Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

cory awakes from his nap in the trees after healing himself.he pulls the needles out and he feels better.he cracks his neck and snarls.he puts his helmet back on.his eye is shown through the scar on his helmet across his right eye.cory leeps down and looks around at the blood bath.he cloaks and runs down a hill.he walks apoun a few dead xenomorphs and lots of blood.he moves on.he heres the group of balatu members.he tries to get away from them.

his rage inside dies down.the red in his eyes shut down.he sits and cleans his skulls.cory heome movement and runs off.he finds the place where he killed bob,he sees her body skinned.cory crackles his mandibles and slowly walks behind the body.

cory suits up his net gun.he sees a mountain.childishly he runs down the hill and acts in a stlking way.he jumps down and luanches a net at the ground at a large animal.when he hits the ground...many three-laser dots aim at his face.he fell right where the balatu group was............he was afriad of being arested.

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Voltage-3000, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

(fine fine your not dead jeez,I'm getting my @ss beat here)

after getting knocked to the ground I was getting wooped and I droped the dentonater I
had to fight to stay alive and I have to get the dentonater.I then ran at katam but I faked
attacked him and I hit cystic into the air and
then while he was in the air I grabed his tail and I swung him at katam and they both hit the wall,I then quickly jumped for the dentonater
and I grabed it and put into my pocket(if I have one)and ran over jumped at cystic cutting his face with my blades and then I got hit in the face by katam but as I fell I shot a net at him,it bought me some time to get my energy back up I ran towards cystifc beating him repeatedly in the face and chest with my blades and fists and my feet I then knocked him to the ground I grabed his tail andthrew into a tunnel but as I threw him he shot acid at my chest plate I then had to take it off before It got to my skin I turned for katam but he was gone......."where the hell are you?"but before
I knew it he droped on me knocking me to the ground I was struggling to get him off but he staged his tail into my shoulder and then
he jumps off of me(still has his tail in me)
and does a backflip in the air and pulls me
up and throws me to awall gbut I held oto his tail bring him with me.We crashed into the wall
breaking through it and falling into another part of the hive.we landed into a room of bones every where there were bones.I was freed from his tail and I picked up a sharp rib bone and I stabed into his head and I took another and stabed into his back,I was about to stab
him in the head again but I saw cystic at the hole we went through and he jumped at me I threw the rib bone at him,it hit his head,and as he flew at me he used his tail to cut my my helmet and it scared the eye of it and it went through and scared my eye,and then he fell on me but I threw him off.I was injured bad,I had time to stitch myself up while they were on the ground(3 minutes later)"alright I'm charged and ready so bring on the fight."

Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Katam roared as the mighty pred stalker took anoter swing at him. katam dodged another swing and then went for stalkers right arm and with his inner jaw broke stalkers arm katam then jumped ove behind stalker and grabed him and threw him across the room towards cystic which jumped on top of him and used his tail to peirce right threw stalkers left shoulder.cystic was then knoecked off of stalker by voltage and just before voltage could reacte katam came up behind him and used wot was left of his tail to trip voltage up and once again useing his iner jaw katam broke voltage's left leg.cystic then came back and picked voltage up and carried him to the roof and vomitted on him sticking voltage to the roof cystic then came back down and landed on stalker and started clawing at stalkers chest making some serios damage on stalkers chest since he had no armor left from katams acid melting it.

voltage is shocked to find the detonater he had is no longer in his hand but is lying on the floor below him were 2 xeno's are siting watching the fight with stalker and katam and cystic.

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Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

I then walked up to Predatoress in private and asked her to hold out her hand, she complied and I quickly flashed my wristblades across her finger, a single drop of blood fell which I caught in a small vial. "Might I ask what your up to Blade?" she asked me as I compared her blood to that of the alien's. "I'm sorry but I can't afford to reveal that just yet, but if I'm right there's gonna be one heck of a problem out there." She and I then rejoined the group and the matter was dropped for now.

ghola88, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

ghola88 saw no alieen in sight he walked to wards a broken building then suddenly... he fell down a hole. OH sht!!!! he fell right on top of PA64. he saw sky. greeting youngblood.
Anyways what did i fall on???? he pointed for me to look below me ani I saw PA64, hi dude. He tried to scratch me but i leaped behind him. aND SWINGGGG WENT HIS COMBI STICK THEN SUDDENLY HE SAW ANOTHER ALIEN... the alien was about to jump when ghola shot a single plasma from his " big bad caster " then the alien had it.he said to sky i like to see newbs fight go on kill yourselves!!!

Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Black warrior had asked me to stand gaurd over the unbloods while he asked Predator what was wrong little did i know how short my shift would last, as Doc and Stalker slew the hard meat. Before we began to move again I studied the alien's body, somthing was wrong, dead wrong. "Whats wrong?" Solo asked me when he saw me lagging behind. "I don't know yet, but I intend to find out." I answered as I planned how to confirm my suspicions about Predatoress and this alien.

(Predator sry if this sounds too much like your post on the last page, but I promise I've got something big planned)

Skystalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Skystalker's leg sears with pain but he is able to stand he manages to leap out of the way of another attack from PA64. Skystalker bounds into the air and manages to pull his spear out of a tree. he sheaths the spear and begins to fight using only his wrist blades. PA pounces at him again. Skystalker dodges and rolls this tiem is leg still searing with pain. He roars and stops rolling giving PA64 the advantage for the moment. PA jumps onto skystalker and with his second pair of mandibles starts snaping at his head, skystalker r his left hand to block the jaws, his hand gets hit exploding with neon green blood. Skystalker unsheaths his spear with his right hand and stabs PA through the midsection more acid blood is pouring out of the wound in its abdomen PA screaches in pain and writhes around, skystalker takes the spear out and prepares to go in for the kill. He aims it at his head and suddenly is on his back again "@#$% made the same mistake twice" he thinks to himself. He jumps back up and grabs his spear. Both COmbatents continue in this balet of death each losing copius amounts of blood.

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cystic_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Cystic awoke from his slumber. He was fully healed, i left the Hive immediatly to find Katam. When i found him he was being attacked by Stalker so i charged from behind him only to be spotted and him in the side of the face with a comibstick. I got up and sprayed him with acid this made him angry. He the threw Katam on top of me and charged we were able to just barley evade his charge. Then we saw Voltage he was thinking so me and Katam, with a coordinated attack, charged Stalker. He didn't know which alien to target as we crushed him from two sides that is when. The fight really started... But knwo only time would crown the victor.....

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Skystalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Skystalker stopped fighting and heard something rustling in the bushes behind him. He just managed to turn around before Predalien 64 pounced on him. PA64's tail goes through skystalkers arm and the plasmacater starts to spark and malfunction. Skystalker roars in frustration as the he rips the cannon off his shoulder. With a quick motion he rolls out of the grasp of PA64 and jumps away he extends his wrist blades and also takes out his spear. "well this will be an interesting match" as he circles around the predalien it hisses at him he dives at it and barely misses its head with his spear. the spear sticks into a tree protruding out into the air. Skystalker takes out his Shruyken ready to throw it as he looks up he sees the xeno punce again. This time he is ready he ducks and rolls slicing upwards with his blades cutting arm of the large alien. Its acid blood seeps onto the ground burning skystalkers body. Skystalker roars in agony and jumps away waiting to make his next move.....

El Demonio Que Hace Tropheos de Hombre.
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Stalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Stalker was shocked, predess carried the beast, the xenomorph, within her body. All was not lost for her though, there was a surgical ward inside the balatu ship, capable of removing the parasite before it was too late. Katam charged at Stalker, swiping with his massive bladed tail. Stalker reached out, grabbing the thrashing tail with his bare hands. The spined from the tail sliced into his hand & green blood spilled onto the forest floor. Stalker simply laughed at this, he had been through much worse. Katam struggled to wrench his tail from Stalkers grip, but the hunter was locked in.

Quickly drawing his combistick, Stalker swiped, his combistick was of unique design, the blades were wishbone shaped & double sided, meaning he could use this weapon as a swiping weapon instead of just a jabbing weapon, as the standard model is only capable of. The wishbone shaped blades tore through Katam's tail like butter, the acid running off the combistick without even leaving a mark. Katam reeled, his tail was severed, screeching in agaony, he leaped at Stalker once again


Swift_Spear, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Swift Spear walked away from the battle seeing two aliens blocking the way out Swift Spear then readyed his glaive and wristblades and he then waited until the aliens made the first move. the first alien jumped at Swift Spear he moved out of the way and striked the alien in the back the second alien jumped on Swift Spear pushing him down to the ground.

Swift Spear grabbed ahold of the alien that was on him and threw him to the other alien he then jumped at the two aliens stabbing the first one in the back. the second alien got back to his feet readying his inner jaw Swift Spear readyed himself cause he knew that the alien was planning something.

The alien then jumped straight at Swift Spear pinning him to the ground Swift Spear dodged a few of the aliens inner jaw attacks then the alien used his tail stabbing Swift Spear in the chest so he could not move. then the alien used his inner jaw once more to try and finish him but swift Spear grabbed ahold of the aliens inner jaw. :vocal mimicry: whats the matter cat got your tongue. Swift Spear then drew his combistick and drove it right thru the aliens throat.

