.::RPG::.The Bleeding Star

Stalker, Yautja, 17 years ago

For centuries, humans have always longed to solve the unsolved mysteries of the galaxy. During aeons past they have always pushed themselves to do what no-one else had done, to discover what no-one else had found, & to be where no-one else had been. A routine investigation of a strange radar signal in the year 2245 would indeed prove how deadly the curiosity of the human mind can be, & has led to the discovery of something nobody ever thought existed- the bleeding star.....

August 24, 2245-

A large mass of hulking metal drifted through the great black void of space. It's seemingly effortless movement was only matched by it's sheer size. A stream of electricity clouded the object, blending it in seamlessly with it's surroundings. Suddenly, white hot flames fired from the object's thruster, launching it at incredible speed through the vast reaches of space. Lights beamed from inside the hulking mass, as it's engines cooled & it once again began slowly to drift. Onboard the foreign ship, a mighty race of creatures dwelled, every hallway was littered with them, they walked upright, such as a human, but were almost nothing akin to them. These creatures were fierce hunters, & would stop at nothing to find & claim the skulls of honourable prey.

At the present time though, they seemed disinterested in their tradition, rather preferring to reminisce of great hunts passed & worthy kills claimed. Several of the hunters bypassed each other in the ship's main corridor. They were each from rival clans, although for the moment, that was not an issue, as there was no hunt under-way to compete over. Each of them bowed their heads as a respect to one-another, something they weren't used to doing to a rival clan member.

Nearby, a second ship drifted into view. Much different & technically far inferior to the ship of the mighty hunters. The so-called "hairless primates" known as humans were the inhabitants of this particular vessel, dubbed "Darksiege II". Onboard the ship, scientists went about their duties, guards patrolled, & special visitors to the ship, an elite squad of marines known as Alpha Draconis settled down for a drink. This had been their first mission in quite some time, & since much of their old squadmates had been butchered by an unknown force in their last one, they were feeling somewhat uneasy.

The ranking commander, nicknamed "Hyro", was somewhat on edge. Walking over & sitting down at the table next to one of his squadmates, Kidd, he muttered "it just feels like there's some kind of curse upon our heads y'know? ever since we signed up for this mission I haven't felt quite right", Kidd turned to face him "maybe you just need to lie down, you don't look well", "that won't do me any good", Hyro responded "funny how I'm the commander & I'm the one whose nervous, somewhat ironic don't you think?". "Let's change the subject" Kidd replied, staring out of the airtight window, he said "y'know, I've heard that ships disappear around here", Hyro responded with a ghostly shiver, mocking Kidd's "horror story". "I'm not joking" Kidd replied, come & take a look.

Hyro hoisted himself out of his chair, grabbing his beer from the table. "What is it?" he asked. Kidd pointed out the window to a nearby planet "it's said that ships have passed by that area, & haven't returned, as though they've simply disappeared", "pah, foolish ghost stories" Hyro murmured, gulping down a big mouthful of his beer & slumping back into his chair.

Nearby, the hunters' ship remained undetected, their superior technology keeping them concealed from the humans. They were not interested in a fight, & carried on about their business. In the main clan hall of the ship, where all clan members could come together & enjoy themselves, the hunters were telling their own tales. One of them leapt up, boasting about how he killed a dozen hard meat with only his wristblades, another jumped up to talk about how he slew a hybrid with his bare hands, the room was alive with chatter.

Suddenly, the ship went dark & silent. Not only had the lights failed, but the engine wasn't responding either. Although the Hunters' infra-red vision allowed them to see clearly, even in darkness, the engine cutting out was still a concearn. Suddenly, the ship's inertia shifted, & the crowd of hunters was thrown to the floor, something was seriously wrong. The ship lurched forth again as the passengers were hurled against the wall. The ship was in desperate trouble. The nearby planet seemingly raced closer & closer as the out of control ship hurtled towards it. All of their systems had been struck down by an unknown force, & they were going down.

