant state, this leads us to believe that the Xenomorph has almost complete control over its own personal devlopment. This is an exciting find as this confirms that the research of **.****** is indeed valid.

Further more the fact that Gaunt has managed to outgrow the size of a typical chestburster but still retain his bodily state only confirms our beliefs and the eventual facts laid forth by the research.



Chapter One, The Begining:


Gaunt is a chestburster with a bit of experience in the battlefield.
He can sometimes be renowned for his ability to survive attacks that would destroys other chestbursters and Xenomorphs alike.
Because he hasn't evolved into a drone or runner like other aliens his body has developed differently to that of a typical chestburster.

Gaunt has the same body as all chestbursters do, but due to him not progressing Gaunt has developed a harder body and his claws and tail spike have hardened and become sharper. His limbs have also grown longer (11 inches longer than an ordinary chestbursters limbs).
Gaunt still has acidic blood which can burn through most materials.

His body is also longer than an ordinary chestburster body, Gaunts body is three foot long and 12 inches in height. Half of his body is from his head to his highned legs, The other half is his tail.
With coloring, Gaunt has a dark blue under belly, While the top of his body all above is blue.
Gaunt is a member of the infamous Hive and is ready to do anything the leaders, Sub-leaders or Queen asks.
Gaunt will fight anything that attacks him or he has an interest in, however he prefers to disable or stun his opponents rather than to kill them (though he finds it hard to resist the latter).

Gaunt has learnt a lot in his life so far and his story continues to unfold, To be continued.

Chapter Two, A Year Later:

After all the battles he had been through, Gaunt was finally killed, had his bloody and beaten skull taken by a Predator and given to a Human as a momento trophy of the fight. However Gaunts skull was later confiscated along with the remains of his ripped up body by the Weyland Yutani commitee.

They, after using advanced skin grapths and cloning of those grapths, eventually regenerated the whole of Gaunt's body, and after many months they had restored the skull along with his brain and other organs (due to his preserved remains, also confiscated). After being regenerated completely, Gaunt went into cystic hibernation, after one week he had finished changing and was finally at adult stage, He got up and stood in front of the glass observation window in the wall of his containment room.

He could sense them, Humans looking at him, but what were they planning to do with him.
He turned and looked around, no vents only one door, Gaunt shuddered, his memories were all coming back, how he had died, how he survived his first fight and how he met the Hive. He got up and rushed at the door, pounding it hard, he could hear it, the alarm, the signal that more humans were coming, he hit the door again and again and pushed right through the metal and went straight into the wall behind it.

Guards started shooting down the corridor from both sides but it was too late, Gaunt had already ripped through the air vent above him, and was making his was through the ventilation system, looking for a way out, searching for his Hive.

Chapter Three, Stronger:

It was an odd situation, he died and was then brought back all too conveniently, was it a blessing or was it just dumb luck that the Humans wanted to experiment on an alien and decided to regenerate a dead one?

There was no clear reason but even as this wen't through Gaunts head he was still making his way through the ventalation system, looking for a way out, unable to sense any others around hime, no Queen, none of his Brothers or Sisters, he was on his own.

He stopped to hear the hatch to his left open. What was that suppost to be an open invetation or something? Or were the Humans just hoping that Gaunt would clamber through it?

Pulling himself through the hatch closed behind him, seeming trapping him in a tight pocket of the ventalation system. Looking down it appeared that he knelt on a service platform, which started to move and take him up. On started to go up another hatch opened right above him followed by a bright flash of light.

As he looked up from his curled possition he saw he was surrounded, All around him just a white dome and standing at both ends, infront of armoured doors were armed guards. As Gaunt looked round he saw that the guards were already spreding out, going around him in a circle formation, trying to reduce any chance of him being able to escape.

Without wasting any time the guards opened fire, Gaunt pounced up into the air and went directly over two of them, landing behind them. The guards turned and fired frantically but it was too late, Gaunt sent his tail flying into the face of one of them while he picked up the other and threw him headfirst into the concrete wall of the dome.

There were only four left now. Charged at one of the group Gaunt slammed him into the wall behind, crushing him. He heard the cracks and twists of the guards spine as it broke against the reinforced concrete of the dome.
Gaunt turned to face gun fire, hitting his body piercing though his skeletal frame, he screamed as he charged at two of the guards, He grabbed them and crushed their necks, blood spurting everywhere, soaking the walls and floor in blood. There was still one guard left, behind him, screaming, firing a pistol frantically with terrible accuracy, shaking as he knew he would most probably be the next, and last, to die.

Within seconds it was over, the guard fell to the floor with his stomach slit open, clutching around it with blood soaked hands, his innards and bodily fluids spilling everywhere, screaming in aggonising pain, waiting to be finished off. It didn't happen, Gaunt had already climbed up the walls of the dome and broke through the reneforced concrete with the acid leaking from his wounds, he may of been an Xenomorph but it didn't mean he wasn't merciful, to a degree.

