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Aliens colonial marines movie pack DLC

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Gender in the AVP Universe

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next alien movie

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Runners are the one of the smallest alien, on par with the Drone. They act as scouts for the Hive.
It is a comparatively weak alien and easiest to spot due to it's red coloration, which is why it prefers to rush enemies in packs.
They are an extremely fast and agile strain of aliens, perhaps one of the fastest.
It's intelligence seems to be docked, as it kills prey outright and spares no one rather than gathering prey for the hive to grow from.


Claws are used to quickly slash at your enemy. It also is used to interrupt opponents who are about to perform a Heavy Attack on you. Blocking can also be used to block another player's Light Attack from hurting you.
Tail Attack
Use your tail to strike your enemy. It's slower than Claws but it does a lot more damage. It also stuns your opponent so you could finish them off with a few fas attacks. Your tail can reach surprisingly far so a good way to use it from the ceiling. You can also break through an opponent's block with your Tail whereas you can't with your Claws.


I love the alien side but i hate the marines. The marines are my worst enemy. but i get along better with aliens and predators. I want to be a acid spitter predalien runner and i want to join a clan called....... shadow serpents. But ill get along with any marines on my side. I am very loyal to my leaders. I have only one mission now. I must find a clan to join. I didnt leave my clan because i didnt like it. Simply because there training was complete. We had won the war that took place in the video game alien vs predator 3 (2010). But they were all already worthy enough to make their own clans. They no longer needed my help. I may be a good leader. But I id rather work than rule. Now i have found a clan I want to join. My only mission now is to join it. I will have my revenge against the marines that I battled during the great war. I now take refuge on Aliens colonial marines. If you wish to join me on my quest. then those of you who have a playstation 3. Then send a friend request to this name, GhostVillager.


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