Nearby, the Darksiege II's crew became startled. A blip appeared on their radar as if out of thin air, & it was heading for the nearby planet at a tremendous speed. "I could've sworn it wasn't there a second ago, what should we do?" asked one of the crew. "We've got to go & investigate, there might be people who need help" shouted the pilot. His voice boomed over the ship's loudspeaker "we will be experiencing a time delay, for those of you who have an urgent job to get to, I apologize, but this is a potentially critical situation". The ship's thrusters fired into life as it blasted towards the unknown planet. As they neared, one of the crewmen shouted "what the hell is that? it doesnt look like any ship I've ever seen", "I don't know, but I guess we're gonna find out" the pilot remarked.

The hunters ship was out of control, hurtling end over end, the passengers being thrown around like ragdolls inside. Suddenly, all seemed to go quiet, everything was at peace...... *SMASH*, the ship collided with the planet, it's sharp, jagged rock structures tearing through it's unshielded hull like a knife through butter. Passengers were thrown everywhere, & flourescent green blood splattered in large amounts as many of the hunters were simply crushed from the impact. The ship violently flipped & rolled end over end across the planet's harsh landspace, leaving large chunks of it's pulverised metal scattered everywhere.

Darksiege II followed, their thrusters at maximum force. Suddenly, as they neared the planet, the thrusters simply cut out. The same terrible fate that had befallen the hunters was happening to them too.....


Amidst the damaged wreckage of his crashed ship, a hunter pried himself from the smouldering metal titan. The creature collapsed to the ground, the jagged rocks of the planet's surface cutting into his flesh as he lay in a pool of his own flourescent green blood. It was Stalker, the feared second in command of the mighty Balatu clan. His fights spanned centuries, & have been some of the most grisly & ferocious battles recorded in all of the yautja's history. For a proud hunter like himself, a death like this was to show weakness. He tried to lift himself from the ground, the pain was unbearable. He managed to raise his head & take a quick look around. The planet was barren & seemingly lifeless, it's structure seemed to be made up almost entirely of large, jagged boulders & rocks, with a honeycomb of deep entrenchments running through them.

Stalker slid up against the wreckage of his ship, trying to flip open his wristcomputer, something was wrong, it wouldn't open. Stalker tried his mask- nothing. None of his tech was working, although strangely, most of it seemed to still be in good condition, so why wasn't it working? could there be a link between his equipments' failure & the ceasing of his ship's systems? Through his half glazed over eyes, he noticed another object come hurtling through the planet's atmosphere & crash down a couple of kilometres from his own position. It puzzled him why the atmosphere on this planet was breathable, as there seemed to be no signs of other life.

Stalker struggled to his feet as the planet's sun began to set. As the hunter stepped from the shadow of his ship however, his flesh began to burn. He needed to find cover fast. Rushing across the sharp, jagged rock faces with all the strength he had left in his body, he leapt into one of the rocky entrenchments which was running through the planet's surface. As the sun began to fall below the horizon, Stalker let out a mighty howl of agony as his clawed hand reached out, the last rays of sunlight searing the flesh of his hand as the planet slipped into darkness.....

Little did the hunter, & what others may have survived the crash know, was that deep below the planet's surface, their arrival had awoken it's other "inhabitants"


the_doctor, Yautja, 17 years ago

this was it, a fight that had been in the making so long the orignal crimes of shadowblade had drifted to but a story within the clan. K20 always had the greatest lust to see shadowblade destroyed.

the fight raged and time began to slow, fists paused in the middle of the air. all the tales from K20 and shadowblade's past came back into memory. Shadowblade was still as arrogant as ever, the stances and stikes he took said it all.

cory had left to fight the hoard of hard meat that were fast approaching. every one of the traditional balatu moves were countered by shadowblade but if he thought that would help he was greatly mistaken.

time returned to some normality and the fight raged on, stalker took swiped his wrist blades up into shadowblade's chest but it was countered. the battle continued like this, every move of both shadowblade and clan was being countered by the other, minor cuts appered on all of the hunters and the blood was spilling.

this was growing tiresome, the doctor decieded to try something new, the elder closed his eyes and went with what his other senses told him. he could feel the fight, the manouvers all of it. the could feel the air rushing from the movement of each hunter.and then he striked, somehow Shadowblade missed the doctor's attack and now balatu had stiked.

the docotr pulled his combi stick out of shadowblade's torso, the rouge's blood on the tip. thats when the doctor realised how close dawn was.

are you predator or prey?


