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Ok I'm really AmerthystBlade but my computer deleted my password. So let me try this again. Damn HP!

Hello my name is Carisa and I'v been an Alien/Predator fan since I was 8 years old and I'm 25 years old now and have a 6 month old daughter named Ellena. I like Gothic fashions(though I'm more of a Semi-Goth) and I like belly dancing, traditional Japanese dance(especially the dances performed by Geishas) and I like horror novels. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Stephani Perry, Angela Dorsey and Sandra Brown. I own two Siamese cats named Rocky and Lita, I own a Friesian/Clydesdale stallion named Celtic and I have five Koi. I was inactive for a long time but I'm active once again! I still travel around and compete at horse shows. In case you were wonder I look a lot like my RPG character(except for the whole pale part lol)

Name: Ryuu Nakano
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Asian
Hair: Black and long all the way to her waist
Eyes: Amethyst
Skin: Pale
Appearance: Alluring, fragile, slender and deadly. Often wears black clothing namely long flowing skirts with high slits, steel-boned corsets, tight fitting tops and sometimes cloaks.
Personality: Aloof, cold, determined, loyal and often violent. Ryuu also has a sadistic streak in her and isn't afraid to show her true colors. You wouldn't want to be one of her targets.
History: Ryuu's life started off happy but it didn't stay that way for long. Her father was a rich business man who did business with the Weyland/Yutani Corporation on a regular basis. Ryuu grew up safe from the dangers most had to face around her. Until the planet her father helped build into a thriving mining business suffered a horrible fate: someone from Weyland/Yutani allowed a Chestburster, a Queen to be exact, to escape along with a mature Xenomorph Warrior. The Xenomorph population overtook the planet so fast people barely had a chance to escape. Ryuu's father was killed after he got her secured on an escape pod. Her mother was killed after being dragged off by a pack of Drones. Everyone knew what her fate was. Ryuu was raised by a business partner who knew her father. The man was in the business of training mercenaries and providing other services that were otherwise illegal. He decided the train Ryuu as a killer telling her she'd could make a good living as an assassin. Ryuu was the best killer he had ever trained. When she reached adulthood she left on her own and traveled across the universe as a assassin for hire. Until she had an encounter with a Predator on a planet owned by Weyland/Yutani. The Predator, named Cetanu, dueled Ryuu and in the end prevailed. Oddly enough Ryuu....woke up on a strange ship. As it turns out Cetanu was part of a mercenary group ,called the Dark Blood Organization, then led by Xeuss who had taken an interest in this elusive murderer. Ryuu even stayed loyal to the Dark Blood Organization after the disappearance of Xeuss and a few other key members. She now faces a new future in the DBO under the rule of the ruthless Yautja, BloodHarpy.
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The sound of blade against blade, the sound of metal against flesh, the sounds of pain and triumph. All these I have come to know. The song of death, the song of pain.