Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

after R_M went down the Zipper line Death was up at the top of the line waitting for a clearing to go down but the motion tracker he had was giving him ghost readings of things moving about the jugle.

We"re on a express elevator to hell

the_doctor, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

the hunters ship floated in the qiuet high oribit of the planet Earth. Earth it had been a while now so many hunts so much killing and now they were back. scans had shown the planet almost rid of the infestation only two hives remiand.
the humans had become more of a chalenge now with their technology, the doctor had a sort of respect for a race able to wipe out many xenomorph hives.
the ship begins its descent to a lower orbit it was time, their target was almost in range.
the drop pods were ready the warriors suited up. the doctor picks up his last piece of weaponary, his combi stick.
he thrusts the combi stick into the air and lets out an explosive roar that echos throughout the ship. all round the clan runs to the drop pods, it was time for the bloodening to begin. the doctor was proud of all his unbloods they had done well in hunting other creatures and today the final test will commence.
all ran into their drop pods the the metal capsuals closed encasing them. the last warrior enters and is sealed in.
the target is in range, the doctor presses a control pannel and timer with the yuatja symbols lights up and counts down.
he gets into the final pod and the timer reaches 0.

are you predator or prey?


Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

When I took one last look back I saw that Black Warrior was figthing the alien as I had planned but I was sure he could win I told myself as I started up a large out cropping that led up to a huge hole in the ceiling. Hopfully I can get out of here soon I said and began climbing. Sounds of a nearby battle began to grow louder, hopfully they were Doc and Stalker alive and well.

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Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

The fighting escaladed into near insane levels around me as I more and more lost my patirnce with the situation. "Ridiculous!" I said to myself retracting my wristblades and leaping into one of the few still standing trees, and watched the battlefield, the grass now scorched away by the large amounts of acid spilled. Not to mention the eerie glow from the predator blood. Regret ran through me once again at abandoning even more allies to the enemy. But my cold reason took over once more, the queen's death would lead the hard meats all to me and save all my comrads even Hunter's Moon. Besides if I stay we all die, at least the other way only I must die. Disconecting my mask so that my friends will not follow me, I continue towards the Hive again, and perhaps for the last time.

Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

As predator of hell was storming the jungle he opened his comlink and he tried to comtact any1 he was able to pick up decon's signal."Hey! plz tell me your coordinates" after he got there he greeted the welcomer of new members and both tried to contact cw.

They werent able to patch through and both set off to find him they were just walking still trying to find him.It started to rain and the two preds seeked shelter they settled in a jungle cave.

they cut up some tiger meat and ate then both hid behind a rock so no1 would see them predator of hell tended to his wounds and decon sharpened his blades predator of hell made a naginta since his blades were toast already and the spares.But decon gave him his extras.When the rain stopped it was a sunny place the rain went quick they split up to find cw and both bowed before splitting up.......

Predators RULE!

Ace, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

i meet up with the rogue and crysatic alien together we can take out more prey. I start off telling them a plan so we can have the most optimal results to kill the most, and not have too much noise or too much blood shed. I wait for a reply from either on of them.


xeno_slayer, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

slayer fallowed the smoke on the horizon untill he came to an old marine camp. it was empty but he could tell it had been abandoned recently.
there was a trail of humen footprints leading out of the camp.
slayer and what was left of his team followed them
"a pulse rifle had been fired here and whever it was killed a yautja" slayer points to a yong predator lieing in a patch of bushes
"this was" he says
he continued to follow the trail
"evryone cloak NOW" slayer activates his cloaking device
"stay here" he instructs to the rest of the team
he followes the trail a little farther in tho the jungle untill he finda another clearing
cory and celtic are there and so is a puney human
slayer extends his wristblade and points it at her neck.
"having fun yet?" he says


predalien_64, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

A strange sound came closer and closer, the sound out blades chopping in the air. the hive was alive the queen was sending as much aliens to defend the hive. "hisssss, the i shall mop the floor with there blood" I said. i looked towards a newly born predalien AVPFREAK is his name. The sent of a blood of a fallen enemy fallowed him, with this latest event i felt more confident that we can better defend on the onslaught. Wandering thought the caverns of the hive I found a good place to set a sneak attack.