Swift Spear pulled the alien's tail out of his chest and pushed the corpes off of him. Swift then used his medicomp to heal himself he roared as he injected the needle into him he then pulled it out and put it back in his medikit so he could refill it later. he then looked at the two dead aliens and drew his ceremoniol dagger and went to collect his two tropies.

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black_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

As i get ready to go i check my weapons........all there. I stare out of the clanship window and look at the large blue planet these humans call "Earth". As the rest of the clan get ready i put my biohelmet on and growl. I had trained many years for this day. I know this will not be easy. Many great warriors have fallen in this fierce bloodsport.....the hunt for xenomorphs. But there are humans there too. No matter it only makes the hunter better. I wait for Doctor to give the signal. *laughs* My first hunt.

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OTANG, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

The battle had edged into morning. Now two beasts were upon him. With swagger, Otang straightened upright, held his combi-stick with one hand, bl*nt t!p to the ground, raised his left hand and taunted the two animals with his hand, calling them to his position. Both black freaks of nature hurled their bodies at the yautja, fangs and claws outstretched. The young warrior amazingly tucked and rolled on the rocks tumbling forward and out of the grasp of PRED64 and ACE. Turning about face, in the background, he could see the hive entrance on the floor of the rock formation that he had ascended on during the fight. Zoom mode showed it was covered with moss and other vegetation, barely concealed. His attention returned to the aliens, shaking and screeching as their primitive minds tried to scheme how to take on this intruder. Behind them, their tails snaked in around the air, as if the had a mind of their own.

Otang calmly pounded his chest armor two times and darted at the beasts. He engaged them, splitting them apart with his body as he swiped and clashed with the beasts using his extended combi-stick. With one strike to Ace he countered Pred64’s assault with the other tip. He spun his combi-stick in his hands, jumping up to gain leverage for strikes against each beast. He gave an elbow smash to Pred64 with his left and turned his face towards Ace and backhanded the xeno across his cranium with his combi-stick. Far away, forest creatures could hear the ravenous screeches of the two young xenomorphs.

One of the creatures charged the Yautja who turned the animal around and with extending wristblades, slashed at the creature, severing 2 of his filtering appendages. Its body cried out in pain. Ace took his chance and pounced on the hunter dropping him to the ground.
Pred64 remained gasping as his blood caused steam columns to rise from the rocky floor, the 2 appendages lay beside him. Ace cried out, tilted his head back and screeched at the heavens. Otang quickly dodged Ace’s second jaw strike as it buried into the rock bed. Its primitive brain couldn’t comprehend how the hunter grasped its wrists, pulled the claws away from Otang’s lacerated body and forced Ace into the path of a pouncing Pred64. All three were now on the ground next to each other when the Yautja’s wristblades back handed Ace’s neck causing minor damage.

Otang made a break for the hive entrance, it was very small. It would be very hard to quickly climb down, definitely with two xenomorphs giving chase. The hunter’s shadow raced in front of him; his back was to the sun. Two huge shadows appeared in front of him as if sliding gracefully on the rocky floor. The predator stopped his advanced as they overshot him and landed once more between him and the cave entrance. Pred64 panting as his remaining filter appendages were definitely working overtime.

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Voltage-3000, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

as I made my way to the core I heard predators
in the other rooms I heard predtoress and Stalker and then there was Katam having a battle with stalker but i'll deal with them later.I had no time to waste and I had to go plant the nuke.I got closer and closer and as I moved closer you could feel death around you.an hour passed and I made it.to the core I then planted the nuke and I took the dentonater with me just in case.If I die everyone dies.and I'll take out anything that gets in my way!

predatoress, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

The Queen was dead. Her massive body laid on the ground without any movement. Predatoress squeezed her hands into fists and bowed to the fallen beast. Even she was the most destructive creature in the universe predatoress couldn't help but admire her survival skills and her odd beauty.

Otang was dead. So was Blade. Our number decreaced second after second and predatoress could only hope that the amount of these demons decreased as well.

Suddenly a screech and a jump had heard behind her as Katam attacked to Stalker. Predatoress turned around and saw her badly wounded clan's mate fighting with this powerful beast. She let a growl to the opponents as rising her wristblades. She couldn't let anyone die anymore - especially her blood bonded brother.

As Stalker cut Katam's chest and Katam jumped towards his throat ready to finish him predatoress ran and tossed her wristblades through Katam's shoulder and nailed him to a tree with the power of her speed. The beast roared in pain and snapped the air with his second jaw trying to reach her head. But predatoress could control the situation, she dodged the attacks with simple headmoves. Stalker collapsed to his knee taking deep breaths of air. Katam's right arm was useless after the impact but he sank his nails of left arm to her back slicing deep wound into it. Predatoress growled in pain knowing she hadn't good position to finish him. She twisted her wristblades selling more pain to his shoulder and making sure that the hand was injured as much as possible. Predatoress pulled the wristblades off taking power to the second hit aiming the blades towards the beast's chest but felt enormous impact on her stomach when Katam hit her off with his tail. Predatoress flew bacwards several meters landing painfully to the ground. The beast landed on his three healthy feet letting out a hellish creech. Then he focused on his first opponent, to Stalker, who looked him and growled.

