Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Clawing my way through the mass of xeno's I finally found Predator of Hell unconsiencous and battered but alive. Reaching the surface and freeing myself and my fellow predator I roared to the other's "there's to many, we've got to pull back!" With that slowly but surely we began moving back, from the alien legions, only to back into even more. Completely surrounded we once again charged forward against any common sense, driven by a need to survive. "No matter what I will not let them die," I told myself once more starring at the others for a moment and then joining them in glorious combat.

predalien_64, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

as the battle intensified predalien 64, creped out of the hive then 64 heard donut scream predalien 64 ran towards her alone the way, i came across a humans corps, I snacked on him for a minute. Then I headed to donut a few miles away I find donut barely alive there was nothing I could do, I let out a monstrous RRRRRRRRR. 5 min later, deep with in the forest hiding in the brush I crept closer to something hoping to surprise it, my lips quivered drool ran down my chin in anticipation of a kill. It looked distracted…


Predalien of the Shadow Serpents

Skystalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Skystalker sees and hears massive explosions in the distance he gets closer to them and the scent of blood fills the air human, alien, predator it was all the same. Predators were holding their own against many other aliens many predators were fighting other predators.Skystalker looked around the chaos to see if he would recognize any of his clan members. He managed to see some in the chaos he also recognized some clan balatu members. "why are they here...?" he thought to himself as he watched. Using his plasma caster he managed to pick off some smaller aliens but he managed to miss one which sensed him and started to barrel towards him. Skystalker didnt even panick. He took out his spear and impaled the alien through the head with a swift move. He then jumped down from his hiding place and tore spear out of its head. Skystalker roared looking for a fight among the chaos.

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black_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

i wondered what P R E D A T O R was doing but i didnt say anything i figured that the elder knew what he was doing. i spin around 180 degrees behind PREDATOR and see nothing through my vision modes. I extended my wristblades and grabbed a shuriken in my hand and waited. Maybe it was cory? no he wouldnt take on a elder and possibly the rest of the clan would he? only if he was drunk or......................A BAD BLOOD!!!!!!!
i knew that something was wrong when i saw that red glow in his eyes back at the waterfall.
I told the unbloods to stay back and wait while i waited for PREDATOR to do something. Then i heard a rustling in some bushes, i flinged my shuriken at it and waited, a frog jumped out as the shuriken came back to my hand. But PREDATOR didnt even flinch. now i knew something was up. I called blade hunter to gaurd the rest of the clan and show no mercy

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Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Listening to both of their stories, I look around getting an odd feeling of being watched, bending down looking at the dead dark meat, a little irritated that it couldnt of been my kill. Thinking watching the other clan mates, wondering...rubbing the skull again, things are becoming very odd...activiating my wrist computer shuting down my heat suit, for there was no need of it here. Scanning the area again, pulling another strange bottle, drinking it and placing my mask on again, walking around a bit, taking a compi stick out with a loud "Sling" sound it expands to its full size.


black_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

As i am about to Go to P R E D A T O R and tell him about predatoress i see her standing near a dead xeno i wondered in a pool of acid and pred blood.i asked if the xeno was hers but predatoress said it was cory's. I took her back to the place where doc and the others were gaurding her in case cory returned. Then i saw P R E D A T O R and predatoress told him what happened.
I went back and saw Doc, stalker and solo were still fighting the xeno. I wondered who it could be but it couldnt be dave he would be gaurding the queen. Well we must wait.
(doc can you post on the xeno fight it is getting kinda long and i want tohear what happens)

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FrozenAlien, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

I opened my eyes again.. and took one last look around me.. I tried to live.. but all of my strentgh just seemed to disappear.. I didn't no how long this would happen.. maybe forever... but with the last of it, I blacked out.

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cystic_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Cystic had omly a glimmer of strenght left as he pulled himself off the spear and dragged his body into a tunnel. I tummled down and was cuaght into vines of oozing muck in the walls here i was safe and needed to get my strenght back. I fell into an unconsious state and felt as if the i was regrowing my limbs but only time would heal me as i began once again a long slumber to fight another day. I stayed out of sight as i sensed another pred in the Hive but he was well away from me and could not get me for now. So i rested.

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Stalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Stalker ran down the resin covered tunnel of the hive, back to aid predess. She was lying on the ground, her legs trapped underneath a large boulder. She was in pain. Stalker rushed over to her, & kneeled by her side. It pained him, but he knew what must be done. The xenomorph spawn inside her writhed & struggled. Predess began spurting up blood. Stalker roared with fury & anger, his blood sister was doomed, one of his closest brethren. Stalkers mighty roars of pure rage echoed, the hunter was furious.

He knew what must be done, predess knew it too. It pained Stalker that it had to end this way. Suddenly, a hand grasped Stalkers shoulder, he knew who it was. Stalker turned to see the doctor, staring into his eyes. The two warriors bowed their heads as a sign of respect to their fellow hunter. Predess managed a grin, then shrieked as the chestburster within began gnawing at her innadrs, attempting to escape from her body. "We must go, NOW" the doctor exclaimed to Stalker as their dropship moved in on their signal, they hoped their other clanmates would make it back in time.....


Stalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Almost as soon as Stalker had been revived by his clan brother, he was fighting for his life against this metallic blue beast. Stalker grabbed the huge creature by it's elongated head, &, using his brute strength, tossed Katam through the air & sent him hurtling into a tree. Turning around, Stalker saw the fallen body of his clan brother, otang had died with honour. Stalker nodded his head as a sign of respect, he had also recieved communications telling of blade hunters demise at the claws of the xenomorphs. It pained Stalker to see these youngbloods taken so prematurely, but at least they died fighting.

Turning back to Katam, Stalker quickly dodged to the side as Katam's massive tail swiped at his head. Grabbing the flailing tail, Stalker pulled the beast towards him & delivered a thundering uppercut to Katam's exoskeletal ribcage, the sound of cracking chitchin could be heard as three of Katam's ribs buckled under the mighty power of Stalker's blow. Katam screeched in pain, swiping with his talons, he went for the hunters throat.....


predatoress, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Predatoress watches the situation a bit separated in a tree. Bloodshedding everywhere; explosions, screaming and growling. The jungle had gone mad, the ground has been spilled with blood of three totally different creatures. Yes, it's a hidden war what had been fought through millenniums.

The humans have almost lost their battle, many yautjas have fallen. Some of her clan mates were in the cave, fighting against these creatures who just breed every second taking lives from others. The black death - these three words got totally new meaning when she thought the serpents.

She jumped down with a silent thud. It's her time to start to fight. To stop this madness - or to die. It's all about the hunt, and the hunters should be controlling the situation.

She straightens up, streching her muscles. She knew she would have to be cool no matter what happens. There's no place to crack again.

She cloaked herself starting to move towards the cave of hive where her leader and some other clan mates went in. They told us unbloods to stay back but we came here to kill, to earn the mark. And she just couldn't stay back anymore.

She was careful moving in the jungle - it hides a lot of dangers in.

Sudden hiss from her right side. Her blood almost froze but her reflexes were still aware. Turning towards, lenghtening her wristblades she was ready to meet the opponent. With a growl she rised her blades in the air - and all she sees was just this giant snake slithering around a tree licking the air to get scents.

Predatoress were almost to burst in laughter. The faith didn't have the lack of irony. But the faith had bigger irony she tought.

The power of her cloaking were losing and she turned herself to visible. As checking her wristcomp to get data from the others' positions her awereness got a bit loosen. The black death was lurking in a tree behind her back. With grinning, almost smiling dropping clear drool he watches her, easy prey to a full grown drone. He could smell her wound, the fresh blood, and it fascinated him like it does to every bloodthirsty beasts.

As he jumped from the tree straightening his almost insect like arms ready to tear her flesh apart and opening his mouth the snake rises his head with quick movement looking at the closening beast with his narrow eyes. With enormous reflexes, what humans don't have, predatoress turns around. The drone hit her with his full body force with letting out unnatural screech and at the same time predatoress tosses her blades deep into the xeno's chest impaling him. A spurt of acidic blood spills to the jungle ground and on her armor as falling with the beast to the jungle ground. But behind the greeness they fell the ground werent there but they kept on falling in darkness. The opponents got separated in the mid air.

A heavy thump and her consciousness was knocked out.

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predalien_64, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Predalien 64 body was coursing with pain, but the hardy xeno held his own. After giving chase of Otang, he felt like his limbs as if nails dived in to his flesh every time they moved. 64 was walking a line between life and death. 64 then ran with ace and thy both leaped at Otang, throwing him backwards Otang, 64 made another charge I landed on him he took hi wrist blades and drove it into 64’s left shoulder predalien 64 let out a ear-shaking scream AAAAAAAAAAA, he took his other arm slashing Otang across his belly. Otang stuck 64 leg yet another scream 64 made ready his second mouth knowing this to be his only shot, he thought to himself "i wont let the any intruder escape alive" then 64 fired it's second mouth

Predalien of the Shadow Serpents

Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

hey! what happened to me?lol i'll just pretend i was stunned and help skystlker..)

Skystalker and otang went into a staredown but suddenly pred of hell came concius and saw otang and Skystalker.Already seeing that P R E D A T O R was already taken for a battle he rushed over to otang and skystalker seeing that otang's kneecap was injured to 2 predators rushed to take him down.First pred of hell tripped otand to the ground trying to imobalize him.But otang got up and threw pred of hell into the wall.skystalker tried to get him with his wristblades but missed and just barely got him and a quick knee to sky's chest sent him flying.Predator of hell recovered jumed on otang's back trying a behind kill.Pred of hell used his wristblades and they went straight through otang's arm.Otang was still able yo get pred of hell off his back.

Skystalker then emerged out of the bloom and punched otang in the chest and otang answered with a blow to the gut.back with the others decon made a move kicking Mavrick in the chest and into P R E D A T O R.The 2 balatu members were furious. but where out numbered....Then pred of hell left the battle and helped the others taking down the balatu clan.