Predalien of the Shadow Serpents

predalien_64, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

predalien 64 was on top of things, suddenly i was stabbed AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA it was 88 he had stabbed me during the confusing I passed out after that. the last thing i saw was 88 "you’re dead i shall rip out you’re har…t". After that i was knocked out cold

PS: thinx blade all though i still passed out due to 88 geting me in the back


Predalien of the Shadow Serpents

K20A2, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Shrieks, roars, screams of fury terror and horror, filled the jungle after K20 emerged from his droppod. Opening his wristcomp K20 asseted his landing position and coordinates. He had over shot his landing by more than 3 clicks (5miles) no matter K20 was adept at traveling through dense foliage with great speed. How ever and xenomorphs or oomans would slow him, but not by much. He did have one concern the mighty alpha alien K20 had engaged him before in the past, and he knew that the xenomorph would bide his time and wait for the opportune time for his attack on any unsuspecting Yautja or ooman. Unfortunately his clan and fellow warriors would be on their own for a time. Using his widescan K20 used the other Yautja wristcomps to locate their exact positions, all of which were a considerable distance from his landing point. No matter K20 operated better on his own he knew that he would need their help and they would need his help if the hunt goes ill.

As he closes his wristcomp, a familair hiss came from behind him K20 felt the pure joy, rush over his body a lowly drone had found him and unknown to the drone K20 was aware of it the whole time. It was young and impulsive as most drones are and would attack as soon as it was in pouncing distance. K20 would play into the drones game and he figured he could use a good laugh to start the hunt...

SCREECH!!!!!!!!! As the xeno jumped with a grace unmatched by most any other creature K20 waited, to a ooman this would happen within a split second but to K20s superior senses and reflexes it seems like minutes passed before the xeno was in arms reach...just as the xeno was to pin him to the groud K20 spun around a caught the xenomorph in mid flight. Grabbing it by the neck the xeno struggled for freedom, its strengh was insugnificant compared to the great hunter it clawed and scratched K20s armor and whenever it found flesh it took a swing, this merely tickled K20 and added to his amuzement of the helpless drone. Then...

CRASH! K20 was struck in the side of the head by the xenos tail it rocked K20 to the side and the xeno was released from the hunters grip. K20 stumbled backwards a few paces then the Xeno took another swing with its tail to further beat down the hunter, but to no avail the tail was caught by K20 and stopped mid stream. K20 was surprised at the xenos straegy obvisiously it had watched the alpha and knew its fighting well enough to form a rough outline of its own but it was no match for the hunter. K20 pulled the xeno with a hard yank and with that the xeno fell to the ground. K20 then got a running start pulling the now screaming and angered alien with him. Appoarching a tree at incrediable speed K20 swung the xeno over his head and using the xeno as a living whip it crushed the skull of the xenomorph against the side of a tree, its head exploded on impact and it died instantly. Pleased with his playful kill K20 began to laugh in a most ungodly and demonic fashion tearing a piece of bark from the tree K20 scrooched his flesh like he had done so many times with the blood of his victim...

K20A2 is equipped with standard Predator armor, 2 wristblades, 2 sidearm blades(acid proof), 1 disc, wrist netgun, 2 combisticks(acid proof), plasmacaster, thermalnetting


Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Predalien 64 I'm under the impression you already died so I edited my post, until I'm sure what happened I'm leaving the post in it's edited state. So for now please everyone who posted about me figthing alongside black warrior edit your posts.

xeno_slayer, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

slayer was kneeling down beside a fallen clanmate he checked his pulse, nothing.
he looked up there was smoke on the horizon.
"that's where we're heading!"he points to the smoke.
"is it one of our's" a yautja asks
"that is what we're going to find out"slayer says

they all prepaired their weapons and got redy for whatever lay ahead...


Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

after bob lost death some where in the jugalge and started walking around she shot at a pred that was cory but after following a blood trail she found it was a traine pred then she heard snarling she looked over her shoulder and saw celtic 102 and cory and death all unarmed so she takes off her armor except in the places where she needed it grabed her knive and 15 inch blade and yelled at cory *OY PEABRAIN YOU WANT TO DANCE WITH A HUMAN I AM READY TO DANCE WITH A 15 INCH BALDE AND 7 INCH KNIVE* after saying this they started to circu

All Clans can not Stop us No Alien can stop us No predator can stop us For We are Human Marines

XTheXRogueX, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

as the rogue slowly moved thourgh the forist he herd the sound of a battle so he slowly crept up close to where the sounds where coming from... the rogue seen the begnings of a fight between a pred and a crysaltic(cant spell) alien
the alien was from the HIVE and the rogue did not know anything about the pred.
the rogue desided to goin the fight
after the crysilitic alien tosed the pred though the air with its tail the rogue moved out of the treas and slaped the pred out of the air and into the groud
says the rogue to the crysatic alien.



