XTheXRogueX, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

(it kool)
after slaping black warrior away and into a tree he lost sight of the pred whom killed his commrad....
the rogue was very inpashant and desded to leve, and leve the rest of this battle for ace
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XTheXRogueX, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

(rogue is 4 times the size of you but ok read my profile)
after being hit in the face with rock and kicked in the chest and extra the rogue rowered and charged black warrior
as the rogue charged toward black warrior he tryed to stop the rogue buy throing its shurcan at the rogue but the rogue defflected the attack buy lowering its head and leting the shurkan hit the extrmely hard surface of his head...this atempt to hurt the rogue only angered it so when the rogue reched the pred it slaped black warrior with all it force sending the pred flying into a nere bye tree



mterrance, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

As swift spear shoot pierced the hard meat's tail he hissed in pain, and losted his grip for a moment dropping a few feet before catching himself. Mterrance took that moment and launched a net from his wrist launcher. Dave managed to evade the net, but in doing so he severed his tail losing his stinger. The hard meat jumped down hissing more in fury and rage than pain. He began to fling his tail about showering the surrounding area with acid. Decon leapt up as did mterrance into the tree branches above. While swift shielded himself behind a tree readying for another shot. Mterrance jumped down missing dave with a flying kick. The hard meat moved and with what was left of his tail took mterrance feet from under him. Before mterrance hit the ground dave was upon him, attempting to get his head into position to launch his second mouth into mterrance head.

Celtic_Warrior, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

c.w was sharpaning his equipment, but keeping 1 eye on the environment, the place was suspiciously quiet, too quiet for the jungle. then it wasnt, noises, load noises. c.w looked up to see aproxamatly 3 dropships before he was pulled to the ground so the marines wouldnt see them. marines, APC's and 'alice model 2's (from AVP2) came from the cold metal dropships to their new conditions. the type of conditions that would make any man fry up, and any pred proud to hunt in.

the sun got lower as hunter's moon began to seperate and cloak. it was soon night and the hunt had only just began


Blade_Hunter, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

The hard meat and I continued to fall through the darkness faster and faster. We bagan trading blows until the ground came into view, I kicked off the alien and fired my netgun down so into held onto the walls like a web. The alien's speed was great enough that as it hit the net it was diced into hundreds of small cubes. I then rotated and dodged the net, landing safely. "Good, now that I'm alone I can finally get the proof I need." I said to myself, "If I were a predalien where would I be?" With that I set off into the Hive determined to survive.

Unknown, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

look both of you the rpg has been over for ages and u both died in the exlosion which predatoress made ok and vltage m8 u need alot of work on your posts dude cause for 1 you dont have the detonater I ATE IT ! but eny wtop postin in here face it your both dead oh and 1 last thing that i just have to get out U DAM NOOBS ARE NOT INVINSABLE.

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K20A2, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

Exile...forced into by not his commrades, his enemies but he was forced into it by his own desires and struggles. Within his small spacecraft K20 sat, tired after a rather long and costly hunt. His wounds had healed mostly, rising from his chain K20 stretches his muscles, rippling down his body. Leaving his small quaters he heads for the flight room, nothing was in sight of his ship for lightyears around he was alone and for the first time in a 1000 years K20 felt at peace. He had time to himself to meditate and hone his mental abilities.

The flightroom was decorated in K20s taste and fashion, small tokens of his various victories were struin about the flightroom. Admiring his latest kill the skull of a R'zaic, the fight with his creature proved to be a most exciting and rewarding hunt. As his hands passed over the skull which measured about 3 feet in lenght K20 ran his clawed fingers over the hole in the skull where his combistick had finished the mighty R'zaic off. But however this was a small trophy, K20 has fought the most deadly creatures in the galaxy and lived to tell the tale time and time again. These serpents, where both the prized qurray of the Yuatja, but also their greatest challenge. Turning to a highly decorated wall K20, looked over it like he had so many times before. It was a tribute given to him by the first leader of the clan Balatu. It showed K20 in a battle against 2 Xenomorphs the great serpents. As the mural progressed it evolved showing K20 dismembering each one of them, this was the crowning achivement of his life, nothing he has done yet has surpassed this accomplishment, this was his Blooding Fight, and he did so in the blood of not one but two Xenos. Many more Xenomorphs over the next few centuries would fall under K20s mighty hammerstroke. None survived...nor would he allow any to ever survive.

Quickly pushing a few buttons on his wristcomp, the door rose into the ceiling of the ship, revealing the two Xeno skulls. Below them hung his armor and weapons, all had a resting place fit for any Elder of the most powerful clans.

