Rogue (Aliens)



Comic Description Or, more importantly, what kind of man could torture an Alien? Professor Ernst Kleist has genetically engineered powerful, obedient Aliens. The horror of nature is dwarfed by the terror of a man who would toy with it.


awsome book pretty good artwork


awsome book pretty good artwork this where i got mt user name from anyway the story is the docter has control of all aliens except the queens which all keep dieying untill he crates a king alien that goes rouge the mariens are all killed the aliens take controll of the colonythe king dies in a showdown with the queen and 3 humans escape i give it a 3/5

Rouge (Aliens)


i think this book is great the artwork is good, lots of great action, and has the best idea of how a king alien should look if one was ever to be created. All big aliens fans should get this book. I give it 5/5