AmerthystBlades, Yautja, 8 years ago

Back again. This time I may be a little more active.

Oh and congratulations Peterson. Word of advice: being a parent has it's pros as well as cons. That being said enjoy being a father.

Madecarnival66, Yautja, 8 years ago


superxinyang, Yautja, 8 years ago

Anyone still remember me?Was here a long long time ago. was an ex member of Hunter's Moon :D

Madecarnival66, Yautja, 8 years ago


Voltage-3000, Yautja, 8 years ago

this is for people leaving for like years to months not for the weekend

Titulus12, Yautja, 8 years ago

Well I'm back after my one year service in the Army. Glad to be back.

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 8 years ago

Fuck yeah, welcome back!!

Kirby-Cage, Yautja, 8 years ago

It saddens me to say this but this is my last day here. It seems like just yesterday that I came back and here I am leaving once more, But do not cry , be sad, or anything like that, I will return one day I'm sure.

shockwave, Yautja, 8 years ago

goodby kirby-kage T-T(what, im making it dramaticly awsome for his leaving)

-Bloo-, Yautja, 8 years ago

Good luck, Kirby. We'll be waiting for you.

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 8 years ago

i love you...

DarkLioness, Yautja, 8 years ago

Hate to see ya go but good luck Kirby

ultimate-xeno, Yautja, 8 years ago

Just found out that ill be leaving after today not sure when ill be back.
shockwave don't be sad ill be back some day.

shockwave, Yautja, 8 years ago

sorry guys but, i am going to be gone for a little while to battle my female rival kimmerachi, i have two rivals now, UX(a male) and kimmerachi(a female) for aliens vs predator , not sure if its very long or not though, im sure its going to be alot over two weeks so its a good thing you dont have annoying shockwave around for a while, lol. so i wont have time to be hanging out here for a while. and ive got some shadow clan(my clan for PS3) bisnuss going on and a lot of other shit to deal with too, Ill return soon hope you make more fan fiction stories of our series UX. farewell my friends. OORAH! :)

shockwave, Yautja, 8 years ago

hey im back from my mini vacation

BloodHarpy, Yautja, 8 years ago

Not officially back. I just stopped by for a brief moment to see what was going on.

Ok well see you all in about five months or less hopefully.

shockwave, Yautja, 8 years ago

Damn how much longer is UX going to be gone? D:

-Bloo-, Yautja, 8 years ago

After tonight, I might have little to no access to internet for the next 2 weeks 'cause I'm leaving on a flight to the Philippines. This means no new posts for anything RP-related (not that I've been keeping up anyway) and no new story updates for my character bible.

I will be taking my iPad, though, so I'll still be busy with the art side of the project. I just may not be able to upload anything.

See you guys in August.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 8 years ago


Kirby-Cage, Yautja, 8 years ago

I "RETURN" WITH FANFAIR! (and the crowd goes wild! woooooooooooh!) I only put return in quotes because I dont own a computer right now so I have to pay to use this one, not the best but it could be way worse.