Unknown, Yautja, 17 years ago

The surprising blasts to the back knocked Cory forward and fell onto a wall. Once the firing stopped, Cory turned his head to catch a glimpse of a Marine, Aeo hiding behind the corner. Cory turned and snarled. He had been ambushed, just the way he ambushed the squad of Marines previously. For him, ambushes were his greatest weakness. Cory had to get out of there. Knowing this was going to get messy including the fact Aeo had a team waiting in the room behind the two, Cory pulled his combistick out as the ends extended.

Looking for cover to use and gain an advantage so he could hunt this Marine rather than be ambushed by him. Cory throws the combistick end into the ceiling and it knocks out a peice of the ceiling leaving a large hole. Cory bends down with his knees and leaps into the air and his chest smacks the edge as his combistick rolls in the vent. Cory grips his hand on the edge and pulls himself up into the vent. grabing his combistick and crawling in the vent, Cory looked down below through the holes in the ceiling to find the Marine... At this point, Cory could be anywhere in the ceiling of the ship...

The team of Marines leaned against the walls talking... Wondering what was going on. They examined the skinned bodys in shock. Suddenly the ceiling rattled. From above a net sprang out and pinned a Marine against the wall, strangling him to his death. The Marines began to fire from all directions but not where Cory was hunting them through the ceiling. They were oblivious to the manipulation. From the dark ceiling, three spears blasted out of his spear gun and darted into a Marines body pinning him right next to the other fallen Marine stuck in the net. Blood seaped down the walls. The Marines stopped and examined the spear's direction that stuck in their comrad's deing body. The sound of fire stopped and all was quit as they looked around, puzzled. Awaiting to be picked off. They all turned their attention towards the deing Marines to comfert them. Suddenly Cory's stealthy body swept down behind the last three Marines.

Cory wrapped his hands around ones mouth to muffle his screaming from shock. Unaware, the other two Marines continued to speak to their comrads, crying lightly in sorrow. From his right gauntlet his wristblades sprang out across the Marine's neck and sliced it opened. He fell to the ground as blood leaked out of his tore-opened neck. Cory wrapped his arm aroud one's neck and threw his combistick at the other as he held the hostage. The Marine looked in fright as the combistick dove straight into his chest and knocked him onto the ground as blood squirted into the air like a fire hydrant. Cory held the strembling Marine in his arm. He let go of him then grabbed the back of his head and threw it into the wall and crashed his face. The body fell down. Cory looked apoun the dead Marines and snarled in triumph. Retreiving his weapons and ran down a different hall, getting farther from Aeo's posistion which was in the room infront of all the dead Marines.

Knowing Aeo would be alot more hard then the simple Marine's he had just got by. He looked into the room where Dragon and Hyro continued fighting. Two more Marines remained in this ship. If the Yautja can take them out, the ship will be theres once more.

R.I.P. Kevin Peter Hall

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Stalker, Yautja, 17 years ago

Amidst the swarming black sea of death, Stalker leapt to his feet. The doctor had his combistick drawn, ready for combat. They knew that the confines of the entrenchment wasn't the place to fight, they could barely move as the rocks loomed over them on either side, sandwiching them in. The hunters leapt from the trench, ready for combat. Cory & Black extended their wristblades as the creatures poured out of the entrenchment, like a spreading virus they swarmed both pairs of hunters. Blood spilled on the ground as the two mighty bands of creatures tore each other apart.

Stalker's combistick extended as he drove it through the skull of one of the creatures, killing it instantly. Using his brute strength, he lifted the beast off the ground, dangling by the head off the end of his combistick & hurled it against a jagged boulder, violently ripping it's exoskeleton apart. The hunters were outnumbered but still they fought on. The doctor buried his wristblades through the chin of another of the beasts, striking with such force that it took the creatures head clean off.

The creatures numbers began to dwindle as the mighty Balatu warriors killed one after the other. They were determined for survival, & nothing would stand in their way. Cory tore a shuriken from his belt, hurling it through the air as it sliced through one of the creatures' chitinous armour with ease. As the last of the beasts fell before the might of balatu, a figure watched them from the distance. A mighty rogue hunter, determined on ending the lives of the gods of death once & for all.....


