kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

donut recoved fast from this move of decons so fast that she came again with that sad inner jaw but decom moved from her attack and kicks her down so to anger even more.

donut now angered ran fast at decon but decon was now making this fight into a game as he just kicked her down.


hunter of the shadows

ghola88, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

yoyou forgetting about me? ghola88 stabed PA64 from behind. He twisted and pusher harder. Comrade are you ok??? ghola88 uncloaked, skystalker was hear but he left. So wat you wanna do with this alien young blood??? Throw him in the pit or stab in the head or what??? ghola88 saw its tail he used heis other blafde to cut it off, im needing acid for my new anti human weapon. ill give your clan a sample next time.

( hey it ok it says you passed out not passed away. )

Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

It was well into the night now, the thick jungle had been slowing the clan's progress even with Predatoress and Black Warrior clearing trees that blocked our path. Predator had been scouting up ahead and motioned for us to stop, he then informed Doc of minor battles starting at a nearby ridge. "We mustn't be noticed yet spread out in a grid formation and and continue forward, but stay in the tree tops." Doc ordered. And with that we vanished into the trees unseen, unnoticed, and soon ready to make our move.

Last post of the day

FrozenAlien, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

44 Minutes to return To The Hive

The only thing I could think of was warning the Queen of their arrival, But seeing my Grid marks, i knew she already knew about them. I sensed she would be in danger, but I had another place to go before returning, though.

35 Minutes to return to The Hive

I rushed through vents and rooms, and finally I broke through a Window, landing on a tree up-side down. I could hear nosies of battle, but in unkown places. I looked around for any threat that may bother or follow me, but I found nothing. I kept on going, and I was hit with an explosion from out of nowhere, where I landed in some caves with vines and paths.. Which was familiar to me.

23 Minutes to return To The Hive

I slide down a Vine and leaped onto another path and quickly jumped onto another vine. I climbed into a Hole in the ceiling, and I returned outside. I looked around, and something hit me from above. Before I could look, something else blew up right next to me, ending up with me falling down from the top. A few minutes later, I knew I didn't have much time, so I began to rush towards the Hive.

15 Minutes to Return to the Queen

I jumped down in the Hive's Entrance and looked around. Something else hit me, and it tired to hit me again, but I dodged it and stabbed it with my tail. I then knew what was stalking me... But with my mistake, It wasn't a Yautja... It was a harmless animal.. but I brang it back to use as a Host.. and returned to the Queen, informing her of my Information, but she already knew, like I thought.

~Another female on Da Site~
~Kainde Amedha of The Hive~

Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

*after seeing cory luaghing at him death grabs his knive and thows his knive right in to corys neck just enough to make him fall over but not to kill him *Back out of this pred its just between me and celtic 102* after saying this cetilc got out of the hole and back hand death to the ground and then grabing his leg and throwing him 5 ft in to a tree then death hits the ground then gets up.


black_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

i greeted blade hunter and told him of all that happened and showed him the gorilla skull i got. then we laughed about things that happened long ago. Then we thought about heading towards THE HIVE

this is my lastpost 4 today

The hot air and conflict bring us.....ahhhhhhhh........*Home Sweet Home*

Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Finally the clan I thought to myself eyeing Black Warrior. I then quickly greeted him and the others while telling them of the prints left by Hunter's Moon. Apparently they had seen them too, we laughed as we realized how ugly this was sure to get. With that we began to move again towards the hives, towards honor.

black_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

As i am waiting doc informs me we may be moving soon and That blade hunter is on his way.
I click my mandibles excitingly at the thought i would see my clan brother once again, i hadnt seen him in a very long time. As i get ready to move i switch my visions and See something coming at great speed toward us I thought it was blade hunter but maybe it was just a cheetah or something. I put my combistick and wristblades away and stare at the rocky brown hills up ahead and think of the hunt, and how much fun it would be to get my hands on some xenos. Ohh i cant wait!
The hot air and conflict bring us.....ahhhhhhhh........*Home Sweet Home*

Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

cory runs up a slop/hill in triumpth.crackleing his mandiables with his helmet off.he puts his combstick away and slids out his wristblade.he sneaks up on genfc death who was planing an attack on celtic102.celtic102 seemes to be fighting him.genfc death looked exhusted.

