xeno_slayer, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

slayer walked on and as he did it grew darker he was in a group of six with five hunter's moon unbloods they had been instructedto follow a pre-designated trail to a rondevouz point with a few other hunter's moon members
"wont be far now" slayer says

somewhere a yautja howels
death was creeping across the jungle and the moon was almost up


Stalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

(guys, pls at least give dave a chance to respond to ur challenge, it is just cheap to fight someone in that way)

The fued between the two mighty clans had eased off. They were back on the same page. Stalker raced through the jungle, alongside the doctor, as they broke away from the Hunters Moon members, to search for the last remaining hive. Xenomorphs could be heard in a vicious battle with Hunters Moon not far away. The humans had been completely exterminated from this hunt, Stalker wasn't bothered with this, the mighty black killing machines known as hard meat to his kind were by far the most rewarding hunt for him. Balatu raced through the jungle, leaping from tree to tree. Then, there was silence, something was coming.....

Stalker could feel it, the doctor could feel it, the whole clan could sense it..... something big. Stalker cycled to his EM vision, scanning the jungle ahead. Stalker zoomed in, scouting the area, he could see what looked like the entrance to the second hive, but that wasn't his worry, he knew something big was coming, & he could feel what it was, he had encountered one of these beasts before. Suddenly, the ground shook, trees were smashed to the ground, The clan readyed their weapons, then all of a sudden, a huge black object came hurtling forth, sending Stalker, the doctor & PREDATOR flying. Gathering themselves, they looked up, it was a queen, the matriach of the xenomorph species. Hunters Moon had finished off the other hive's queen, but this one was alive, & extremely angry. The massive beast charged at the battle ready warriors of the Balatu clan..... (no members attack me until I return, I'll be gone for a few days)


xeno_slayer, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

(celtic 102 killed cw btw)
slayer slashes an on coming alien in the face it falls over
then he stabs another one with his sword
and another with his wristblades
he needed to get out of the hive he was being overrun
he starts to clear a path to the entrance
skystalker was alredy there with two of the newbloods
"this is all thats left of ur team"skystalker says
"so be it.I must find someone in the jungle hope we meet again"
slayer puts away his swords and dissapears into the tunnel"
no offense celtic102 but i think what u did to cw was unfair u had ur legs cut off and still u managed to get to a cliff???
he is ur fellow clanmember and still u killed him?


daveberg, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

*Carnage. Nothing but carnage lay in front of the collosal beast that clawed it's way through the dense jungle. Gracefully bounding from tree to tree, whipping it's chitinous tail behind him - daveberg surveyed the damage of what appeared to be the beginings of a large attack.

Strings of warm drool oozed from the mighty aliens mouth as the alpha alien bared his steely white fangs at the site of xenomorph remains below. Those were mere drones though, the back beast assured himself that his warrior aliens from his pack would fair much greater against this threat.

But it was not just one threat today. The marnies had come for the HIVE before and failed. Daveberg had led a pack of blood hungry warrior aliens to slaughter the previous squad, but this time, the new squad had arrived with more firepower, and more confidence than the last team.

Looking at the charred mid section of a fallen drone, the alpha alien cocked his head to one side, the tell tale signs of another intervention were clearly visable. Indented grooves slashed across the body of the drone showed that it wasn't a marine who bested this creature, it was a predator......

Daveberg extended onto his back legs and let out a blood curdling hiss, it was time for the HIVE to eliminate the unwelcome guests.......*

darkness of acheron

Celtic_Warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

c.w meets with p. of hell at the lake. there they make a small plan and clean their trophies. c.w's scar going down his face was slashed open again, so he did what he could to heal it for the time being. as they rested under a pile of logs over a sort of trench thing, they healed thir wounds and fixed their damwged eqipment. c.w needed to use his spare bio-helmet he kept handy, due to the fact his previous celtic mask was useless. they both decided to go their seperate ways (he's off 4 a while so dont desturb him) and hunt some xenos. they make a shelter to come back to later in the hunt if they needed to.


kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

as c.warrior got back up he was trapped between decon and swift spear he didnt know who to attack first so he tried to run but decon had got there all ready and blocked his path he turned and tried to the other way swift then blocked his path then both swift and decon closed in on him he tried to stab decon with his tail blade but decon caught it in his hand and swung him in to a tree crack c.warrior hit the and as he hit the tree snapped in half and c.warrior was trapped beneath it. he tried to push the tree off him but to no avail. his head was in a posistion for a kill. so decon and swift readyed there spears. suddenly c.warrior called up the srenght to push the tree off him after he had done this he made a beeline for swift spear.(there u have still killed metrrance but now swift is going to kill u)
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Skystalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Skystalker roared as he bled onto the ground massive amounts of blood from his hand. with his remaining good hand he took out his other shruykin and threw it through the air at PA64 and it almost managed to dodge it but got its tail blade cut off in the process. The blade spun back around in midair and PA64 did not sense it. It spun and sliced off PA64's arm and returned to skystalker who caught it and sheathed it. "Forgot it comes both ways, huh?" skystalker mocked the large xeno standing in front of him. The enraged alien jumped at him and managed to reopen the large gash, with his claw, skystalker had in his leg. Skystalker falls to the ground and slowly r himself to his feet. Skystalkers wounds are not as serious as PA64's but he is starting to get dizzy from the major bloodloss "better finish this quick so i can heal myself..." he thinks to himself. THe alien now also getting weaker from the bloodloss is starting to slow down noticibly. Skystalker takes out his spear and prepares to finish the fight...

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The Demon Who Makes Trophies of man.

predatoress, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Looking at the finger just seeing only the heat of blood coming out she thought what the hell is this. The cut was sore but without a doubt it wouldn't be anything she would experience. The sting just made her feel being more alive, but still she hoped she could [email protected] the blood off. But taking the mask off would put her into a vulnerable position. But she knew as well that the smell of fresh blood could attract wild beasts - and the worst of them was the black demon they were after.

She shook the blood off wiping the rest of it to a leaf. It would be a trace left behind but she couldn't take the change smelling so clearly of blood. Leaving a red, glowing mark behind she caught up the group. Thoughts just bounced in her head and feeling the rush of adrenalin in her veins made her a bit dizzy but still it felt good.

Maybe the excitement would be too much to her to handle? She shook her head clearing her thoughts. "Naah, I've killed men before, why this would be any different?" She thought by herself. "But what the hell I was thinking when I killed the yautja?! Ah man, this jungle is making me nuts... Lets just say I cut his suffering... Yeah, he would've died anyway."

The mind of a hybrid can be a bit unstable sometimes...

Predatoress straightens up from her thoughts looking the tension of the group. She winces, turning around scanning the environment. Looking the trees. Nothing. Absolutely nothing - even the jungle was quiet. She rises her right hand on her chest making her hand into a fist. Squinting and observing the jungle she felt odd. Something was screaming deep inside of her mind.

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the_doctor, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

the doctor roared at the prey infront of him. he grabs two shurikens in his hands and gets into his fighting stance. the drone leaps toppeling the the doctor to the hive floor its talons drawing blood from the elder's torso, its lips twitch ready to unleash its inner jaw on the doctor's skull. but the fight was far from over, the doctor swings one of his shruikens into the creatures jaw. the doctor quickly lets out a kick with both feet sending the creature hurtiling through the hive. the doctor leaps back to his feet as does drone-warrior who opens its mouth to shriek, finding its inner jaw almost severed making it useless.

are you predator or prey?