Hive_Tyrant, Yautja, 17 years ago

Thrashing, flailing at jacks face Hive_Tyrant made screeches of battle. Jack saw while Hive_Tyrant was on top of him he was going to use his seconed jaw, jack krauser quickly kicked off his apponant and got up quick, only to be tackled into a wall of hard, sharp rocks.

Jack quikly pushed Hive_Tyrant away, befor more damage could be done, Jack screeched in pain from the wounds.As Hive_Tyrant ran twords his apponant, jack quikly dodged him and used his tail to pierce Hive_Tyrant's leg.Hive_Tyrant felt a sharp pain running up and down his leg, he let out a screech in pain, Jack jumped on top of Hive_Tyrant and tried to claw at his face, Tyrant quikly used his second jaw to puncture jacks shoulder.

Tyrant ran to one part of the area away from his enemy, ready to charge,there was a fire burning in their eyes knowing they want to kill each other...

HiveTyrant.jpg The killer of the eders, work for The Hive!

Unknown, Yautja, 17 years ago

Donut and Drenton made their way slowely past the hulking metallic skeletons of great war ships, mangled bodies and fire. Smoke rose to the sky, entwining into a single coil. The moon shone brightly overhead. The sounds they could hear were the crackling of the fire as it consumed the flesh of the Predators who had died in the crash, their own feet gently patting on the ground, the distant sound of the few remaining xenomorphs retreating to the depths and safty of the cave, and Donut's sad whimper.

Many hours later, the sky was a dark orange colour, and the light revealed the carnage of the night before. The bodies of xenomorphs, along with the bloody corpses of predators lying in the sand. Small insects and other such creatures were crawling over the bodies, and take small bites.

Drenton and Donut were far away from the grizzly scene, and were tavelling along a serise of tunnels.

From nearby, they could hear metallic clanking noises.


Stalker, Yautja, 17 years ago

The hunt for the rouge was underway as the doctor & Stalker made their way through the pitch-black caverns. The doctor's loss of vision was impeding him, but not stopping him as he continued to press on. The cave walls seemed to almost close in on the two hunters, looming all around them like a menacing force. But Shadowblade was here, & the hunters would not rest until his mutilated corpse lay at their feet. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps could be heard, not by Stalker, but by the doctor. Having to become more attuned to his senses due to his visual handicap seemed to have paid off. The elder let out a menacing laugh as both hunters began racing through the caverns towards the source of the sound, their leg injuries slowed them down, but would not stop them.

Stalker's wristblades shot from their gauntlet as they once again prepared to engage the rogue. They quickly rounded a corner, & stopped dead in their tracks. Shadowblade stood before them, an almost evil smirk on his battle-scarred face. Stalker began to laugh "you didn't think you could flee from us so easily did you?" the hunter bellowed, "& you call us weak..... we aren't the ones who retreat from battle, like a pathetic coward" he laughed. Shadowblade stood, unflinched by Stalker's words. Something was wrong, Shadowblade could've easily hid further into the caves, but instead it seemed as though he wanted to make himself easy to find.

Suddenly, the rogue drew a speargun, & before either of the hunters had time to react, he fired it. The inner-jaw of one of the creatures, used by the rogue as a makeshift spear, slammed into Stalker with extreme force, knocking the hunter off his feet as flourescent green blood splattered across the walls of the cave, illuminating the immediate area. Stalker writhed in pain & agony as he felt the blood pour from the gaping wound in his neck. The makeshift speargun round had hit Stalker right above the collarbone, tearing into the side of the hunters neck. The weapon had barely missed Stalker's windpipe & arteries. The hunter spat blood inside his mask as he struggled to remove it from his face before he choked on his own blood. His wound was serious, but until there was not a shred of his body left, he would continue the fight. Little did the two gods of death know what other tricks the rogue had up his sleeves.....


Stalker, Yautja, 17 years ago

At long last, Balatu would finally exact vengeance on the traitorous rogue hunter. Even with the xenomorph swarm attacking, all Stalker could concentrate on was Shadowblade. A mighty war-cry echoed throughout the night sky as the powerful god of death leapt into action against his dishonoured former clan-brother. Shadow blade stood upright, making insulting gestures to the proud hunter, "all those who follow the ways of such pitiful things as honour are weak" he bellowed. Stalker simply ignored the rogues taunts, he had only one goal on his mind, to wipe Shadowblade's dishonoured soul from existence.

