black_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

As i think about my friend blade hunter going down with that xeno i roar and begin punching and shooting my plasma caster at the rubble blowing it to pieces. by the time i had noticed my hands were soaked with glowing blood. I yelled at P R E D A T O R to come over and look. I coud hear the battle between stalker and doc and the other aliens far off. I looked down at the hole where blade hunter had fallen i shot my plasma caster down and saw nets.......blade hunter must be alive. so i cloaked and turned on my xeno vision and jumped down. unknowing of what might await me down there.
(sorry blade hunter but i just gotta find out what your doing)

The hot air and conflict bring us.....ahhhhhhhh........*Home Sweet Home*

predalien_64, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Later 64 wakes up surprised he is still alive. The alien manage to get to his feet with one arm action and one wounded. The smell of blood was everywhere, HHHHHHIIISSSSS clinching his fist 64 vows to get sky back thou he dose owe him gratitude for the him sparing “we will finis this†on that note 64 head back towards the hive. Suddenly 64 gets a word that the queen is under attack, “they will pay with bloodâ€Â. Running tough the forest dodging trees and jumping over rocks 64 rampages (pay no one gets in his way) dead human body riddled the forest floor, as I entered the hive. It looked naked there wasn’t any allies I could see or hear “I hope there alive†as I approached the queen’s lair I stopped felling like something was wrong…

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Predalien of the Shadow Serpents

Celtic_Warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago


c.w was traveling through the woods, and he felt a chill go down his spine, like a 7th sence, he knew somthing was near, he knew cystic was near. he wouldnt show any mercy this time, he would'nt flee on anyones behalf. this would be a fight to the death. the drew his weapons. and waited in the dark for his prey. cystic was going down (lol).

he was unseen for hours by anything, but he didnt move an inch. he would wait days, even weeks when he found a target. he watched the forest, a place he knew so well now, watching everything that moved. then he saw it. he saw cystic...............


Kidd, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Kidd stopped fireing his Pulse Rifle and turned back to see Red's team members moving Death out of the hotzone. "How is he Red?!" Kidd yelled, then he felt something that was not right, he heard human voices close to him but no one in their teams was talking exept for the men that were telling Death to stay awake.

Kidd whistles to Red and asks him, "Red, did you hear that sound because, if you didn't, something is out here making me believe that there is." Kidd got his men ready to search the area, but Death barked out an order to stay together. Kidd follows Death's order and set his men in defensive positions and covers Red that is still working on Death.

Look around each corner before you move because the chances are, you are not gonna make it.

kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

decon was still on the metal tower that he had found deep within the forest. but then decon saw something a mearian a wounded mearian the mearian had a spear right through his leg decon could tell this spear belonged to a pred so decon knew that he could not kill the human has he was some eles prey.

decon carried on through the forest and there what he saw was the thing he had been sent to hunt a xeno. the xeno saw decon but decon ran and the xeno went after him decon knew that he could not fight the xeno until he had got to a clearing. the chase went on for a bit decon was jumping from tree to tree and so was the xeno.
but there decon saw the clearing it was in front of him. decon got to the clearing but the xeno had gone so decon was on guard decon saw the forest tops moving something was coming....


hunter of the shadows

Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Mavrick and otang decide to scout out ahed to locate an alternat entrance to the next hive then send what info they find back to the rest of the hunting party. The to wariors simaltaniosly cloce and take to the trees using thermal vision to ceep tabs on eachothers position they movee in short bursts 1 after the other. silantly racing through the trees. after an indeterminat amount of time they come acros a small cleering before a huge dead tree. Otang notaces fresh track marcs bothe leaving and entering a large hole at the bace of the tree.

Otang begins to move towards the tree when mavrick holds her hand out and stops him then slowly points to a small brace in some neer buy undergroth. the boosh is rusaling slowly the rusaling stedaly becomes more notacable then a singal alien dreging an unconchas deer emerges from the boosh heding towards the tree.

