War (Aliens Vs. Predator, Book 3)



Machiko Noguchi lived for the thrill of the Hunt. She ran with the Predators until her human ingenuity marked her as an outcast. Now the thrill is over. And the fierce warriors of the Hunting band are tracking her. Meanwhile, Jess, Lara, and Ellis, remnants of a bug-hunter team that wiped out an alien infestation in a Company space station, know too many secrets to be allowed to live. They are being set up by a ruthlessly ambitious Company boss who will stop at nothing to silence them forever. An outcast human Hunter and a trio of bug hunters. They are the most unlikely allies. Yet on the swamp planet Bunda they must join in a desperate flight. Company hit-squads are already moving in for the kill. Fearsome Predators are heading for a showdown with a ferocious colony of aliens. And between them stand four brave warriors in an all-out war between the galaxy's most savage life-forms--a war nothing human can survive.



Yaro G.

I loved this book. Big predator fan and it kept me lovin' it

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