Predator 2



Predator wreaked havoc in the jungle and struck box-office gold, so Hollywood logic dictated that Predator 2 should raise hell in the big, bad city. Los Angeles, to be specific, and this near-future L.A. (circa 1997) is an ultra-violent playground for the invisibility-cloaked alien that hunted Arnold Schwarzenegger in the previous film. Scant explanation is given for the creature's return, and because Ah-nuld was busy making Total Recall, Danny Glover was awkwardly installed as the maverick cop (is there any other kind?) who defies a government goon (Gary Busey) to curtail the alien's inner-city killing spree. But why bother, when the victims are scummy Colombian drug lords? Don't look for intelligent answers; director Stephen Hopkins favors wall-to-wall action over sensible plotting, allowing Stan Winston's more prominently featured Predator to join the ranks of iconic movie monsters. The promise of Alien vs. Predator was only fulfilled in comic books, but look closely: there's a familiar-looking skull in the Predator's trophy case!


Michael R. Gates

Michael R. Gates

This sequel to 1987's highly popular and successful PREDATOR is not nearly as suspenseful as the original, but it is still exciting and action-packed. Though star Danny Glover does not generate the same commanding screen presence that Arnold Schwarzenegger did in the first film, he is nonetheless a very talented and experienced actor, and he and his fantastic supporting cast--the gorgeous Maria Conchita Alonso, the always-delightful Bill Paxton, Hollywood staple Gary Busey, and Panamanian character actor Rubén Blades--are able to raise 1990's PREDATOR 2 several notches above the average quality level of film sequels.

This time the eponymous extraterrestrial is on safari in the (then) futuristic Los Angeles of 1997, and it is Columbian and Jamaican drug lords, mon, that seem to be his prey of choice. But when he spots the crime-fighting juggernaut Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) in action, he feels he's finally found the king of this urban jungle. Harrigan then becomes the main object of the hunt, and the inevitable but exciting showdown takes place on the upper levels of a high-rise apartment in the L.A. slums.

The special FX of this sequel are not as fresh as they were in the original PREDATOR, but they are still adequate for the story and action. The Alien, when visible, gets more screen time than he did in the first film, and genre fans will be delighted to see that Stan Winston and his staff manage to make the E.T. look just as cool as before.

In short, PREDATOR 2 is not as fresh, classy, or suspenseful as its progenitor, but Danny Glover--who, though no Arnie, is a talented and interesting actor--creates an urban hero who is both compelling and sympathetic.

THE DVD from Fox offers a nice anamorphic Widescreen transfer and good Dolby Digital sound, and in addition to the theatrical trailer, the extras include a pretty cool behind-the-scenes featurette that was filmed during the movie's original production. Good movie and good DVD, but be sure to also get the DVD version of the even better original



I hated alot of the things about Predator2 it just didnt leap out at me like the first. They tried to get the same impact when he removed his mask as in the first one but it just didnt happen. Also why did they give the main character a fear of hieghts we all knew he was going to have to go up high. And he cant run you've seen him wodderling along like a penguin.

On a more positive note I do think introducing new weapons to the story was a great way to gain attention but still the overall movie was to... rushed I felt it was over before it had begun. I dont think they should have made the government invovled as the Predator is a master of stealth and shouldnt have been found so easily.

All in all I hated it.

Jacko Boy

Jacko Boy

Overall, i didn't like this film much. Although i did love the first film, this one just didn't feel as geinuine. I liked the idea of Preddy having more weapons, but the spear was so chunky, and the Smart disc looked liked a stupid frisbee. It felt like a lot of violent images strung together by a "ok" storyline. Not really a good film , watch the first one instead.



Well, let me start off by saying that the first Predator is and will always be the best in the series. With that out of the way this movie is in no way bad. You just have to look at it from a diferent perspective. The first is sapossed to be a scary suspence movie with some action in there. With the second movie however we already know that the Predators are an alien race of hunters with super strength and hi-tech weaponery. We know that they can go invisable so the suspence is gone. What we have left is the strength and technolgy therefore a much more action orriented film. I think the director does a great job of making a very comic book like film. The special effects are great and the cast (with the exception of the chick overdoing the hard ass) comes off very nice. Over all if you are a fan of comicbooks and science fiction you will love this movie. The best sceen is when the preadator climbs on top of the empire state building, holds up his spear and gets struck by lighting. If thats not right out of a comic book I dont know what is.

I highly recommend this movie

Noah whicker

I highly recommend this movie for the intense action and bloody,bad ass,gore. I do say that
the predator in this movie is more ninja than
space creature ,but still kicks the hell out of
the police force , army , and FBI.

I thought that this was one of the better movies in the predator series


I thought that this was one of the better movies in the predator series. One of the main reasons that I liked this one over the other one was that I got to see the predator more plus all of his weapons that he got to use.

The ending was one of the best fights in the movie other the meat house when he uses his smart weapon on keys. I like it when he gets cut in half. But the only thing that I did like there was that you do not see keys top half of his body fall after the smart weapon comes back to him. You only see the bottom half fall to the ground which I did not like.

The ship was good & like it when you see the Alien skull on the wall showing everyone that they have been hunting them before they got here. But has for coming to the earth the gun that he gives him that say 1716 I believe is from the Bloody sands of time comic book. It shows the same black powder gun & the predator gets it from a Ship.

All in all it had a better story line then the first one & cast was great. Plus I liked the way the Predator was in this one & you got to find out that he liked beef.

Predator 2 is a good, gritty, and suspenseful film


Predator 2 is a good, gritty, and suspenseful film. It breaks away from P1 by taking the hunt to the city. Interesting new weapons and vision modes are introduced, and we see a different ethinicity of predator. A much more snakelike, vicious creature. This predator has a different color scheme, which i think is much more appealing. We see the inside of the predators ship and more of their race. We get to see how the predator picks a target, stalks a it, and does final battle. And we see that they have an honor system.

a must see..... and my favorite pred movie.

This movie was simply spectacular

Agent Sanchez

This movie was simply spectacular...with all due respect you can't adequately recycle nor re-capture the essence of any 1st film and this film wasn't going for that (completely). The gangs added personality and an exotic flavour, the predtaor's psychology was better understood, the new weapons added a depth of strategy and attack to his scenes ( something that the 1st movies plasma gun and wrist blade combo over and over felt redundant).

If any of you think it was too fast pace just keep in mind that its an action movie. Not to mention this movie offreed timeless scenes like the predator's walk in the puddle as hes going to massacre king willie and the appearance of the predator clan.

The music was fabulous, it really made the pace fast and the mood exotic like a jungle but in the city. I love both movies to death and theres something abou the 1st that simply grabs me more than the 2nd, but if the 2nd was the first to come out I think more poeple would have liked it better. sequels always get the harshest critiques.