Bloody Sands of Time (Predator)



Good Read for Predator Fans


Hello all,

I thought I would come by and submit a post on this comic. This comic series was the first of the predator comics I had ever read or bought. And for someone who isnt a huge fan of comic (yet a fan of predator), this really got me into the predator fan I am today.

It is based upon soldiers telling a narrative story on what they encountered while on the battle fields. Through a particular fight between the french and the germans, soilders draw in an unlikely hunter. A predator out to collect a few trophies. It places the predator during world war 2, drawn to the bloody heated battles between enemies and shows that predators have been taking trophies and the like of hunting, during some of the most bloody wars of our human history. Its an original spin on the usual predator story and well worth the read. I enjoyed it greatly, and was quickly drawn to the predator comic series. The comics also gave me much more predator action that I loved, considering there are so few movies and also gave me a little history and information on just who and what the predator was.

Well worth a read to predator fans, as well as anyone wanting to get into comic reading of the predator franchise. Its a good starter read! I give this particular series a 5/5