S Carter

I Think The Predators Movie Very Very Good for Those Fans Of The Predator Films It Will Be Massive I Would Be Shocked If It Was'nt An 18 At Least



does not worth even for a single comment..


Mikey! aka Champ

well from wat the trailer is like I reakon this movie will be good, but I dont kno about the "Predator Pig" things....might be interesting =, but I cant wait till this thursday when it comes out!

By the way....FIRST COMMENT!! woooo!

Robert Rodriguez’s Predators


Hey guys! Check out this new interview FEARnet did with Robert Rodriguez, Nimrod Antal and Adrien Brody about the new Predators movie. They seem really excited about it and have some interesting insights.
Here’s a link to it:
What do you think?

The Movie and the plot


Well this is a OK movie, again back in the jungle and nice action but stil the questions are many, what is the higher breed of predators? Evolving from what? Where do they come from? New breeds of animals NICE done and very cool

Nice small part of of the boss in CSi :-) I will not tell anything more see it!


Great Movie Best Of 2010!!


This movie was awsome! Totallly kickass! It's about time we get a good movie worth going to the theaters for!

Awesome as all get go!


This movie was worth the money for the tickets, the time spent in the theater and worth the treats I purchased for me and my friends at the theater while we watched the movie. Robert Rodriguez sure knew what he was doing when he made this movie and it turned out to be a great film!

If the prequel comes out I gonna go see that in the theater too!

brillant film predators


a brillant must see film with great effects.
from the start you just think what the hell and the the film really gets started. the end of the film is the best when royce is smashing the new predator round the head with a big bit of metal and then cuts its head off which i love because the new predator so annoying. in the end it is a really great film that i have watched about 6 times with only one let down. lots of gory fights and a lot spikey alien dogs.
totaly get the film' you will not be disapinted!