Mavrick gracefaly drops out of the tree behind the alien she decloces and the alien terns to face her just intime to see her combistick cuthing through the air. some how the alien manages to duck the combistic. whilst the combistick is swung to Mavricks ofside the alien takes the opertunaty and uses its second jaw . the jaw springs out of the aliens mouth and imbests itself deep into Mavricks thay. then out of nowair a second alien leeps onto maverick nocing her to the ground. Otang sees his felow warior knoced to the ground and leeps from the tree landing beside the alien the pounsed . he grabs the alien under the chun just as its about to use its iner jaw to bite mavrick. otang forses the aliens mouth shut whilst the iner jaw is in motion . the small jaw springs through the aliens teeth also tairing abal porshan of its face on otang drops the alien to the floor and it flails wildly. whils Mavrick resals the other alien to the ground and proseeds to decapotate it with her wrist blades. Otang helps his comraid to her feet and the 2 wariors tern to face the hole in the tree and are shoced to be confrunted buy 7 aliens.


xeno_slayer, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

slayer cloaked. he knew what he had to do he knew his priorities and he wouldent mess up.
the day was hot the sun beat down on him as he walked with his hunter's moon squad.
they were heading to a massive hive aperently one of the last ones on earth.
the day was perfect for a hunt and a hunt there would be...


the_doctor, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

the doctor moved with percission leaping from tree to tree with ease. the forest was lush with plant life, green covered everything.
the clan wa starting to come together despite the large distances between the landings
he stops in one branch and scans around searching for life. he switches visions one by one, nothing. in his mind he goes over the situation they will soon be in preparing himself. deep in the back of his mind a sort of hope lingers, hope that K20 will come once again to fight for honor, to fight for blood.

are you predator or prey?


kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

decon jumps from tree to tree searching his suroundings he saw a mearian but did not attack him yet he jumped to another tree but this tree looked diffrent some how. it was green and big and tall but it felt diffrent it felt metal he knew that the humans had something to do with it.


hunter of the shadows

Celtic_Warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

hunter's moon were in there mother ship, sending pod after pod of preds to earth. c.w got in the pod and blasted off. the pods nearer the earths surface, down, down and smash, the pods crashed into the earth, pred after pred poured out of the pods weapons ready. c.w got out andsmelt the air, he then met up with his group


kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

when decons pod landed he stepped out and looked at his strange new suroundings he then bourght his mind back on focuse. he scaned for life he saw nothing he then ran into the jungle
followed bye some of his teammates


hunter of the shadows

kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

decon saw the shape of something in the trees he did not know if it was xeno pred or human but he had just remembered about the xeno that had just chased him to the clearing just at that moement the thing had stopped moving decon just had time to realise it was a xeno....


hunter of the shadows

mterrance, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Seeing the hatching face huggers jump towards Decon, Mterrance threw his two shuriken slicing them apart in mid air. The death of her children pulled the queens attention upon mterrance. As he caught is shurkien he barely had time to leap over her massive tail, but he was not quick enough to dodge her claw. The blow sent he sailing over decon into the chamber wall. Windless and trying to focus, he stood as fast as he could. readying his spear as the queen roared from pain. It was swift spear ( your go swift spear)


AVPFREAK, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Two horrific obscenities and two noble warriors squared off against each other, preparing for a furious brawl. Avpfreak knew that the meat of these warriors, the species of his host in fact, was SWEET. He longed for it, and it was easy to see that Drone-Warrior did too. Avpfreak would get to taste Stalker's flesh no matter what. These two demonic extra-terrestrials bellowed at each other in rage and excitement. The wound on the hybrid's neck inflicted by Stalker was painful, and this drove his rage even further. The monsters raced for each other and hit with a force that sent them both reeling backwards. As sparks flew from Stalker's armor, the hybrid Avpfreak lashed his tail out. Stalker dodged quickly, for he was an agile hunter. Three dots appeared on Avpfreak's head, signaling the near death of this powerful xeno. But he thought fast. Its mighty tail smacked Stalker's shoulder cannon of its mount. In blind fury, Stalker rushed for the huge monster as it jumped high in the air. In a midair style of acrobatics, Avpfreak pushed Stalker to the ground by the back of his head with his maniacal hands. Stalker quickly rose, only to be tripped by his combatant's tail. Avpfreak jumped atop Stalker, ready to apply the killing blow when the predator creature violently kicked him into the air, his second set of jnapping at the air before Stalker's metal faceplate. Avpfreak crashed into the ground but recovered to his feet quickly. Stalker rose, and the otherworldly creatures were back to square one. They were clearly near equal in strength and cunning. Lying next to Avpfreak was Stalker's fallen plasma caster. Avpfreak lifted it in his jaws and crushed it in glee.