Both powerful hunters lunged, slamming their massive bodies together with incredible force. Both hunters struggled against each-other with all their might, trying to bring one-another to their knees with brute strength. It had been a long time since Stalker had fought such a worthy opponent, not only such a great warrior, but someone, or something that could match his power & ferocity. The hunter let out a sadistic laugh as he stared into the rogues merciless eyes, this was the great battle he had waited for for so very long.

Both hunters seemed to almost be matched in strength as neither was giving into the others punishment. Suddenly, shadowblade lunged forth, slamming his head into Stalkers & temporarily dazing the mighty Silent Blade of Balatu. The rogues wristblades shot forth from their gauntlet as he lunged at Stalker from behind. In an instant, Stalker's wristblades extented as the hunter quickly whipped around to parry the blow. The two mighty warriors' wristblades grinded against each other with the incredible weight & force of their bodies behind them, sending a shower of sparks into the air. The xenomorph swarm continued to attack as the other hunters concentrated on defending against the swarming black killers. The doctor raised his combistick, the rogues' blood still dripping from it's tip from the earlier attack, & began to advance on the dishonoured elder, this fight was between Shadowblade & the gods of death.....


Unknown, Yautja, 17 years ago

than aeo i am truly sorry she said as she raised her smart gun. Any one who wants to listen to him than go over there and go back to the ship be a sitting duck anyone who wants revenge on these things come with me(about half of kilo sqaud came over to side with vasque all the res and all of fire team charlie went with aeo)

well good bye comrad as aeo whatched vasquez and her men leave he shouted out to her good luck. as the two marines went their seperate ways vasquez and her men wait for the battle to finish.


Kidd, Yautja, 17 years ago

Kidd stares at the angry monster, still on his knees, ready to move he plans on his next action. The marine, bleeding from his ankel and the acid burn on his cheek, Kidd got an idea, but not wanting to expose it, he quickly turns to limp over to his Pulse Rifle. The Predator followed Kidd with each step he took, Kidd felt the vibration it caused. The marine jumps toward his weapon, pulling back, making a bullet enter the chamber. Kidd felt a firm grip on his shoulder, and then the next thing he knew, he was thrown backwards. Landing on his back, the wind knocked out of the marine. Kidd gasps for air. He then pushes himself up only to see the monster continue to attack him. With his pulse rifle in hand, the marine sets his sights on the beast and pulls the trigger.
The bullets zoomed passed Cory as he quickly rolls to the side. The Sergeant continues to hold the trigger and following the moving target. The sound of bullets hitting metal and flesh is heard and soon after, the rapid firing of the gun seize when the two digits on the counter reading 00 appeared. The yautja, slowly gets up, with two bullet wounds to his right leg, one to his shoulder, and some visible dings to his armor Cory stared at the worthy prey.

Kidd gets up trying to even the odds between the two and then he speaks out loud,"Now you know the feeling of Human Weapons." The Yautja, infuriated by the human's taunts, charges at him. The marine then grabs the end of the rifle, and swings it towards the Charging monster, thus, the metal of the gun connected to Cory's mask, breaking it and causing the beast to fall on his back with a loud thud. Kidd threw the rifle to the side, seeing the partcial exposed face, he steps over the monster's body, kneels down, and begins to punch the creature.
Cory enduring the abuse, raised his arms up, grabbing the human's arms, he pushed him off. The Hunter slowly getting up, getting his senses together, felt his legs give way as the marine he pushed off of him attacks him again. Kidd grabs the monster's hair, s his head back, and delievers a solid punch between his eyes. Cory felt the the human knuckles connecting to his face, making him fall backwards, but the human was not about to let him off that easy. Not wanting to endure this pain any longer,Cory swung his arm towards Kidd's face, making the human fly off the ground and landing with a thud.

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Unknown, Yautja, 17 years ago

as krauser was being clawed he manged once more to stick his tail through one of hive tyrants arms disabling tyrant now but only to take a slash across his right eye.

as krauser sreeched out he looked once more at his opponent in his eyes instead of seeing anger he saw pian and one of his kin he didnt care now it was too late he tail whipped tyrant in the side of the face and leaped on him sendiong him to the ground and almost taking off his head with his tail but missing and hitting ground inches from his head. as he clawed at tyrants eyes anf face tyrant kicked him off!