Celtic_Warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

(your going down celtic/alien player.lol)

c.w grabbed the predaliens tail and unhooked it from his leg. he hit it in it's face. he then fell to the floor and pulled out his spear. "you came out of celtic you monster!!" c.w roared at the predalien as he ran at it. as he got about 2 feet away from it, the predalien swung it's tail, c.w saw this coming and jumped grabbing some excreated resident stuff on the roof and kicked it in the face knocking it down. the predalien roared. "shut up!!" c.w said as he went up to it and stabbed it in the stomach with his spear. the predalien yelped and pushed c.w away. it then snapped c.w's spear. c.w saw this and was ticked, he pulled off his mask, showing his scars from his previous sucsesful hunts, and the long one from earlier in his life, and launched himself at it, super extended wristbldes first.


Ace, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

I see PD64 on OTANG about to fire his second jaw. OTANG sends PD64 flying backward now i jump on him i grab my wound on my neck put and press it on OTANG's mask. I hear the sizzle of metal temporarly blinding OTANG. I i stab him in the shoulder with my tail and i trow PD64 OTANG's combi stick. PD64 looks at me confused destroy it some how i screech. Me and OTANG continue to fight.


FrozenAlien, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

I woke Up.. The only thing I remembered before falling asleep was being hit by a Plasma-bolt. I looked around.. nothing as usual. I was confused at that moment, what happened? How long was I asleep? I began to look around for Donut or any sign of any other Xenomorph. I found a sign that there were a few near here a few hours ago. I follwoed the trail they left, but it ended in at the Hive's entrance, where I started. I looked at it again, and I heard a cackling noise. I scanned the area I was in, and I saw a Shadow-like being jumping from one tree to another. I hissed at it and A Plasma Bolt shot out.
I dodged it but another was fired and barely hit me in the tail. I roared/screamed and jumped at the shadow. It jumped somewhere else and I bumped into the tree. Everything was darker when I got up, then back to normal. I looked around again and something pushed me back right as I turned left towards it. I heard the sound of metal sliding out of something, and I stabbed something with my tail. Green blood was dripping from my blade, but when I turned back nothing was there anymore.. or so I thought.. I climbed onto a tree and roared something loudly into the sky hoping another Xenomorph would hear me....

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Stalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Stalker & the doctor were trapped, trapped with the xenos, they would have to fight their way out, they wouldn't have it any other way.
Now without his primary weapon destroyed & his wristblades melted & smouldering, Stalker had the odds stacked against him. But he liked a challenge. AVPFREAK let out a blood curdling shriek & leaped at the warrior, Stalker charged & grabbed the huge beast by the throat midair. Attempts to strangle this creature would be useless as they needed no oxygen to survive. AVPFREAK struggled in Stalkers mighty grip, thrashing with his tail & swiping with his huge claws, grazing Stalkers armour. Letting out a mighty war cry, the ferocious hunter tossed the vicious beast to the ground.

AVPFREAK reeled, his head raising as he regained himself, he struck out with his razor sharp tail, attempting to impale Stalker with it's deadly bladed tip, Stalker reacted quickly, dodging to the side he grabbed AVPFREAK's tail & pulled out his ceremonial dagger, driving it deep into the tail of the beast, severing it clean off. Acidic blood flowed from the wound, quickly reducing Stalkers dagger to a smoldering stump in his hand, the battle raged on.....


cystic_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Cystic then got up and snapped his jaw back into place. He then tackled Voltage to the ground and began clawing him furiously. He had not forgotten what he did to his Hive. Cystic then jumoed back and sprayed Voltage with a face full of acid. He mask fell off and then a began to punch him and for my last strike i stabbed him in the rib and flung him into a tree and when he hit the ground he did not get up. I prepared for a second attack while at theh same time being very cautious

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Stalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

The warrior, as deadly as it was, was no match for 2 experienced hunters. It's acidic blood flowed from it's severed neck, turning back to the unbloods the doctor spoke "this one has fallen, without casualty, without loss, but beware, these creatures are relentless, they will stop at nothing to end each & every one of your lives", then Stalker spoke, "to make you all realize what these creatures are capable of, I have something to show you". Removing his mask, the unbloods reeled, Stalkers face was badly scared, far worse than any of the unbloods could have imagined previously. He had deep scar from hard meat's claws embedded into his skull, half of his upper left mandible was missing, & he had deep scarring all around his head. "This is what happens, if you don't watch your back around these beasts, stay alert".

