Nightmare Asylum: Aliens Book 2 (Aliens, Book 2)



Wilks, Billie and Bueller were the last survivors of a devastating assault on the aliens' home planet. But their return to the solar system made them refugees once more, fleeing Earth and its alien infestation in a desperate attempt to stay alive. Now, in an otherwise unmanned military transport, they hurtle through space. Destination: unknown. Little do they know that the cargo they carry with them is a legacy of death that they will ultimately have to face. Nor do they know that they head toward a remote colony and military outpost. This pocket of humanity at the very edges of space is at the mercy of a general named Spears with an agenda all his own. Now Billie, Wilks, and Bueller face a new nightmare, and it is nothing they could ever have imagined: a gift of madness from an alien world, an unbalanced mind, and the experiences of a mysterious pilot named Lieutenant Ellen Ripley.


shows humanity at its worst


great, shows humanity at its worst. five very uba big stars

Aliens:Nightmare Asylum

Steve Perry

I think this book is great as it shows humanity at its worst and how even a little courage and faith can give people a reason to live.It also shows the aliens at their strongest which is interesting to see.Igive it 5 stars