By the time you see the shadow of my sleeek body its already too late i will hgave my tail sticking through your lifless body and my iner teeth smashing through your face

hyroglphsarenice, Yautja, 17 years ago

Hyro was still standing in awe before him. To hyro nothing else existed just himself and the fear of what was to come. He was stranded on a planet with very little chance of escape along with one of the most dangerous entities he had ever known. This was no the job he was hoping for... but within an instant he was drawn back into the matter at hand. Kidd had presented a choice either go back or move forward. not knowing if he was willing to put his men in danger gave them all the same choice. "i am going foraward mostly likly to death, if any of you wish to go back any of you at all do so now and i will completly understand, yet maybe i can try and pull through this and get us off this rock" he said as he walked off toward the distance. just contiplating that the predator ship was the biggest threat yet also the biggest opportunity for survival. If they could claim that ship they would have means for an escape, as well as along the way neutralizing a menace to all the human people in the galaxy. Yes he would push forward...

Hyro had begun stalking through the jagged metal of the dark planet towards the predator ship. The darkness was over whelming mainly because the only light they had were the flames from the wreckage. Yet in even the most disturbing of places hyro had a smirk on his face. The ground was painted in luminescent green blood, but also every several yards there was dead body. *good* hyro thought *it’s what those monsters deserve.* Maybe if he was lucky enough he wouldn’t have to fight at all. But of course luck had never been with hyro, and the peace around him was about to fall...

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"He who fights monsters should see to it that in the process, he does not become a monster." ~Nietzche

black_warrior, Yautja, 17 years ago

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Cory, Scarred, and Disc Master were working hard and fast at killing off the xeno swarm, but each wave seemed to bring more and more. It almost seemed as if there was no end to the swarm, and the 3 predators were beginning to grow tired.

The fight with Shadowblade against the gods of death and Black Warrior was still going though.
All of the hunters had many cuts and wounds all over their bodies, but it looked like balatu had a slight upper hand. It seemed that The Doctor had concentrated and landed a successful blow to Shadowblade with his combistick, glowing green blood dripping from the tip and seeping into the cracks in the soil beneath. Shadowblade flinched and clenched his torso because of the sharp pain, All 4 hunters stood their ground, on full alert, each one knowing that one wrong move could mean their end...........

Then the dark clouds started to part in the sky and with that, blindingly bright beams of light started to light up the sky as dawn was quickly turning to day.................

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Unknown, Yautja, 17 years ago


The ground was laced with green. The sound of heavy breathing could be heard as the gods of death looked on in a standoff with shadowblade.

The rogue didn't even seem to be short of breath. He stood tall, almost in a mocking gesture, his left mandible protruding from his shattered mask - he still taunted, even with the odds against him.

'k20 was wrong to appoint you to this clan, you were never worthy enough'

The doc and Stalker were tired of his insults, and also uneasy on their feet, this battle had been fierce.

Distraction - it's exactly what was needed. And shadowblade got exactly that. A small tint glared off of The docs mask, reflecting into stalkers vision. With that both hunters knew what was coming - the scorching sunlight of day. They turned, to face the horizon, knowing that the sun would sear the flesh from their bones if they didn't get cover - with that, The rogue did what he did best, attacked with no regard for honour, launching forward he dived wristblades drawn and combi stick in the other hand. He landed in a roll and struck out with the precision orand master, one slash just under the back of the knee brought stalker down, a second slash just on the achillies tendon dropped the doc to the floor all in one swift motion as the rogue elder returned to his feet - he had trapped the gods of death, as The sun rose, they would burn alive, unless they could crawl to a cavern and heal themselves.

Shadowblade felt the first burns of sunlight as he looked down at the helpless hunters, with that, he begun to laugh, his dreadlocks shaking 'honour has always been for the weak'

With that, he leaped from view and decended to the darkness of the trenches....

i can smell your fear.

Iseijin, Yautja, 17 years ago

(It's on, Donut!)