Unknown, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

*after seeing cory come back then a small prey fight over him started cory left then Death and cetlic 102 started to fight again but this time cletic grab death and threw him about 25ft and then death hits the ground then rools off a small cilff in to a lake after this death swam to the closes cave and hid in there and after 10 min he heres cletic howl for victry then after that death climbed up th cliff and then notic a battle going on between Bob and cory so death grabs his weapons only to see a telescope and then death grabs hi scope puts in on his pusle rilfe and then when he looks up at the telescope he sees donut and frozen alien so death says *night night little xenos*.


Red_Machine, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

R.M. runs towards where Death is fighting the pred and stops when Death holds a hand up. He didn't want him to interfere, so he went off in the direction of Bob to help her. "Hey Bob!" R.M. shouts, "Wait up, I'm coming with." He ran after Bob, reloading his Pulse Rifle; "We need to find Kidd and the rest of the Marines. I've got your back, now move it soldier!"


mterrance, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Mterrance had traveled thru the trees tops for several hours, stopping occasional to survey the area. Once during his scans he had heard distant gun fire, soft meats he thought...The time would come soon. He looked at his wrist computer and pulled up the locators for the other members of the clan. Cory and swiftspear were close by... He paused and listened. Something moved, and it was close and large. Continuing to pretend to look at his wrist computer he slowly moved his free hand to one of his shurikens. judging the distance to the next tree. He paused took a deep breath and leapt spinning decloaking as he threw the shuriken. he rolled and landed in the next tree, ready to spring towards his attacker, with his second shuriken ready for close combat. The panter never knew what happened as the shuriken sliced it's head in two.

As the shuriken returned mterrance recloaked realizing the kill was worth nothing to him. It was time too join the others. He scanned one last time the surrounding area, and then moved off towards Cory and Swiftspears location.

Swift_Spear, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Swift Spear watched in the trees as Death and cory duke it out he then saw a few marines coming to aid death but before they could reach him Swift Spear blocked there path staring at the marines, the first marine drew his knife fixing to stab Swift Spear, Swift Spear grabbed the marines arm and twisted it the other two marines jumped in trying to free there comrades arm, Swift Spear squeezed harder making the marine fill more pain, the marine drew his hand gun and hit Swift Spear hard across the face, Swift Spear then let the marines arm free attending the side of his face, Swift Spear then cocked his head towards the three marines and let out a terrable roar which frighten the three marines, Swift Spear extened his wristblades and stabbed the first marine in the chest the other two marines readyed there rifles and started firing at Swift Spear hitting him in the leg and chest Swift then readyed his Combistick and stabbed the second one in the neck, The third marine was about to withdraw from the battle but got shot in the back by Swift Spear's speargun.

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solo_pred, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

the xeno was standing there in terror. Doc was smiling inside his mask this was solos chance.
he picked up his shurikens and herled them and his acid proof combistick at the xeno.

the xeno hered a faint wisp from a near by tree and went flying threw the folieg, there was a crack as it hit a tree. You could see burn marks on the ferns an other brush from the aliens acid. we waited for a munut nothing happend. I jump from my hiding spot in the tree and into the foliag.

i found the alien on the ground next to the tree it hit. i picked up my shurikens and my combi stick, then i saw the xeno twiching, i picked it up and trew it out back on the trail we where just on. it hit a tree and exploded every one ducked. luckly no acid sprayed on anyone.

Solo walked out of the folige and Roard.

what im going to do to you is for me to know and u to find out... *sound of wristblades sliding out*

Celtic_Warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

(thats more like it.lol)

c.w got up and looked at the cystic, he gestered to cystic that his game was about to end. he grabbed his spear, extended his wristblades and his maul. cystic jumped at him, but c.w moved out of the way. "you threatning me, thats not nice!!" said c.w as he smacked the alien. the alien swung it's tail a few time, c.w doged most of them but was knocked over by one of the swings. c.w didnt know how strong this alien was, but wasnt gonna take any chances and be c0cky. c.w stuck his spear in cystic's foot, the creature hissed in discomfort. and clawed c.w in the chest. this, barley damaged his armour, but grounded down cystics claws (on 1 hand). c.w sliced the alien across the face and the chest, it was now bleeding acid everywhere. cystic jumped back, and c.w positioned himself to protect himself from any attacks.

(thats my last post for the day. cystic, i done some damage to you, now you can do some to me,BUT DONT KILL ME JUST YET PLZ.lol)