Stalker reattached his mask & the clan continued to move through the dark caves, their EM visions scanning the area for any possible hard meat activity. Stalker stayed up front, next to the doctor, PREDATOR was covering the unbloods from behind, if the hard meat managed to sneak up from behind, the unbloods were finished. Stalker & the doctor scanned the area, suddenly, a large object slithered down from the ceiling, curling around Stalker & lifting him clear off the ground. Stalker struggled, but the grip was extremely powrful. The clan looked on in horror as Stalker was raised to the hive ceiling, his attacker brought Stalker up, face to face, he looked into the face of his attcker, as it's mandibles flared & it's second jaw eased out, about to end the life of the proud warrior, it was AVPFREAK, a huge predalien. Stalker struggled against the beasts powerful tail, trying to free himself from the ferocious grip, AVPFREAK's inner jaw slid closer, Stalker, reacting almost purely on instinct, grabbed the beast by the head & drew his pearly- white wristblades, the beast lunged, at that moment Stalkers wristblades dug into the side of AVPFREAK's massive neck, the beast screeched & tossed Stalker to the ground, the doctor ran over to aid his fellow hunter "PREDATOR, get the unbloods out of here, it's an ambush" just as Stalker gathered himself & prepared to fight another beast leaped for their throats, the doctor quickly reacted, grabbing the creature by the throat & hurling it across the hive, into the resin covered wall. The creature regained itself & hissed at the two hunters, it was drone-warrior. The two hunters glanced at each other "The hybrid's mine" Stalker exclaimed as the two proud warriors prepared for combat.....


mterrance, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Mterrance could hear the sound of battle, all around. Clearly there was another clan about. He dropped to the jungle floor, he had noticed something that didn't look right a few yards away. But nothing showed in thermal but something was there. He decloaked and switched to EM vision.

Hardmeat! two of them slowly circling him. He clicked his maniables, judging the hardmeats distance and position. He ready a shuriken for flight with his left hand and in his right he ready his spear. Planting his feet in the soft jungle floor, he crouched some waiting for the right moment or for the hard meats to attack. The jungle seen to grow silent, as if all of its inhabitants were wacthing these great creatures lock in a battle to the death.

Mterrance flexed his shoulders as to remain loose and at that moment the hardmeats attacked, but one made the mistake of leaping towards him as the other rushed in. He let his shuriken fly, slicing the head of the leaping hard meat in half. Mterrance barely managed to dodge the acid as the body fell and sprayed acid. The hard meat's body clawed and convulsed as if the creature was refusing to allow death to calm it. As he landed all the wind was knocked from him as the other slammed him head first into his midsection sending him flying into a near by tree. He threw his head to the side as the hard meat's tail stabbed deep into the tree where his head had just been. His spear was gone and he had to get his senses, rolling from the reach of the hard meat as it violently fought to free it's deadly tail. he rolled coming up into a croutch and let out a roar to focus himself as he rushed the hard meat. The creature turned... side stepping the attack and almost knocking him off balance. he turned enought to fend off a claw meant to shred his flesh. Pride... don't be foolish he thought. The creature slowly circled as if looking for an opening in his guard. as they circled he knew the battle had to end soon the creature was stalling, perhaps waiting for others of it's kind. Plus he was tiring and he did not have the luxury of prolonging this. He intentionally stumbled and the hard meat rushed in, mouths open almost as if the beast was grinning. he dropped catching the beast by it's mid-section and immediately up and over smashing it into the ground with all his might and his full weight upon it. The move caught the creature off guard and the attack further stunned it. But it was all he needed reaching down in one fluid motion he drew his knife and sheathed again within the hard meat's brain. The creature fell still immediately. Mterrance immediately scanned the area, finding no other hard meats near. He withdrew his knife and let the acid drip from it's blade before planting it into the ground. Quickly he strung the two hard meats up, slicing them to bleed them of their acidic blood. he recovered his spear, scanning the area one more time, he took the bodies higher into the tree top marking them before leaving them to move on towards the hive.

