Labyrinth (Aliens)



The space station Innominata has one problem: men die there. Only no one really knows it--or at least, no one who counts. Certainly Colonel Doctor Tony Crespi has no idea; he is simply eager to work with the infamous Doctor Paul Church, who believes that a mutated strain of alien can be made to obey human will. Church's captive creatures live in a warren of tunnels. Inside that labyrinth, Crespi and Lieutenant Sharon McGuinness are about to find the true meaning of Church's experiments. With a chamber of all-too-human horrors at its dark heart, the labyrinth is a death trap--designed by a man who is attempting what no other person in the universe would dare: to bring human and alien together as one!


I am the biggest fan of Alien in the universe

Jon Fawcett

I am the biggest fan of Alien in the universe I only have AlIEN and ALIENS but i´m gonna get the two other soon.

I think this book is a perfect book for Alien fans because it´s what alien fan want´s ... GORE!!!!!!

I love every single movie and book and I hope you make some more.


P.s Whens the ALIEN vs Predator movie coming out.