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Race: Xenomorph
Class: Warrior
Body Type: Quadruped

Height: 3'6'' - at the shoulder (4'2'' - counting tubes)
Weight: 280 lbs
Gender (if applicable): Female

Iseijin serves as the Hive's primary scout and reconaissance unit; few sentients manage to sneak pass without her knowing of it, and the rest of the Hive is swift to be informed of any trespasses.

One of the swiftest Xenomorphs on four legs, Iseijin can manage bursts of speed for a short amount of time or keep an even pace for incredible lengths; this same speed used for hit-and-run tactics, leap extended distances, or make a quick retreat. In either case it tends to be difficult to outmaneuver the agile beast.

Intellect is her primary weapon. Iseijin not only has been known to regard, comprehend, and analize situations, but apply these understandings as strategy. This Xenomorph thinks.