As to door slowly closed behind him, K20 walked toward the pilots chair, and unknown to him a signal was being brodcasted to his ship, puzzling to him for no one knew where he was or what he was doing. Curious to see what the message contain he played it. A figure slowly came into view it was his brother...thedoctor, K20 was glad to see that he was ok. As the messaged played thedoctor informed K20 that leadership was passed onto thedoctor, he figured as much seeing how he has been gone long and thedoctor was the next best pick to lead Balatu. The message was like so many others, telling of events and the condition of the clan, and asking when K20 would return. thedoctor also informed K20 that the clan had been drawn to the human homeworld of Earth. And urged K20 to join them, the clan was preparing for a hunt of both xenos and humans.

Tossing the idea around K20, twitched his mandiables, clicking with delight he redirected the ship and jumped to lightspeed, destination Earth. K20 would return but it would be at his descresion, and his doing, he didnt return for anyone or himself he returned for two simple reasons, daveberg and shadowblade, their blood would stain his blades and he would drink it to regain his honor that he had lost at the hands of both of these mighty warriors.

K20 laid the course into the computer and returned to his quarters for meditation for this battle would prove to be his most honorable and his victory will be complete.....

K20A2 is equipped with standard Predator armor, 2 wristblades, 2 sidearm blades(acid proof), 1 disc, wrist netgun, 2 combisticks(acid proof), plasmacaster, thermalnetting


predalien_64, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

Closer and closer the noise came. "I’d better tell the rest, running to a big camber. After entering I saw donut and frozen alien, hay you guys. They have come back, the invisible things have retuned get ready for a real tough fight may I sed you? Suddenly a booming sound hit closer then the others have. “[email protected]#N they are close†I said, the entire hive is alive I hope we can survive and crush our enemies...

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Predalien of the Shadow Serpents

Voltage-3000, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

After the blast i searched for Cystic but couldn't find him,but I saw tracks on the ground.They lead out of a hole and out to the forest.I followed those tracks to see where they would lead me as I got into the forest I saw him limping across the grounds he was still badly injured like me.I put my cloak on and ran up behind a tree tha was not to far from where his at.I pulled out my disc cause I had no spear cause it was snaped in two.I aimed for his head,and when the time was right...(throws disc).But he turned in a alertive way and dodged it.I ran up closer and climbed the tree and got above him.He was looking for me,but couldn't find me,But then I forgot that discs come back to the person who threw it.My disc came back at me and I wasn't payin attention until the last minute.It cut the branch that I was on and I fell from it.He saw me fall and jumped and cuaht me from the air,and when he touched the ground he swung me back at the branch while it falling and it was pretty fast what he did.I then hit my rib against it,it then forced blood to come out of my mouth.I hit the ground choking,as I did he said"For a predator you are careless and clumsy
and you can barely hide your self,your pathetic"
I got up and ran towards him.I dived to the ground when I got in front of him,and I slid under him graging his ankles and I ended up behind him,I still had his ankles and I pulled
and I had him spin and flip in the air and when
hit the ground I kicked him in the face dislocating his jaw and my kick was so powerful that he lifted from the ground doing a backflip.

black_warrior, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

i look all around as my clanmates begin to gather round. i hear a rustling in the trees behind and look i see a misty figure. I point three red dots at it and fire my plasma caster. Then whatever it was runs away, i knew that what that misty thing was, a cloaked pred.I return to the other clanmates that are talking and further preparing for the hunt.

I knew that some preds were close, i'll tell Doc when he arrives. In the time i have left before DOC gets here I extend my wristblades and practice hitting thick tree limbs the size of a mans arm. I got bored very quickly and sat down. I needed something that fought back, that would give a challange.

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donut, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

Donut was woke up by the sound of multiple objects hitting the ground. The rest of the hive was wide awake and moving. Donut stretched out her body and ran over to frozen alien to ask her what the bloody hell was going on, "frozen whats going on??"Donut asked, "we had sent some of our own to find out what those noises were, there were some earlier but these seem to be extremely close. Our breatherin said that they were strange cylinder objects that had fallen from way up. But our biggest worries for now are those putrid humans." frozen responded. Donut felt a bit worried, but it was nothing to serious. Frozen patted donut to reassure her, Donut stood facing the entrance of the hive, watching the rain fall, listening to every sound...