Predatoress turned to her side and groaned in pain just to see Katam running towards her clan mate. She had to rise, she had to go and help... But the pressure and pain in her chest kept her down gasping air. Something was wrong inside of her. Only with her will she rised up holding her chest. In that moment she knew she carried the spawn of hell.

Her destiny was sealed. But she wanted to take as much of these creatures down before some of her clan mates had to finish her - before the new cicle of torture would break through.

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Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

I had finally reached the top of the shaft, my luck held out and there was nobody around. "The clan went this way," I said following the footprints of my clan around the huge rockface as the jungle once again grew extremely dense. Eventually I reached a small river that circled the large hill above the hive. No good, they would keep near the Hive I said climbing the hill to it's peak for a better view. "Oh no" I said my face growing pale, thousands of aliens emerging from the forest, all of them returning to their respective hives. It was then that warning the clan became more important than ever for if they were circling the hill they would not be able to see the alien hordes. Then I finally spotted them, just breaching a small clearing in one of the thicker brushes surrounding the hill. Only problem was that they were walking straight towards the aliens!

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Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

My plan had worked by pretending to leave I could pick when to attack the predalien, but it would seem my work had been done for me. Dropping from my pearch over the battle site I landed next to the unconsience predalien. Dangerous yes, with Otang and Ace battling so close but I was running out of time quickly. To my luck Otang's battle intensified and he was distracted, "He couldn't of noticed me" I told myself as i raced to the Hive's exit with a sample of the predalien's blood. Upon reaching the stone shate to the surface I sent Otang a message containing my discovery, hopfully he could handle it as horrible as it was. My climb began and I may have imagined it but then just maybe I saw black warrior still following me.

Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

cory saw predatoress.he got ready to attack her but he felt wrong.she turned and startles him.cory jumps back as a xenomorph(made up,none of u guys)jumps on cory's back.cory hits the ground as his combstick slids across the ground.the xenomorph stabs it's tail into cory's arm.cory flips over and squeezes it's face.the xenomorph's tounge shot out and nearly sliced cory's hand.cory punched it in the mouth.he got up and ripped the tail out and sliced it off with his wristblade.he punts it in the face.it hits the ground and spits acid into cory's forehead.it burns his head.cory plows into it and swings it by its arm into a tree.it's back snaps.the xenomorph gets back up and tares it's claws into cory stomach.cory coutches it's neck and throws it in the air and shoots it with his plasma caster.it hits the ground and rolls in it's own blood.cory walks over and ends the screaming by snaping it's neck.cory ripped it's head off as his blooding trophy(blooded in the real rpg).

cory gets up with the skull on his back.he limps away with the other predator no where to be seen.he sat down and tried to get his helmet's visions to work again.it didnt work.

again,his eyes burn red.he runs off and isnt controllable.someone most kill the corupted bad blood.

cory walks down the marshes and drops all his exploasive weapons...hopeing that someone will hir his mines.cory ran off holding his DEEP cuts.he sat in a tree and healed himself,ripping bullets and dirt out of his scars.the injections seemed not to have worked at all.he seemed to be helpless.cory felt extreme pain.his eyes cluster red and his body flentches as he reors holding jis two trophies and hids the trophy he holds for his elder....

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predalien_64, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

"RRRRR HISSSSS" predalien 64 screams grabbing his arm 64 recovers stars at sky, with one arm out of commission 64, runs towards sky he swings his Shrunken again. he is barely missing my shoulder, then I wipe my tell at sky’s legs knocking min on the ground, i then jump on him, his hand holding my neck. I start snapping with my inner jaw, he then pushes me back. I manage to hurt his leg when I tripped sky. But he was not out of the fight yet. "his leg is hurt maybe there my key to win" i think to myself


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the_doctor, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

they had played with the xenomorph for long enough, the doctor nods to stalker for them to finish the job. the both slice at the warrior xenomorph cutting off chunks of exoskeleton. the doctor extend his combi stick and thrusts it into the warrior pining it to the ground. it thrashes about trying to getr up but it is no use stalker goes in for the kill. stalker hurls a shurikem at the creatures neck seveing the brain form the body. the acid runs to the ground. such easy prey too easy.
(sorry bout the delay on the fight)

are you predator or prey?