~For centuries, human beings have worshipped these beasts as gods, beasts that will forever haunt us, beasts waging an eternal war.....~

Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

As my drop pod fell to the earth, Slamming hard into the ground, I could feel the great excitment of the begaining of the hunt as I had felt many times before, the pod door slowly opened, Climbing out a little weary of the fall to earth, stepping out of the pod, and switching through vision modes quickly, looking around at the deep forests, oh this was a good hunting ground, hot and humid, this was going to be a promsing hunt, I could feel it in my bones, with a swift movment I leap onto a large tree branch, cloaking myself and moving through the trees like some crazy demon the natives always talk about....

Stalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

The hunt had begun. The mighty warriors of balatu were ready to shed the blood of their prey. Stalker's drop pod slammed into the ground next to the doctors, cracking the ground seemingly in two. Their fellow hunters followed. The pod, now buried halfway into the forest floor, began to open. The hatch spread open & out stepped a menacing figure, the figure of the mighty extended blade of Balatu. Stalker stood on the torn apart ground which had been destroyed by his fierce impact, the seemingly searing humidity of the rainforest, too harsh for most creatures, provided welcoming conditions for the hunt. Stalker glanced over at the doctor & approached his elder, "The hunt begins, for blood, for honour". the doctor nodded "The unbloods have been waiting for this moment, & they shall triumph" The mighty war cry's of the clan of hunters echoed around the land as the hunt began.

The sun was setting in the rainforest, the clan of hunters slunk into the jungle, their cloaking field generators blending them in seamlessly with the trees & foliage. Stalker moved through the treetops with effortless grace, scouring the land as he traversed the environment, his clanmates moving close, but keeping some distance, branching themselves out so they would be harder to track, the hunt was on.....


kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

decon then stabbed the warrior in the head killing it stright away he then turned his atention to the xeno c worrior. c worrior ran at decon and decon stabbed him in the leg.

c worrior punched decon in the face brakeing his mask. his mask fell off reveling a face with four tusks.

decon roared at the xeno and pulled out his wrist blades from its leg and stabbed then in the other one. c worrior then stabbed decon in the back with his tail...(c.worrior no more short post i got done for that.)

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xeno_slayer, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

"alright skystalker we're coming i'll be there an a few minutes" slayer says over his comlink
he finishes pollishing RM's skull and clips it to his belt
then he retrives his smart disc from where it stuck in a tree during his fight with red machene.
"alright evryone were moving out were going to meet up with skystalker and find cw and the rest of our clan"
or whats left of them he thought to himself
slayer cloaked and the rest of his team followed
they set off into the jungle after skystalker

slayer opeaned up his comlink with skystalker again
"so how ya doin and more inportantly hows ur trophy sack lookin???"slayer says
"well i was just in a fight with predalien 64 but we seperated. im planing to finish him off when i get the chance"
"good i'll help u. i killed a marine with the name red machene on his pulse rifle and i got a predalien erlier as well."
slayer closed his comlink and continued into the jungle


Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

cory found a lone marine,he planing to seperate him from the team.he confused them with his vocal mimicry,playing back convos that the marines had..

one marine stood out with his rifle.cory jumped down and scooped him from his feet and droped him to the floor.he ran to the oposite side and climbed a tree.

bullets struck everywhere.cory began to laugh,his eyes turned red once more.he glared at the marines.cory knew his wave of hunters would get cought up with the detracked marines.cory climbed up the higher levels of the forest.he circled the marines.

~Hunt for Honor,Hunt for Glory,Hunt for the Moon~

FrozenAlien, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Coming out of the Jungle.. I saw 2 of them... They seemed tired..

I hissed , they looked around. I came out of the darkness of the jungle and slowly slid out. I saw them... One of them throwing Donut around. I learned by listening to them talk, that the one who threw Donut was named "Swift Spear". As He ducked and laughed at Donut again, I leaped out and Stabbed him in his left arm and scratched the front of his Bio-Mask with my tail. I jumped off right as he hit the floor. He got up and roared at me, and I did the same. I saw Dnut get up. I climbed onto a tree and jumped at Swift Spear again but missed this time and landed at the trunk of a tree. I came to Donut and threw he out of the way of a plasma bolt, but got hit in the tail.

I fell on the ground with a little acid coming out of the tip of my tail's blade where I was hit, and I stuck it in the Yautja's wound. He roared again but this time he pushed me away. Then I heard another.. stronger Xenomorph's Roar..

~Another female on Da Site~
~Kainde Amedha of The Hive~