cory turned to his side,relizing how he was away from his clan mates.cory began at genfc death.genfc death ran around celtic102,shooting at him in an ambush.celtic102 was cought in suprise.cory jumped down and pelted him in the face.genfc death hit a creek.knocked out...then woke up..cory walked over to his elder to talk.genfc death crawled away with a trick in mind....

cory snarled and jumped around to the side.he relized that his prey had gotten away.cory roared.he knew that the honorable prey he had been after was planing something.cory put his helmet back on and screamed.he loaded up his left guantlet with some tools and spears/nets.

celtic102 walked back and looked around.he woundered off.he seemed to be going off in a long travle,(not trying to involve him,)cory was alone...or was he....

cory pulled out his combstick once again next to his wristblades.cory scanned the area and found no signs.cory waited for him to attack.cory pulled out one of his daggers and tore a few bullets out of his legs.he then stretched his fingers and ripped the blood and dirt from his scars on his chest.cory ripped some armor off and imatated a human luagh...........Predator Playback "come on u u u u ugly guy!!!"

~Hunt for Honor,Hunt for Glory,Hunt for the Moon~

Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

As the small fires encirceling Blade Hunter's pod died a hiss let out and the hunter emerged and realized he had overslept.
"Blast!" I thought to myself knowing I would need to move quivkly to catch my clan. As I began my journy I sent a quick message to Doc and the others telling them not to wait for me but I will catch up soon.
"So it begins," I chuckled to myself as I ran at top speed through the jungle. My haist paid off quickely as I found small marks indicating my clan was near, but there was another trail, that of Hunter's Moon.
"Not good," I said as I sprinted forward to my limit.

black_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

As soon as i got done with the gorilla i headed toward the place where we made camp. I saw Predatoress coming to i said hi and setup a little space in the camp. It was a camp of average size not to big not to small. Most of our clan was here. I couldnt see OTANG i guess he was resting. But Blade hunter, and Scar774 were nowhere to be found. I guess ill have to wait i said inpatiently waiting for my clan brothers to get here. There was a big campfire in the middle where I was debating on whether i should cook and eat the gorilla or not? i decided not too and found a couple of birds and animals for the rest of the clan. I then stood guard on the camp, base whatever and Waited for something to happen.

(I see you read my fight with the gorilla Doc, I needed something to do anyway.)

The hot air and conflict bring us.....ahhhhhhhh........*Home Sweet Home*

the_doctor, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

the doctor had suspected another clan it was most likley, but there were two hives maybe the two clans would not cash in battle. besides it was not another clan he was concerned about.
he stood on the tree branch still scanning around. what was that it looked like a, there it is again. its moving so fast looks ike nothing but a blur.
then nothing, it was gone. the setting sun was magnificent it lit the sky with purples and oranges a beauty wasted on a hunters eyes.
the jungle was perfect for this hunt perfect hot, humid and soon it would be pitch black.
the doctor moved on jumping to the next tree branch, he scans once more and sees something running forward. it was predatoress.
looked around again and saw black warrior fighting a gorilla, that was humorous seeing the gorilla fighting a match of physical strength. he wondered where te rest of the clan was probably making their way to the meeting point which is where he shoutld be.

are you predator or prey?


xeno_slayer, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

about 10 xenos all jumped out of the jungle together, one was a predalien
slayer's group stayed in a tight circle in the moiddle of the clearing and started defending themselvs.
the predalien took out 3 of the yautja with a single slash.
slayer screamed in rage and tackled it to the ground it slashed him across the face leaving thick gashes in his mask.
he stuck his swords in its sides and stabbed it through the face with his wristblades,
then two xenos jumped at him two of his clanmates tackled them away and and started to fight them.
slayer shot another xeno with his plasmacaster and shot another with his wristblade the two unbloods finished off the xenos and bloodied themselves.
there were onle about five yautja left in his group not including himself.
but the hunt must go on.
And this minor setback wouldn't matter in the longrun...


Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Landing hard from a 15ft jump, hitting the branch, standing up from a crouch position, watching the drop pod falling to the earth at a high speed, watching it crash and hearing the loud sound that came after the impact. Reaching removing my mask, and grabing a bottle from my belt, taking a long drink, draining the bottle, tossing it to the ground, I place my mask on, attaching the hoses and wires, lower myself back to the crouching position and leaping onto another tree, whoever's drop pod that was, I was going to find out, moving again through the tree with impressive speed, heading for the pod.

