Aliens vs Predator - Requiem





i belive that AvP2 will be a great movie as the first was great, the story is that on a planet a lone predator finds a mystry artifact that can keep the aliens at bay and even control their minds.
the predator triggered a statis field thattraps it for 500 years, Dunya, a human corperat mercanary frees him and escapes with the artifact, a lone pred-alien is looking to destroy the artifact and preserve his hive.

aliens vs predator 2


i think AVP2 will be the best alien and predator film because at the end of the first AVP the chestburster came out of the predator creating a "PREDALIEN"

alien vs predator 2


the new predalien will come out in this film


Chrissy Boi

Either you are all deluded or just crazy, the 1st movie sucked, to make this movie big, theyre gonna need more action and more excitement, and not to be scared to add new things, i want to see more outnumbered preds fight a swarm of aliens and not just a pathetic clip, and maybe set in the future with USC Marines fighting and not some annoying Wannabes lol whatever they people where.
Predalien will make an appearence but thats not enough to make this movie.
I want to see Predators homeworld and Maybe Aliens if its not to hard as theyve infested so many places.
I want to see the skulls that i seen in the ned of predator 2, whi did they belong to? i have no clue but i do want to know, and that big dude in Alien inside the boneship thats DEAD, he makes an appearence in the Aliens Comics but i want to see him alive in the Movies. Right now the Comics are your best hope until this movie comes.



I think this will be the greatest movie ever created because of the Predalien!!!!

Alien vs Predator 2


I definatley think that AvP2 will be a great movie, the predalien pops out, ANd maybe in this movie, one of the races will die. I cant wait to see it.

alien vs predator 2 the truth

ardo ruuben

i saw the trailer wakeup and smell the alien shit already there is no predalien in the movie put 1 alien is prown dont now what kind of alien is it well its not a drone its baybe a corps put there are cool preds in the movie a femayl predator called a cikik theres a special predator in the movie its called a blood hunter its said that a blood hunter is the best predator he has killed 1000sainds of queen aliens hes cowerd in red hes skilled with woodomagik and he puts somekind of liquit on heas body what makes him mutate and it lewers the aliens near him so if you want do see the movie trailer then go tho vs predator 2 movie trailer so tont get your hopes up pecaus predalien is not in the movie

avp 2 movie the truth

ardo ruuben

wake up and smell the alien shit the predalien came out on a predator ship so it was killed rickt away think about it 1 predalien vs towsands of predators
there is onli one alien whos prown i think its a qorpse its not a predalien thats for shure the predatores hawe a femayl predator hows kalled a pcihik
and a blood hunter hows red its said that the blood hunter as killed ower towands of alien queen and its the strongest predator cass in the howl predator hiwe
he has some liquit on hes body what lewers the aliens near him and the liquit causes the predator tho mutait
so if you want tho wach the trailer then go tho then richt alien vs predator 2 movie trailer