The Black Moon



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RPG #20:





      Earth's been abandoned; no humans have been in the Milky Way Galaxy for centuries. Prior to abandonment, Earth's societies relied on a model of perpetual privatized war to keep the economy flowing despite knowing its long-term inefficiency.

      By now we know the constant wars resulted in a global economic collapse—a planetary catastrophe the likes of which hadn't been witnessed since World War II—which caused the deaths of a third of the planet's population. Meanwhile, much of the environment became unsuitable to sustain life.

      Only 12% of Earth's population made it off the planet and escaped to colonies in other galaxies. Everyone else on Earth eventually either died off or reverted back to pre-industrial societies.

      Around 300 years afterward, Yautja started using planets in several solar systems of the Milky Way Galaxy as:

       > Breeding Centers
       > Training Grounds
       > Libraries/museums/archives
       > Travel Hubs

      In our solar system, Earth became one such breeding center. Not every breeding center creates the same library of creatures. For example, Mars is dedicated to creating cows while Earth is dedicated to creating black goo creatures. The most abundant black goo creature produced on Earth is the Xenomorph, but one may also find the variety of creatures seen in Prometheus. All black goo creatures are friendly toward one another. They're also very hostile toward humans and Predators.

      There are only 5 active Xenomorph hives on Earth. One of them is the Shadow Serpents. Most of the Shadow Serpents Hive is located on what used to be the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, but it also seeps underground into the Pacific Ocean and continues on to Russia.

      About 4000 years after the collapse and the death of all the humans on Earth, humans from a faraway galaxy have decided to take back their old solar system in the Milky Way. They've sent a military group called Alpha Draconis. Alpha Draconis has landed in Anchorage, Alaska. Their mission is to investigate the Kenai Peninsula and to destroy all the Xenomorphs there. Afterward, they will move onto the other 4 Xenomorph Hives and destroy them as well.

      The Shadow Serpents' numbers have dwindled because the Predators haven't been back in some time.There are no longer thousands of Aliens and there is no Queen. All Aliens are working together to create another Queen.

      The only Xenomorphs in this hive are the player characters. There are no NPCs.

      Because an unauthorized ship (Alpha Draconis' ship) has breached the borders of a sacred breeding center, the Predator clan in charge of Earth, Hunter's Moon, has sent a small investigation team to rectify the situation. This is not a clan-sanctioned mission—the Elder in charge of this mission, Concrete Hunter, does not want word to get out that they failed to prevent foreign contamination of one of the most important breeding centers in the Milky Way. So, other than themselves, this small team has no backup and no access to the planet's supplementary defenses because, again, they don't want word to get out that they were too incompetent to keep invaders out of their charged station.

      Of course, they're not incompetent; Concrete Hunter's group immediately detected Alpha Draconis the moment they entered the Milky Way and were prepared to deal with it, but they failed to pinpoint the exact location of Alpha Draconis' technologically foreign ship until an atmospheric breach was detected on Earth, at which point it was too late to prevent their landing.

      To currently living humans, the rediscovery of the Milky Way is one of the most important events in history—and the rediscovery of Earth even more so. But because the entire surface of the planet has been covered in Xenomorph Hives, the humans have nicknamed their home planet The Black Moon.


> Alpha Draconis wants to kill all the Xenomorphs and capture all the Yautja (or at least one) for interrogation. They want to know what happened to their solar system in the time that humans have been gone.

> Hunter's Moon wants to keep the Aliens alive and kill the humans. However, if any Alien threatens their mission, they shouldn't hesitate to kill them.

> The Shadow Serpents want to capture someone that can become the host for a new Queen. They will either kill everyone else or capture them.

> Alpha Draconis is the one in power this time. They're completely aware of both Aliens and Predators and are prepared to deal with them in any way possible. And because their mission is officially recognized and commissioned by their government, they have access to fancy weaponry as well as leeway to do whatever the hell they want as long as their goal is completed. That means they have access to ships, tanks, mechs, missiles, and squads of NPCs who can make things difficult for the Xenomorphs and Yautja. The only reason they might not want to blindly blow everything up is because they need to capture at least one Yautja. Whether or not they also capture a Xenomorph is up to them, but if they do, the story can change significantly. If they end up killing every predator, that also changes the story significantly.

> Hunter's Moon's mission is preservation; they want to keep the Aliens alive and completely wipe out Alpha Draconis. The small group of Predators sent to Earth to deal with Alpha Draconis is not recognized by Hunter's Moon's Elder Council and so they have no back-up and little to no resources. They have never seen humans before, either, so they don't know what exactly they're up against. Ultimately, their goal is to keep the Aliens safe (because Earth is one of Hunter's Moon's most important breeding centers), so they want to avoid killing them, but that doesn't mean they can't fight them. And honestly, any of you Yautja players can decide to kill the Xenomorphs anyway; it'll make things interesting.

> The Shadow Serpents want to repopulate The Hive. They don't have access to NPC Xenos; the only active Aliens are the player characters. Their goal is to create at least one Queen, but more than one is entirely possible. The Xenomorphs are the ones who are most out of the loop about what's happening, but they know the land better than anyone else and they have the added benefit of the Yautja trying to protect them from the humans, so if the Xenomorphs choose, they can let the humans and Predators weaken each other before moving in for the kill. And although it's their goal to create a Queen, the players don't have to abide by that at all. You can even kill every human and Yautja without creating a single host; the story is in your hands.

> Alpha Draconis has access to small groups of NPCs and vehicles. You can call in 2 back-up groups of 5 soldiers each at a time. In addition to any non-weaponized transport vehicles you want, you can summon one weaponized vehicle at any time. These weaponized vehicles are limited to a small gunship, a missile launcher (limited to 4 missiles), an A.I.-controlled Exosuit (2 rockets and a .50 caliber machine gun + Power Loader capabilities), or whatever else you can come up with (JUST ASK FIRST IN THE OOC THREAD).

> Hunter's Moon's ships can be any size they want but they cannot use a full-sized clan ship (like the one from AVP). You can use smaller ships (like the one from Predator 2) and drop pods. If you want, you can even use the ships in your attacks against Alpha Draconis (but none of the ships can be weaponized), and you can use your drop pods in any way you'd like once your reach the surface. Be creative—just don't do anything that'll put you in God Mode territory. Additionally, you have access to all the standard weaponry, including and up to Plasma Casters.

> The Shadow Serpents have no weaponry and no Queen. The only Xenomorphs in this particular hive are the player characters. There are technically more Xenomorphs around the world, but there's no way to communicate with them. However, there are definitely a few non-Xenomorph creatures running around (such as the Hammerpedes and Trilobites from Prometheus), which are friendly toward the Xenomorphs. You can pit those against the humans and Yautja as much as you like... but don't go overboard. You can also create more hive webbing and create traps. Use your imagination.


      This is a recap of the story up to the most recent post.
      (Last updated June 25, 2016).


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