He was finally out, out of that dreaded place and almost half a mile away already, after roughly eight miles he started to slow down, and eventually he stopped. His wounds had sealed up, he didn't feel as much pain as before, he was stronger than before. Gaunt tracked down the lair of his Hive and there he rested, waiting for new orders, waiting for his Queen, his Brothers and his Sisters to come.



Chapter Four, Change:


'Get up ... GET UP!!!', how long have I been here? Lying asleep at home, without them, Brothers, Sisters, Mother, ... our Hive.

He started to rise from his slumber, dust and resin fell from his body, he was now a Warrior of the Hive. This was an honour for an alien if you were lucky to live long enough that was. 'Hundreds of other drones and you managed to surpace them ... how?'

He shook himself to get rid of anything else on his body, so much has happened, he was a chestburster no long ago then he died and then ...

It didn't matter. He tilted his head back in thought, 'Foolish Humans, remade me?', the very thought made him shudder, even after regrowing and regenerating he hadn't rid himself of the scars he was given from that horrific incident.

He started to wonder around, it was time to get to work.

Chapter Five, Back To The Light:

After two hours of scouting the entire Hive and the local area but not finding a single Xeno or any other signs of life Gaunt knew something was wrong.

Crouched on top of the biggest tree he could find Gaunt still could not find anything, it was as if everything that was supposed to be living, even his brothers and sisters had just been plucked from existence, leaving him behind.

He let out a load shriek and started to climb down the tree, he was desending gradually then suddenly faster, faster, his body was limp he couldn't move, faster still, he wasn't on the side of the tree anymore he was falling, faster still, he started to hear voices, not in his head as if they were around him, just next to him, close enough to ... CRACK!.

Darkness, it was everywhere, so dark that he couldn't see, not himself, not anything around him ... impossible. A light, Gaunt saw a light, just ahead of him, he struggled to move towards it, he couldn't, he couldn't move, couldn't see the rest of his body nor anything around him, just the darkness and the singular light that lay before him.

Gaunt heard the voices again, stronger and even closer muttering things that he didn't understand, he felt pain all over but could see where or how it was being caused, he saw the light, it shuddered, he screeched at it and the light shuddered more, he screeched again and again, the light became bigger, it shook uncontrolably, it flew straight towards him.

"WAIT ... WHAT ... NO ... ITS WAKING, OH GOD!", "Calm yourself down you fool, it's not even a fully grown Xenomorph, it's tiny, drugged and restrained, you're seriously scared?".
Gaunt screeched, his body was buzzing with pain, dazed and confused his head whirled, 'what ... drugged ... me? ... how long?', he felt another burst of pain, 'AGHHHH!!! ... sleeping ... too long, no longer'.

Gaunts body shook uncontrolably, the two men in the room stared in horror, an electronical and garbled voice sounded from above, 'WARNING, XENOMORPH RESTAINTS INACTIVE, ADVISE MINIMUM SAFE DISTANCE', the paniced mans voice appeared again, "OH SHIT, LET ME OUT MAN!, LET ME OUT!!", "SHUT UP YOU FOOL, if we're quick we can sti...".


Gaunt had had enough, more importantly he hadn't eaten in what felt like years, one man fell to the floor, hole in head, the other paniced man ran, banging on the door, screaming in desperation towards the empty light of the hallways, "HELP!!! THE XENOMORPH!!, SHIT NO!!, PLEASE, SOMEONE FUCKING HELP ME!!!, HEL... AAAGGGHHHHH!!!".

Gaunt had started to feel much better now, the garbled electronic voice appeared again as he gorged on the twitching body of the researcher, 'XENOMORPH RESTRAINS AND CELL BLOCK LOCKS DISABLED, PREDATOR LIFESIGNS DETECTED, EVACUATION ADVISED'. Gaunt stopped gnawing on the now dead researchers, turning to think of the message that had just played. 'Hmmph, Preds, great well at least I wont get bored, I've been asleep for too long'.


Chapter 6, Not Cleansed:




"Nahhh I'm not gonna terminate myself, you dumb piece of shi ... Damb!, sir!! You're gonna wanna see this!!"

"Specimen Number 21 eh? Or 'Gaunt' as the marine boys called him .. uh it."

"Sir, orders?"

"What orders? Nothing happened as far as I'm concerned, as far as we're ALL! concerned. Understand?"

"Uh, sir yes sir!!"

"It's good that it was finally destroyed, Weyland Yutani has enough on it's plate already, any conflicts with a tracked Xenomorph were to be ignored. Gaunt had killed many and destroyed a significant amount of corperate assets, furthermore it ... ughhh shit! .. track its last location, send an advanced tactical team, clean up ALL evidence, complete purge now!! Understood!!?"

