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K20A2's Stats
7ft. 4in. Tall
350 lbs.

Favors speed over power, but still can out power a non elder with little troulbe and has enough strength to fight a Xenomorph hand to hand. Very agile and quick. a little smaller than most but no less deadly practiced in the art of speed and stealth and accuracy. His mask is similar to that of Celtic Predator. His mask and armor is a Jet Black in color with green highlights in the grooves of the armor and mask. He has many scars and cuts covering his body everytime he kills one of his prey (Xeno) he marks his body...the eye sockets of the mask are red in color. Many runes cover his mask and armor.

2 wristblades-not acidproof, extendable 3ft.
2 sidearmblades-acidproof, extendable 3 1/2ft.
2 combisticks-acidproof
1 disc
able to dual wield all above weapons
5 shruikens
1 plasmacaster-high rate of fire lower power
1 wrist netgun

Predator Armor, acid resistant not proof
Mask with all vision modes

Hey everyone, my real name is Adam Briggs. I am all about the Predators, Love the Aliens too. Predators are cool and collected and the greatest hunters in the universe. I am the typical Cocoa Beach surfer. I like to street racing (need to break that habit before I go to jail...lol just kidding I will never stop!!!) with my new Civic Si. Linkin Park is by far my FAVORITE BAND!!!!!! I have been to more than 53 concerts. I can't get enough of the band. Thats me dudes. E-mail me at [email protected] if ya want to say hi. Later Dudes.


K20A2 is equipped with standard Predator armor, 2 wristblades, 2 sidearm blades(acid proof), 1 disc, wrist netgun, 2 combisticks(acid proof), plasmacaster, thermalnetting