Genocide (Aliens)



Ingram The fourth in a series of graphic novels that feature the deadly alien beings from the motion-picture trilogy Aliens describes the chaos and violence that ensues following the discovery of a potent and potentially nefarious drug distilled from Alien blood. Original. Comic Description After a generation of rebuilding in the wake of Alien infestation, athletes from every corner of earth are flocking to the Goodwill Games. But some come with a dangerous new tool: a drug called Fire, distilled from the very essence of the Aliens' body chemistry. The military wants it. The pharmaceutical conglomerates want it. And the only place the essential ingredient can be found is on a world convulsed by Alien holocaust . . . Genocide is the fourth of the remastered Aliens trade paperbacks! This remastered edition boasts full-color art, an updated script, a new John Bolton cover, and a gallery of Alien art. Your Dark Horse Aliens library awaits this fourth fantastic volume!


the alien genocide comic mini series is great

zero predator

the alien genocide comic mini series is great. The inking, drawings, story. The only real flaw is that it takes two whole comics before they set down on the aliens planet, And you only get to see the aliens once at the beginning and once at the end.

This is the best mini

alien man

This is the best mini...okay it is the best series i've ever read. Period. the inking is great and there are no flaws. The only thing is that you should buy the whole series before judging it, for you only see the aliens at the begining of book 1 and the end of 2. After that it's non stop aliens. Don't buy this looking for a scare though, it's realy just action

the best of the lot


Truely the best of the entire alien comic books. This is for hardcore fans too new readers. A comic for the ages.