Drone-Warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Drone Warrior awoke from his deep slumber. It had been awhile since the xenomorph had tasted predator blood, or human for that matter. Getting up Drone, streched his muscular body and let out a long yawn. He shook his head and began to search for nearby companions.

As he looped and turned through the HIVE, he ran into his old companion avpfreak. they hissed in glee when they saw eachother, it had been to long.

Drone and avpfreak, started walking more into the HIVE to see if they could find anything worth looking for............

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AVPFREAK, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

The high temperature of the hive is nearly unbearable to many forms of life. But not an Alien. And not to a Yautja either.

The Yautja were here on this planet, looking for the Hard Meat, Avpfreak's own species, where his loyalties lie, where his belongs. Though Yautja born, this Xenomorph obviously still serves the same way as a drone does.....sometimes even more efficiently.

Avpfreak crept along the walls of the Hive with increasing speed. He was searching for a comrade. Someone to share the meat with. And he found one.

After what seemed like hours of searching through the numerous tunnels and caverns of his home, the Yautja born found Drone-Warrior, a deadly Xenomorph whose jaws have gnawned on many a Yautja and human alike. The duo would be a force to be reckoned with. They met and discussed their plans of attack.


~For centuries, human beings have worshipped these beasts as gods, beasts that will forever haunt us, beasts waging an eternal war.....~

Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

With my compi stick in hand I move through the forest, cloaking as I enter the deep bush, I scan around looking, ever watchful, moving silently, Stopping watching a small mammal creature move across my path, moving once more slowly and silently, stopping crouching down, in one motion I propel myself onto a high tree branch and watch, looking for something, yes but what...

Moving my head back and forth, scanning, stopping suddenly, watching a dark shape appear out of the forest, a deep but very low hissing sound could be heard...but not at myself, watching in a clearning, a small cow-like animal is grazing, the dark meat slowly moves...silently, even more silent than myself, I slowly watch it sneek up on the sad animal from behind, waiting for the right moment, letting the hard meat get even closer, then pulling back my arm with my compi stick, I let lose sending the compi stick flying! Hitting the unsespecting bug, right in the dome, hitting it so hard that it pins the sad creature to the ground, the cow-like thing surpised, ran off almost making a screaming noise as it left the clearing....

And then there was silence again....


predatoress, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

(lol Oh ya, wait untill I'll crack out as a queen, u r 1st on my hit list lol)

Predatoress gasped air on the floor. The pain settled inside of her and her body relaxed. She closed her eyes for a moment, the sounds of battle were echoing in her head.

Then she got new flush of energy. Death wasn't anymore something to fear but that the demon spawn would stay alive. Now she felt herself almost immortal - there wasn't any point to save herself from the xenos. She would gladly take everything from her body what she could get.

She tensed her muscles and jumped up letting a scream. Katam broke through the net and was attacking towards rising Stalker. Predatoress took her smart disc, activated it and threw it with a growl towards him. Katam saw the deadly disc flying towards him and dodged smoothly but it cut two of his back tubes away. The disc returned to predess's hand. It's edges were melted but still it would be lethal if used right. But Katam screeched and continued the attack. He tensed his muscles and jumped towards Stalker. Predatoress ran and pushed her wounded clan mate to side taking the enormous beast on her. She collapsed to the floor and lost the grip on the smart disc. Katam hold her down with his one hand, opened his mouth hissing ready to bite her. But he sensed the spawn of his kind inside of her and that made him to hesitate.

At the same time Doc appeared from nowhere and kicked Katam off. He hit to the wall with loud thud. Predatoress rised up again looking at her clan mates. Yes, this is the fight they'd win. Katam rised up to his three legs and screeched. Predatoress felt a movement inside of her and realized he was calling his speacies to help.

(And Doc, now u're in again lol)

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