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I am a living weapon, captured as an egg by marauders that plundered a dormant hive. Sold off to the Weyland Co. to be use for research. From then on was trapped by the company and went through extensive testing. Was giving a host and when I bursted from that host I already knew I was captured, as scientists tried to contain me, I attacked one ripping out his throat, I made my first kill and moved to get to the door but was electricuted by a stun gun. The head scientist thought that I was a subject with exceptional skill, that skill being killing. He himself scarred me with the letters ACE on my skull refrencing the definition. I was used and abused to fight other animals from earth, like tigers, bears, and the occasional rhino. All fell at my claws, tail and teeth. Nothing stood in my way. To get the damnned scientist that scarred me was my main goal. He always watched the fights I was in, always thinking of what next to throw at me next. Always cheering saying "thats my monster", "kill for me". I despised him and I wanted to let all of my fury out on that human. Many attemps were made to escaped, but the entire facility was always on alert and death would be seconds before I would manage any to escape. Then one day it happened, from the sky itself a meteor struck the facility and everything was in disarry. perfect for an escape, it was almost to easy killing the humans, after putting me in deathmatches against other animals that can easily kill humans aswell, it was like poetry in bloody horiffying motion. One after another fell before me, with one face burning in my mind. All would die, so that nothing would stop me getting my revenge. I could sense I was getting close to him, then there he was at the end of the hall, crushed under the ceiling. Barely alive he saw me, as I approached him he had a smile on his face as he watched me dig him out. The freak thought I was helping him saying "Thats right help your master." I was far from helping him, once he was free, I threw him to the floor and started to mangle the parts of his body that had been destroyed. Causing him more pain then he already was in, hearing his screams of pain was my delight. Finally finished he watched as I crept up to his face, I was going to put a mark on his head like he did me. With that I punktured his eye socket with my inner jaw. He got to watch as my jaw went into his head. With a scream and then a gurgle he died and I made my escape to a fleeing ship. There I hid until it landed and was a entirely new planet were a new ally was met Angus Alien. He allowed me to join his ranks as an alien of extreme skill in killing, and with no remorse I will kill any who oppose my new leader. I look like a normal alien, with a ridged and back spines. The only difference is the markings on my skull and my intelligence on how to assess prey and killing with tatical perfection. I am ACE, the shadow serpents perfect weapon



A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.