(Thank you otang)

OTANG, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

bob the frog you have one official warning for killing cory in one post, then a few hours later u killed donut in the same fashion. one more warning and you will be banned from the forums all together. both warnings are set in the 'please read topic' thats where i will place them, not here. from now on keep an eye on that topic.

kidd u have one as well

Clan Balatu
Struggle is The Glory

xeno_slayer, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

(note to bob the frog...u cant just kill someone off like that without a proper fight)

slayer's group had packed up the camp and moved on after cw's group didnt show up

" take to the trees the jungle has become alive" he instructs.

suddenly slayer starts to hear gunshots

"die you black deamonds" someone yells
he extends his wristblades and uncloaks
"hard meat" he says to himself.

he moves on to a small clearing where five mariens are shoting into th trees at an unseen enemy.

slayer pulls out his swords
"circle around them...make trophys of them"

he jumps to a larg tree closer to where the humen are.
he jumps down and stabs one in the back with his wristblade. he lifts him up and roars then he throws him aside and his team finishes off the rest of them.

but slayer isnt safe yet. things start to move around in the trees...


Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

(genfc death,i dont think u can fight celtic102,he cant post and he said he wont be on for a lil while till he can figure out the problem)

cory fallsasleep in the creek he fell in.the water turned green.cory heard snarling and slashing.cory got up sitting down,still.he grabed the knife and ripped it out.blood squrted out of his neck.his eyes brighten red and he roared.cory jumped up.he watched genfc death dualing celtic102.cory was infurreated.he didnt care about buting in so he charged through the swampy water and bashed his shoulder into genfc death's chest.he hit a trre trunk.celtic102 snarled at cory.cory snarled back.they fought over the prey.cory was showing his bad blood personality.then a garnade droped to the floor next to cory and exploated and threw them across the creek.

genfc death sprung up and was loading bullets at cory and celtic102.cory rolled over and threw a smart disc which hit a tree next to cheeped his shoulder.he loads another bullet into his armor.cory gets up and tares that peice off.he snarls and jumps into the trees giving celtic102 a chance to fight again.cory stalks the prey from the trees,he leaces him alone and relaxes in the trees.his red burn in red fire.he was then out of the full bad blood atitude.he snarled and ran off,circleing the woods.

cory stood awaiting what to do.he decided to return to his prey,genfc death later.he travled around the woods,still circleing the battle,he was viewing what was going on.he notices the balatu moveing out.he walks back away from them and wounders back.cory martches back to the battle ground where genfc death and celtic102 was.he stops right in front of the battle..................

~Hunt for Honor,Hunt for Glory,Hunt for the Moon~

Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

As the discussion about our first attack on the hives continued I heard the sounds of battle, Doc decided it was best to stay hidden but I volunteered to recon. I soon found myself witnessing an engagement between cory, GENFC Death, and Celtic 102. "Decisions, decisions, oh well" I said firing my netgun at GENFC Death pinning him down. "What the?" Death shouted as he toppled to the ground looking for his attacker, but I had already dissapeared into the shadows unnoticed.

Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Stopping, scanning the surrounding areas, nothen but forest, great hunting ground, but without the prey it is meaningless, we must search for the dark meat, and the Oomans, we must find them and we must hunt.

Sitting on one of the tree limbs, resting, extending my wristblades to their full 3ft length, inspecting them, Making sure they are sharp are ready for use, grabing a small animal skull from my necklace, rubbing it, this seemingly gives good luck to me, grinning under my mask, thinking about past hunts. A sudden pat on the shoulder, surpising me, but I already know it is doc, "its time to move" he says, in one swift motion, standing up and jumping from branch to branch, letting myself fall to the ground, I start to run following my fello hunters, to our glorious victory or bloody defeat...


predalien_64, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

In the hive predalien 64, went to see the queen he said "the intruders are just upon us". And then predalien64 saw rogue, he walked up to him “rogue glad you are here the intruders made it to the entrance; where is Angus and the rest of the shadow serpents?". "Any ways the hive better get ready for a hel! Of a fight


Predalien of the Shadow Serpents