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Ok......the name's Shane and I enjoy listening to music like My Chemical Romance, Chiodos, Panic! At the Disco, Underoath, and Slipknot. If you wanna talk about anything besides aliens and predators then add me on myspace. http://www.myspace.com/shanezilla4christ


Height: 8 feet, 2 inches/

Weight: 380 pounds/

Special Note: Spawned from a Yautja's chest/

Kills: nameless and countless foes (no site members)/

Bio: I was birhted to see my hive destroyed by the Yautja menace, one of my comrades freed me from that twisted asylum, but was never to be seen again. I presume that he is dead, so it is my duty to avenge him and all my bretheren. I adore peering at the stars, for I know that my family's murderers are out there, and I have fantasies on decimating them. I grew for a while on my own, and I have had it rough. One hive finally took me in, and at first only one member would embrace me as a friend, his name is Drone-Warrior. But now I have gained all of their trusts. I may not be the strongest, but I never give up. If there is such thing as a strong-willed alien, that is what I am. To see what I look like, visit the artwork section and find Iseijin's beautiful Hive Pic 1 drawing. I'm the brightly colored predalien on the left. Thanks Iseijin!



~For centuries, human beings have worshipped these beasts as gods, beasts that will forever haunt us, beasts waging an eternal war.....~