Prey (Aliens Vs. Predator, Book 1)



Machiko Noguchi accepted the assignment of supervising the ranching colony on Ryushi as a challenge. Little did she know that not only would she have to run the colony she'd have to defend it with her life! First the carcass of a spider like alien is discovered. Then a rancher's family is massacred. Finally a creature unlike any ever seen before is brought to the colony medical center, near death. It soon becomes clear that not one but two strains of alien life have landed near the settlement of Prosperity Wells. One kind--beetle black with shells as hard as steel--have been spawned as the prey in a deadly hunt. The other kind--upright like humans but infinitely stronger and just as smart--are the Predators. Between them are the human colonists, unarmed and vulnerable. With the entire colony at risk, Machiko Noguchi must choose between death and survival--and may find her greatest ally in a Predator ready to kill her...


AVP book 1: Prey


Unlike the next 2 installments of this trilogy, of which the third is by far the words, this AVP captures the feel of the setting best.
It also show the humans in a sub position and the heroine has not yet become some stereotypical girlpoweresque and completely unbelievable character.
There is a good buildup, the story runs smoothly and is well written.
Though the human perspective is dominant, the Predators receive a good doze of perspective always as the male 'hero' is in fact a veteran Yautja.
The heroine and Predator are forced to team up which will lead to a climactic battle with an Alien Queen at the end of the book.
From start to finish, the books is a good read and both Predator and Alien fans will be satisfied.
The sequels however should be approached with extreme caution in my own opionion.
Book 2 is still pleasant to read but i'd only give it a 3/5 while book 3 manages to reach only 2,5.
Thus a potentially good series with a brilliant start evolved into a series focussing far too much on a single heroine than the Alien and Predator conflict let alone gave some spotlight to other humans.

This book kicked ass!


This book gave alot of perspective into the hunt. It showed how the predators regard humans, and aliens. They have to first hunt aliens before they can hunt humans. They consider humans more dangerous because we're 'the prey who shoot back.' But the book has a good story, strong characters/plot, and plenty of action. I couldn't stop reading it once I started!!!

Better then the Movies


Love this book they should of based the Entire movie on this book.

aliens vs predator: prey

steve perry

this book has everything that makes a great
story. it has action, suspense, drama and
and is so compelling and exciting you'll
find yourself at least once or twice going
tense and in a state of full concentration
during a few scenes! all the characters from
lead to cameo have a full personality and
all their actions are reflected by this.
it also offers a great detail into the
yautja blooding rituals threw the narrative
of one of the main protagonists dachande,
a powerful and honourable elder of the
predator hunters. overall it is an incredible
experience to all fans of alien, predator and
alien vs predator. an unregretable bargain
whatever the cost.

great book!


im 12 and this book rocked!!! but the languig...

this book rocks


this book is totaly awesome, well better than the sequels.

Great Book!


The book was great, I'm lgad Machiko survived sad that Dachande didn't. It was a great story though! Can't wait to get the next book!

Great Story


I was very pleased when I bought this book and read it. It was well written and straight to the point and very entertaining.