Salvation (Aliens)



Comic Description Two of the most powerful and demanded Aliens tales ever told are finally once again available. First, in Salvation (written by Dave Gibbons and featuring the sensational art of Mike Mignola and Kevin Nowlan), a God-fearing space freighter crewman is forced at gunpoint to abandon ship with his captain. Marooned on an off-the-path planet, the two soon discover that they have not been left alone and must now contend with the Nova Maru`s deadly cargo! In the emotionally gripping Sacrifice (written by Peter Milligan and fully painted by Paul Johnson), Ann McKay stranded on an isolated planet takes shelter in a remote village that is being terrorized by an Alien. But the villagers are also hiding a horrible secret, and to discover the truth Ann must face her own innermost demons in order to save the souls of the lost villagers.