"Yes sir!"

"No mistakes. Remember when we captured that Xenomorph after it was confiscated years ago, while it was weak, while it was slowly regenerating even though it was no more than a skull and some bloody nerves. It's been on the brink of death once before .. no it won't die, it will learn and it will live". -The Commander Shuddered- "We had it comatosed in the now demolished research facility remember, for years it was dreaming but now it's awake ... make sure it's gone, make it dead!".



The crushed, shattered and agonized skull lay in the Hunters trophy room. A small trophy, an odd trophy, and a trophy that had yet to be cleaned properly. Already the redundant life support organ that clung to the inner bone of Gaunt's skull had collected random fragments of flesh as well as regenerated itself.

His nerves were being fired up again, renewed and replaced they were slowly being restored. The Hunter wasn't around, in a few undisturbed hours enough of Gaunt's form would be replenished, weak and easier to destroy but replenished.

As the nerves fired once again his slowly lost consciousness flickered back to strength, the cells of his flesh seemed animate once more. His mind, though badly damaged played back on his last trains of thought, his consciousness was being slowly restored.

Chapter 7, Field Test #2491:

"Is it ready? Is everything prepared?".

"Yes, everything is prepared, lets begin\".


A siren went off, the darkness was fading, his head was reformed, it twitched in motion.

He was reformed, yet again, his mind raced with the images, his memories.

"Gaunt, hah, why did we go through so much paper work and trouble for that!, that tiny, little specimen, we could grow hundreds more."

"We went through so much trouble for THAT! specimen because our home grown Xenomorphs wouldn't suffice, we need a subject that presents a true hostile threat to our artificial hive, though I doubt Gaunt will be much of a threat."

"The gate is open sir, all eleven of our control group are mobile."

"What is "Gaunt's" statues?"

"He ... uh, IT, just seems to be stationary, it's just lying there in the containment cell."

"Bring up camera one, lets have a look. I want to see what our T-series Xeno's do to it."

Warriors, Drones and even a Praetorian strafed towards the last and open cell, the cell which contained the foreign scent. They could already see him, his pheromones highlighting his form like an electric light, and of course, he could see them.

Gaunt lay coiled in his cell, as he was surrounded by the abominations, the artificial xenomorphs. As the drones moved in, observantly but not cautiously, they circled around him, of course he knew what they thought, what they had already decided.

Two of them charged directly at him, one from behind, one in front, he strafed to his left, and as he did pounded the nearest drone with a swipe from his tiny claws, dripping acidic blood down onto the metallic floor beneath them.

All charged at once and swarmed him, all flayed their tails and claws as they tried to rip him apart as he strafed underneath their legs.

Gaunt had no time for games. Sprinting past the drones and out of his cell he charged towards the Praetorian. As it swung its massive arms down to greet him he strafed once more, dodging to his right as they pounded and crushed the ground besides him.

Running up the retracting arm he met the Praetorian face to face, its inner jaw snapping out, intent on ripping his flesh. Grabbing it with his claws he was pulled inside the Praetorians mouth as it retracted, the drones came to a halt, the idle warriors watched with confusion.

The Praetorian screamed as its head burst, as Gaunt punched his way through its skin like it was paper. The drones and warriors charged towards him, evident of their Praetorians death.

"It can't win, surely, can it?".

"Astounding, look at its actions, its movements. I wonder if it's planning something?".

Jumping from the head of the Praetorian, pushing off with his tail, Gaunt landed on a charging warrior. As quickly as he had before he slivered down into its mouth. The other warriors and drones all looked to each other as the lone warrior flailed its arms and tail, trying to gag Gaunt up.

It stopped it frantic efforts, it went limp and then it exploded, spraying acid everywhere. The drones and warriors moved back as the Chestburster raised its head from the broken corpse of their ally, gleaming with acidic blood that drenched its skin.

Gaunt hissed as he charged a lowly drone, sprinting towards it he jumped onto its upper abdomen, its chest. His little claws digging into its skin he clambered up it body as it tried to claw him, trying to brush him free. Gaunt wrapped his tail around his victims neck, meeting its attacking claw with his own as he did, tightening his tail around its neck.

The drone shook its head as it hissed in despair, Gaunt grinned as he tighten his tail that was around its neck, his muscles creating a crushing grip. The drone cried out as it tried to free it claw from his, its neck collapsed with a dreadful crack and it shrieked as its head burst open, green acidic blood splattering in every direction.


"I don't believe it myself my friend.." The eyes of the doctor narrowed, his fingers traced almost nervously to the holster of his belt, stroking the latched barrel of a P99, the tests had taken an almost, unprecedented turn.

- Work in progress, to be finished later. - //- Last checked on: 3/1/17



To preserve the Hive, whatever the cost, whatever required.