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Location: Test Facility Delta 3093

Opening Private Documents Of Doctor Marshel Jackson:

Document Title:New Testing

Today I am especially eager to start work, the government has sent us new plans that are supposed to arrive today. The Boss said something about a new weapons program with biological elements involved with it. How Exciting i have personally always wanted to work with biological weapons. Oh i must be going i just received word the plans and equipment has arrived.

Location: Test Facility Delta 3093

Document Title:Some Complications.

The New experiments are going good however we are having some small complications. The Creatures they have sent use seem to infect or rather inpregnate a host by latching on to its face. Intreaging how the creatures to whom we thank bill for the nickname of "FaceHuggers" stay on the animal they stay attached to for such a short period of time before detaching and dying. After what seemed like two hours the Face Hugger detached Died and the host awoke showing some symptoms of pain before its chest exploded outward exposing a new definitive Creature. And hours later a marvalus Creature of power is fully created.

Location: Test Facility Delta 3093

Document Title:A Strange Dissaperance

Strange as I titled this , Bill our Senior scientist was reported missing this morning, Surprising Him of All people would go missing he was so energetic about this job. The Project seems to be doing okay. But the Government has Ordered us to try Human Trials and is thus sending us convicted Felons and other people Sentenced to death to be used as our "Ginnie Pigs" if you would dare call them that. I will report again soon.

Location: Test Facility Delta 3093

Document Title: Death and Destruction

We have surly Doomed ourselves the experiments have all escaped and right when we thought they were domesticated they turned and began killing everyone and destroying everything. over 60% of the staff here are dead or dying this seems like it will most likely be my last data entry of my life,unless the U.S.C.M. Team shows up, We can Only Prey, The Government said they sent their best.

1946 Hours Into Misssion
Location: Aboard U.S.C.M. Cruiser Fate High Orbit Over Test Facility Delta 3093
Who: U.S.C.M. Alpha Draconis Platoon
CO: Captain Kidd
XO: First Leuitenant Peterson
What:Preparing For Departure From Cruiser To Planet Side.

Location: Yautja Clan Command Ship
Who: Balatue and Hunters Moon Clan

Marines Objective:
*Destroy the Xenomorph Infestation
*Survive the Yautja's Hunting Party

Yautja's Objectives:
*Destroy the Xenomorph Infestation
*Kill any Marines you come across

Xenomorph Objectives:
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