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Unknown, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

cory stops as he hears roaring.cory snarls and hopps back to the ship.thermal figures storm through his vision.cory climbs a tree as celtic102 stays behind.cory watches the balatu members storm about the forest.cory sits in the tree and types into his wrist-computer.he uncloaks to reveal himself.cory wounders around the predators from up in the trees.....stalking them....crackeling his mandiables.

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Unknown, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

cory was back as a respectable.healthy,warrior.he marched near the xenomorph known as frozen alien.he tossed a medcomp to decon.three lasers aimed at frozen's head.he remebered his battle with this hybred type alien years ago.she hissed at cory and cory steped forward with his wristblade sliding out across his chest and he roared.they charged at eachother tareing apart the hive.they knocked each other down.the alien impaled it's tail into his shoulder and cory grabbed it and ripped it out.green blood ozed.he took the tail and tossed it into a piller with hosts on it.

frozen got up and shot some acid at cory into his body armor.it melted.cory ripped it off.he charged and tackled frozen.she squirmed on the ground.cory speared her in the chest with his wristblade.frozen dugg her talons into his forehead and luanched him to the ceiling.

cory smashed upward into a higher level.he looked around as everything was still.he readied his speargun.he saw the glow of an alien hybred's scars.he smelt her.he snarled.

some acid dripped down from where frozen was purching.it hit cory's dreadlocks and melted one off.he turned looking up and shot a spear into frozen's arm.she was pinned to the wall and she eventuly hit the ground and fell on cory.they hit and stumbled against the ground and the ground snaped and creeked.it feel apart as they fell through.the alien looked cory right in the face as she was on top of him ready to impale.cory sat and was about to cry in disapointment.

a compstick pelted frozen in the face and she rolled over.it was decon.he helped cory up as he looked at him in honor.they looked at frozen while her face had a scar added to it.she jumped up and spit acid at cory once more as he blocked it with his left arm.she threw her tail blade into his arm with green blood ozing.cory yelped and kicked her in the neck.she hit the floor.a strange noise was erupted as cory disapeared,cloaked.he steped forward toward frozen alien with his side arm blades being drawn.he awaited for her next move.........................

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Unknown, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

storming through the forest,cory ripps a shuriken off his belt.he then stops.cory slowly turns his head sideways and stares at all the trees.he throws his shuriken as hard as he can and chops many trees down.the trees fall to the side makeing loud noises.cory crackles his mandiables and cycles through his visions and stops at his thermal vision.his shuriken slings back to his hand and he puts it away.looking back through his vision he notices a ship fly over head,at that moment,everything is silent.

cory walked on,unaware of the clan balatu.cory runs up a hill.he finds a smokey area.fire is buring from some metal.there was celtic102's ship,he sees celtic102,his elder.cory runs over to greet him.celic102 notices his chains that are on his wrists from when he went on a bad blood killing spree after his blooding.cory snarls and makes a fist from his right hand.at that moment,his wristblade exetends out.they walk on through the woods......waiting for the right prey....

~Hunt for Honor,Hunt for Glory,Hunt for the Moon~
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kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

after decon stabbed the predalien in the neck the other worrior jumped from the trees on to cory. cory kicked it off as the worrior got back it could see decon fighting the predalien but it turned back to cory and charged at him. as it neared to cory it swung its tail and hit him in the side cory was down.

decon was still fighting the predalien he punched it and kick it off him he then pulled out his combi-stick and wack the combi-stick landed on its head and the head was cracked open so the brain could be seen. the predalien was ed now it reared up and jumped at decon but it missed due to the fact that its aim was knocked a bit. decon then pulled his wrist blades out and stebbed it in the back it roared in pain cause as decon pulled out his blades the back bone came out with them it was down and dead decon removed its skull and then turned his atentions to cory and his fight...

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Unknown, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

When predator of hell's pod landed on earth he looked around his sourroundings and wondrered where he was he tried to contact cory and was able to patch through. "Sir!,plz tell me your coordinates so I can get back in this battle" pred of hell snarled."O.k. here" then cory drifts back right into his flash back. when he got their he noticed celtic102 and bowed down.

But just then some marines came rushing down! since cory and celtic102 were already injured predator of hell helped both of them to start to run away.Predator of hell then tried to take on the marines but was only able to kill 2 out of 5 marines and predator of hell was shot down..while layed unconsiuos predator of hell was gonna be aken for specimens but cory and celtic102 came to the rescue they killed the marines and set pred of hell go.they set of deeper to find more prey and as running predator was very honored to hunt along side his elder....celtic102....

