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Private is the lowest rank in the USCM. Like all USCM personnel they're highly trained in combat and dominate a wide range of firearms. Most privates as also technically skilled handling welding torches or repairing mechanical or electronical systems.


Combat Knife
When you consider the other available weaponry, and the strength of the enemies you'll fight, it's not at all a good weapon to use in battle, but it's still important in battle, it's needed to cut yourself out of nets from the Predator's Netgun.
A rather aged weapon used often and carried by all Marines, the M4A3 is mainly used against human targets or aliens without a hard exoskeletal armor. The range is approximately 1500 meters, but its maximum effective range is 50 meters. It is rarely used against a xenomorph threat.
This Shotgun is a good "Close Encounters" weapon but not effective at all in long range battles.
Pulse Rifle
These rapid fire guns are the norm for the Colonial Marines during their missions. The occasion is rare when a Marine does not carry one of these into battle. This gun is rapid fire and holds 99 M309 rounds per magazine. It becomes very easy to run out of ammunition when using these. Also incorporated into this weapon is a PN 30-mm hand pump grenade launcher, which almost always is armed with M40 High Explosive fragmentation rounds, which have an effective range of 400 meters.
Motion Tracker
The Motion Tracker is the Colonial Marine's way to detect opponents beyond visual range - whether they are invisible or behind a wall - the Motion Tracker will track it.
Instant heal stims. These are the soldier health insurance. Use them between battles to replenish health and energy.
Pattern Ballistic Armour
The Pattern Ballistic Armour includes a defensive blast helmet and armoured vest. The armor consists of an outer layer of ultra-light titanium aluminide alloy, a middle layer of boron carbide resin and an inner layer of woven kevlar fibre. It's effective against low calibre and non-armour piercing rounds but is vulnerable to high calibre and armour piercing ammunition.


Accesing Data Base...

Basic Information

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Name: Edgar Algae

Age: 18 years

Sex: Male

Height: 1.93 m

Weight: 65 Kg.

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Red

Blood tipe: O-

Birthplace: Mexico


Born in Mexico, at a young age he and his family emigrated to the United States, to the populated city of Denver, Colorado, in where his love for medicine was found, as he watched his mother work as a doctor. Later, inspired by his father, who was a Colonial Marine, the young man decided to join the U.S.M.C., after graduating as a doctor, and becoming the squad's Hospital Corpsman.

In front of you, you can see a young, handsome, and gallant man, of Hispanic descent, that appears to be around 6'3 feet tall.

His frame is slender, although his body is built strong from athletics, being slightly musucular.

He has round and vibrant eyes, with a childlike curiosity on them. They also sport a hint of adventure and determination in them. They are gentle, yet youthful and exhuberant.

His hair is of a bright red color, and is curly. He usually combs it on the style of 50's and 60's greasers, and it is very well kept, and soft to the touch.


M41A Pulse Rifle, with an underbarrel grenade launcher attachment.

M37A2 Pump Shotgun.

M4A4 Service Pistol, with an A7 Sound Supressor.

Combat Knife

M314 Motion Tracker

ME3 Hand Welder

Pattern Ballistic Armour, with a TNT mounted shoulder lamp for illumination. The armor has red crosses painted in the right and left shoulder pads. In the front, on the left side, his chestplate has written in white paint "EDGAR ALGAE", and on the right side, a drawn nurse's caduceus can be seen.

He also has a medical kit, that has stims, bandages, alcohol, forceps, tweezers, syringes and some painkillers.

Combat Journal

We have taken orders from the commandander that we should help the team that has landed on the surface of the planet, and to find what has happened to the soldiers. I wonder what has happened to them. I will be the team\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s medic in the surface. Out-