The key to victory is to have as few obstacles in one’s way as possible. To stop every other moment to evade, or go around, or sidestep would hinder progress almost to a standstill. The fewer hindrances, the better. Iseijin could have just as easily focused her undivided – and, most likely, unwanted – attention towards the intruders, therefore both securing the safety of the Hive and Matriarch and raising her standing amongst the other drones, but with other females drones in the way, all jockeying for a better social position, it would have been an unnecessary and complicated burden to trouble with. Not only would she have had to rid of the trespassers, but worry about the other females as well. Best to get rid of the obstruction and leave a cleared path.

The merciful night was slowly fading away into the horizon, allowing the first of the planet’s sun’s punishing rays to peer over the other side as if eager to reign once more. Iseijin lifted her head towards the unwelcomed morning, lifting her lips and growling. Even a xenomorph’s durable chitin armor could only last for a predetermined amount of time before the creatures tossed and turned uncomfortably under the heat. More than once Iseijin had suffered that infernal heat, and wished to experience the burning never again. The female xenomorph made haste, her pacing increasing, as her blood began to boil just as fast as the temperature rose.

The destruction of the female drones was imperative should Iseijin ever gain the unquestionable ascension to the Hive’s throne.

Iseijin slowed down as she neared the area where a battle hot-spot had taken place not too long ago. There was sweat, blood, and metal, all charred and burnt, all from the different species. Each scent was carrying its own story of horror and victory. The stench of war – all smells exciting the Guardian as if she were a primed Queen in heat. Iseijin gave an excited nicker. She lifted her head to the sky and opened her mouth to take in the scents that the winds carried. One in particular brought the feral growl to the back of her throat once more.

Female xenomorph.

An enemy of Iseijin.

The beast followed the stench of female towards a barren section of small caves and dirt crevices. There was a xenomorph here – a female – and there was no doubt of its liability. Iseijin hovered her mouth mere inches from the ground, inhaling the sickening reek of pheromones the females gave, slowly following the trail one measured step at a time. There was the scent of another xenomorph accompanying the female’s, but its lighter quantity in hormones ed the companion as a male – not a target. Every now and then, Iseijin would lift her head up and take in the air around her, then return to her bloodhounding duty and continue her march. Her tail swivelled elegantly behind her, whipping the air with an audible rasp. The Guardian stopped when the stench became too much to bear. She shook her head as if wanting to rid herself of the stink…

…And she saw her.

The female drone.


The split-tailed creature was peeking her head from the safety of the crag she and her companion had sought refuge in, seemingly oblivious to the feral beast behind her. Iseijin wasted no time in using this to her advantage.

Iseijin leapt forward and sunk her teeth into the other female’s nape, growling and shaking her head furiously to create as much damage as she could with her first strike. She let go of her prey and jumped in front of the lithe drone with her teeth bared and lips quivering, drooling like a rabid beast, her spine rigid and head pointing arrow-like at the split-tail in front of her. Whether or not Donut was even aware for the cause of her attack Iseijin did not know, nor did she care. If anything, she wouldn’t live long enough to find out.


black_warrior, Yautja, 17 years ago

It seemed that this fight was for the gods of death. So Black Warrior turned and joined Cory and the others in fighting off the xeno swarm.
it seemed that millions just kept pouring out and attacking, Black warrior's mask was still down, meaning all he could see of the aliens were just black outlines in a blue, green, yellow and red background. BW focused on the shapes and launched 2 shurikens from a distance and hit 2 xeno's square in the dome, splattering acid and shattering bone killing them instantly. But 2 more xeno's seemed to sneak up behind BW, one looked as if it is an experienced warrior and the other just a drone. The drone screeched and clawed at BW's back with its razor sharp talons, tearing the metal of the armor in some places. Bw extended his combistick and spun around, knocking the drone off his back and slaming the combistick in the back of the warrior's head. The drone was slammed into the wall and killed as BW put the combistick into it's chest and twisted it, tearing the exoskeleton and crushing the ribcage.

The warrior however only had a cut in it's dome from the combistick, spilling drops of acid onto the floor and letting it raise smoke. The area Bw was fighting in seemed to grow cloudy as the smoke rose leaving a red blurryness in his eyes. But before he knew what was coming the warrior launched itself at him at full force and connected with his chest, knocking him to the ground and pinning him down.............