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Voltage-3000, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

(Hey what did I do to the hive it was stalker who blew it up not me >_<.Oh and dude this is 4th post)

As I laid there in pain.I got to bring myself up but in pain I knew this was my last chance I ran at him,hitting my skull against his.blood fom him and me came running out of our heads I elbowed his chest,punching him in the gut then I front kicked him then back kicked him I ran at him again when he backed up.I jumped in the air having my blades come out.I landed on top of him,I thrashed him repeatedly in the chest blood burned me but I kept going.The sparks of energy brightened my eyes.I stoped and dug my blades under his chest I rolled backwards and hurled him to the tree behind me I turned but when I did my scanner picked up something from a distence it was my disc it was coming closer I went over and stabed my blades into him,lifted him up and while staring into the eyes of a warrior I said to him loud and clear.

"How will you be remembered"

I then tossed him to the tree as hard as I can he crushed the tree and I shot my net at him
trapping and pinning him to the tree.Then the disc came up,slicing the tree behind me I did a backflip over it.It went towards Cystic.Cystic gave out a war call then a silenece came over the forest.....................................
(sssshhhiiiinnnnnggggg)...........His head was cut off and it went through the tree as well
blood splattered on me burning my skin but it was the burning of victory.I picked up my helmet
and I placed it over my head with proudness but I was still of aware of my disc then it came in front of me I turned as quickly as I could,it hit my back plate but it didn't go through it shattered against my plate breaking it as well and the disc shards stabed into my back.I was in extreme pain and I had to get a drop ship to get me.I grabed my trophys and I limped and stagered out of the forest I had deep wounds and I left a blood trail behind.I got to a spot where I contacted Celtic and told him to send me a drop ship cause my mission was over I still had the dentonater but the bomb was still in the hive I pressed it then...................
.........(BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM)an explosion shook
the ground and then it ate the earth hole it was like a meteor hit the ground and made a crator in the ground except no meteor I waited for an hour and then it came and landed.By then I was choking on my blood,I staggered my way to the ship and got in and I said to myself what I said to Cystic in the forest.

"Heros are always remembered,Legends never die"
"And what am I?"

(This has been great fighting with you Cystic I hope to fight you again)

Unknown, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

Mavrick responding to the distant explosin sprints through the undergrouth in the direction it came from. through her viser she can see the huge heet ploom riseng from the treeline as she neers she can mace out a muscular figur crouched ner wair the explosion emanated from as she arive it ternd out to be Otang colecting the scull of ace. Otang caught of gard but Mavricks arival jumps to his feet and ready the first wepon that comes to his hand quicly folowd buy sporadic pred clics of releef. Mavrick pats her old frend on the back then the 2 wariors hed to a small opaning ontop of a rock formation Otang had previosly descoverd.


Unknown, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

Katam stands proud and turns to mavrick with his tail held up high.otang stands back up and circle's around katam to get a better attack position but he is unaware that he is standing in front of the entrace that katam came from.from behind otang a large tail arise's then another and once more another and with an instant otang is pulled dwn by 3 aliens into the hive.

Mavrick is now alone now a great battle is to take place.Both stand 3 meters away and stare each other off.

Mavrick fliks out her combistick in a ready stance and runs with lightning speed towards katam and upercuts katam in the face with the braod side of the combistick.Katam falls back with shock while mavrick does a cart wheel around katam and brings the combistick dwn with a thump on kattomach sliceing a desent wound on katam.

Mavrick unaware of katams tail and with the combistick being slightly wedged in a rib of katam.katams tail come's around the back of mavrick and rapps her up slightly sqeezing her with a qiuck through katam hurl's mavrick into a tree with her shoulder hitting the tree and snaping her plasma caster in 2 katam stands up and mavrick slightly dazed she see's that her spear is lodged in katams rib.

otang awakens in a hive inviroment he see's that he is glued to the wall with a rezin and that there is an egg siting in front of him luckly his mask is still on but unfortunily there are 3 warriors in the same room keeping a close eye on otang.

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Swift_Spear, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

Decon Stabbed FA in the back with his combistick FA yelled out in pain Swift Spear grabbed FA tail and pulled it out of him Swift Spear turned around and watched as FA yelled out in pain. Swift Spear aimed his speargun at FA Fa hissed at Swift Spear who was fixing to fire at him. Swift Spear fired three rounds at FA Fa ducked from two dart but got hit in the chest by the third one. FA wrapped his tail around Decon and threw him towards a tree stumps Decon jumped up to his feet and ran after FA who was charging at Swift Spear.

Spear jumped up in the tree trying to keep away from FA for awhile until he thinks of another plan to kill FA.

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