Aliens vs Predator 3



The true console game of the year.


This game has, almost, no flaws. The story mode for all three species are amazing, and you feel like you really are an Alien, Predator, or space marine. The only problems are that the amazing missions for these fighters are that they're too small. There are about five or six missions for Alien and Predator, but the Marine missions are just right, and filled with fright! There may be minor problems with the story, but the multiplayer is great! The trophy kills take too much time, though, and leave you open to attacks, and more trophy kills. There should have been more skins for Predator and Alien, though. My reason of thinking this way, is because there are so many different variations of these species. Other than these very minor problems, this game is fantastic, and I can't wait to see more content for it.

Truly fantastic!


I love this game, but the only problems are small campagians for Aliens and Predators, and the Stealth kills. Other than those problems, it's an amazing game, and is a great representation of the three species war we've all come to love.

Multiplayer (Online)


As for online, here is my short little opinion on it. The gameplay, sound, graphics, and features are all 5/5 stars, very nice -- nothing overly exagerated, no species is really strong than the other, it does take skill esspecially in melee, quick thinking of what kind of strike or block you will use, even as Marine you will have to block or smack things with your weapon to get them off of you.

The only thing I do not like, atleast for the console versions of the game... The Online community is rather small, servers are hosted individually by players, which can result into high latency (lagging) but this does not happen all the time. Overall, deffinetly worth the money and time, 4/5 stars.

- 1 Star to the slightly flawed online play, which I'm sure will be corrected in a future patch.

aliens vs predator 3


i got this game for the ps3 and its awsome but you can skin people or be a facehugger and too short comment mme back i say 4 stars

kick ass


this is one kick ass game. good graphics, good game play but it was too short. and the alien story line in avp2 was better because you could play as facehugger and all the other stages but still avp3 is a good game



The game is amazing!



This game is one of the best games that people should play, but on miltiplayer, it is really slow to get a match. Insted of that, story mode is alsome.

avp is awesome


just wanted to say theres a huge fan base out there so join the crowd if u watch movies play games or go to church everyday avp has something to offer ; )