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Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Predator of hell was walking back to the hive and looking 4 any batle and soon found the balatu members trying to take down the queen and started to watch on how they were were fighting and found otang jus staring blightly into space just wathing his fellow clan mates.....Then he saw the queen shake all of them of and attacked doc,doc doged it and then the queen was on a rampage and was giving trouble to the balatu memebers.otang then acted quickly!And pred of hell just stood there and watched

Predators RULE!

black_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

As i am watching the fight i see that the balatu elders/warriors are winning. But i dont see predatoress. i switch my vision modes and zoom in. i cant see her anywhere. "I better warn P R E D A T O R" i thought
sorry i didnt type so much i didnt have time to edit it cory already posted

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ghola88, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

oi im not done with you yet!!!!!!!!!! ghola88 grabbed predaliens kneck. sry man this guy has to die. He pulled PA64 away from otang and put a cerimonial knife i to its kneck this is fo the trouble you caused me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He pulled out 64's head. blood splattered on the floor. Anotther trophy!!!!!!!!! he looked at the bewildered otang. here take this, its some anti human weapon i promised your clan as he took ot a speargut loaded with darts filled with alien acid with mixed antrax. Astalavista as ghola ran away in search for other more challenging prey.... like dave.

mterrance, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Mterrance launched himself at the charging hard meats. Crushing ones head with his combi stick as he put all of his might into the blow. Another he planted his wrist blades deep into it's lower jaw. Swift and decon followed attacking with a fiericeness that even made the hard meats pause in doubt of their own attack. Mterrance pulled back what was left of his wrist blades as the acid ate away the blades. The creature threw him to the ground slamming it tails into the ground where his head had just been. He kicked hard sending the hard meat into a tree. Mterrance jumped up and rammed tackling the creature breaking the hard meat back along with the tree. As he turned he saw decon smash dave head into the ground, he rushed over and kick dave with all his might sending him flying.

celtic102, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

The Predalien jumps from the tree and lands on celtic warrior. Cw roars, the predalien screeches and rips his armour off with its mouth. Cw kiked it off and the armour loged in its mouth and it spat it out and it hit celtic warrior in the leg an dit impaled him and he tried to move but the armour was sharp and it had snaped right through his leg but he couldnt move from it because it was half in his bone. He could either stay there till he dies or chop his own leg off so he will live.

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Voltage-3000, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

after I was knocked out I saw a blood trail lead into the hive I followed it and found blade hunter dead and there were aliens in ther ebut I managed to fight them off I was still a
little dizzy but I was still able to walk.I couldn't get my trophy cause I didn't kill anyone and blade hunter was all ready dead.
I was going to blow the hive up but my nuke was damaged and I had tools to fix it but before I started to fix it I tried to contact some of the others from hunters moon but there was no one.So now I'm on my own for now.I then started fixing the nuke.there were no sounds but roars, gun shots, and me on the battle field its music.I was almost done repairing the nuke then I heard some hissing in front of me was alien about to attack.It leaped at me and I
jumped forward and kicked it to the ground
and I sliced its head off.I got back to what I was doing......."finished".the nuke was now done and was working properly.I went deeper into the
hive and I was looking for the core of the hive
and I was hoping to plant the bomb there and nuke this place.

Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

(Cystic ya know Voltage has attacked us too)

The combined attacks of Voltage and Cystic were becoming too much for me but I refused to die with out taking them with me. I bit as hard into Voltages foot as I could and was rewarded with the satisfying sound of his ankle breaking. Free from his grasp I continued my assault on the wounded Cystic by swinging my combistick into his chest rupturing his diaphram. Taking his chance as I knew he would Voltage attacked me from behind attempting to severe my spine, luckily for me I saw it coming and spun around colliding my knee with his jaw and dislocated. I was thinking clear enough to realize I could not kill him in my weakened state. So I simply faked an attack on Cystic only to smash my elbow into Voltages forehead knocking him out, for now. "Congrats, you've got my full attention!" I told the enraged Cystic. He growled back at me in his alien tongue, "That's the way I like it!" As he uttered these words I jumped into action. I had no more time for games, with all my injuries I would soon die, so I had to make this quick if my clan mates were to survive. My final attack was devastating and desicive. It began by hitting Cystic in the neck stunning him long enough for me to finally make my kill. Which I did by ripping his dome assunder. However he left me with a gruesome surprise, namely my intestine in his hand.
With the last of my strength I dragged myself into the queen's chamber and praying that the queen's mental link with her children and her vocal cords were intact I drove my blades into her brain. My final piece of luck was this, her cords let out an earthshattering screech calling her children to help her. My plan worked for soon every one of her babies was in the chamber with me, and away from my clan. However my plan to use a nearby fallen predator's nuke failed when I discovered it was destroyed! Oh well I sighed hoping doc and the other's could destroy the Hive from outside while the aliens proceeded to tear my to pieces.