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Unknown, Yautja, 17 years ago

disc and the other preds kepted defending themselfs.the aliens kepted coming and we were growing tired.i quickly extended my combistick and use it to blunt aliens out my way.i started thinking i need to get to celtic but i could't in an alien swarm like this.i at least hope he's not running in to trouble.

i said to everyone we need a plan quick cause there number is not limted.i use my disc as a wristblade cause if i threw the disc it would land in the middle of the alien swarmed.as we fought the aliens stared circleing us,coming from every side.we formed a circle as well to be protected and we fought,killing aliens from left to right.acid was spilling all over the place.making the battle field very blerrly of the acid's smoke.now preds could't come in or out the battle.as they kept coming we kept killing...


Hunter_Predator, Yautja, 17 years ago

HP walked down the hall, looking from side to side into various rooms. He saw a glass door leading to another room, that was filled with smoke, he shattered the glass and walked in and saw the skulls in the skull racks. He found his, and put his hand on a human skull, and used it to pull the stick that was holding the skull up, and pulled it down like a lever. The wall opened like a door automatically. HP saw the combonation lock, he typed in the combination, 005, it opened, and there it was, the attachment and the ammo for the weapon on his back, he put the items on his back aswell and left the small room as the walls closed.

He walked through the shattered glass door, but it was silent, way too quiet. He pulled out the wristblade guns and held them ready. He walked down the hall slowly and ready. He walked through a door but was suddenly, through the smoke, he was hit in the face from something already in the room...



Hive_Tyrant, Yautja, 17 years ago

Tyrant quikly used his tail to puncture both of scarred's arms but dissabling one of them. scarred roared in pain and he noticed Tyrant backing up and getting ready to charge, befor Scarred could get up he was tackled into a wall.

Hive_Tyrant quikly used his tail to puncture his opponant's leg crippling it fully, Scarred roared in pain. Scarred quikly extended his wrist blades to it's full length and cut Tyrant's tail off. Hive_TYrant quikly backed away from his foe screeching in pain, Scarred looked at his wristblades and noticed they were burned off, caused by the acid. He was quikly reaching for his dagger until he noticed it wasn't there, he found out he had lost it.

Tyrant quikly threw acid off his tail aiming for Scarred. Scarred thought he could avoid the acid by blocking it with his arm he roareed in pain as he saw his arm bieng burned off (the arm with the wristblades) by the acid.

Tyrant kicked his enemy down and once again hopped on the body ready to strike...

(most of the time you were in a sitting position)

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Kidd, Yautja, 17 years ago

The tall marine, looks at Hyro, and back at the men/nowing his mission, and a way to survive, he chooses to remain with the Team Leader. Kidd follows Hyro through the Jagged Surface, scanning the area for any signs of Hostiles. As the Team nears the down ship, Kidd signaled the team to set up a perimeter around the entrance of the ship while he and the Squad Leader enters. Kidd, with his flashlight mounted on his shoulder, looking through the wreckage and at the florenscent blood that stains the metal within. "Seems like the very same thing that happened to us, happened to them as well..." The tall marine said with a nod, still his Pulse Rifle at the ready,"...but it does mean that there could possible be survivors out there as well. They could be on their way here after a skirmish or will return soon, after they figured out their surroundings, so sir, lets get done what we came here for and radio in the rest of the team." The Marine, then turns his glance to another direction, and as the light flew over an object, Kidd quickly aimed his rifle, only to see a Hand which seems to be reaching out from under the heavy metal, and the marine settles down, knowing that the creature is dead.

(It's aight Hyro. Just use to being puppeted, but being puppeted too much, I would lose my place, that is all.)

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Unknown, Yautja, 17 years ago

AS Krauser finally came back into conciness he looked around the first thing he saw was crow and the yautja he was fighting they were both dead krauser slowly got up as to not fall into a trap there was no sign of the yautja he had been fighting so he went over to see if crow was reallly dead he nodged his dead brothers corpse he than let out a low screech death he felt it all around him. as decided he was not a fighter he would spend his entire life in that cave without a queen to serve he was nothing he thought to himself i mine as welll be called a facehugger cause thats wut i fight like a defensles facehugger he sulked and quitly sobbed tohimself on the way back to his cave where he would spend the rest of his long life he would never leave that cave again never he promissed himself.

By the time you see the shadow of my sleeek body its already too late i will hgave my tail sticking through your lifless body and my iner teeth smashing through your face