Duel (Aliens vs. Predator)



Review on Duel


Duel is only a 2 issue story that is linked to the first AVP comic series. Haveing said that this is a peace of shit and is an absolute waste of time. I guess they thought that if they were to through in a predalien we would not notice the terrable colours and story. The character sketches looks like something that belongs on the old He-man cartoon. I never thought I'd say this about an AVP comic but, I hate it.

Enter the Predalien


So here we are back on planet Ryushi, where the two most feared monsters in the universe last met. Time for Round 2. When a group of mariens touch down on Ryushi after picking up a destress signal, they are left stranded fighting for their survival from a band of Predators and a nest of Aliens. All sides are loosing troops and becoming more desperat.

This mini series is all action for those who like nothing more than a good fight. And introducing for the first time the PredAlien.