Aliens vs. Predator





this is the best comic seris of alien vs predator ever i think . i have the whole collection but the #0 i have is diffrent then that one ... i have the black and white one witch was really expensive!lol


Chrissy Boi

Amazing, and yea probally the best series, When comparing to Eternal which wasnt so good, I also dont have no.0 so hard to get, What i also dont get is why is there alittle extra in the AVP omnibus which showz Machiko joining the predators but not in the original Series of the Comic ?

truely a classic


Aliens vs. Predator, just the thoughtis enough to get any fan's heart pumping. This series has the best of both worlds, on one side: the parasitic hostile aliens. And on the other: the greatest hunters in the galaxy, predators (with the poor humans stuck in the middle). Deffenetly a must have for any fan.

Good Read


Great story to it, nice artwork but number 0's cover im glad it got remade it wasen't very well done. A couple negative's for me, to many Predator's (well dont most Predator comics?) some great parts at the very end one of the main charictor's get's killed off (not gona say who), Lots of blood, action, and well everything else you could like about a comic seris.

A well done comic seris all together

At last! Something c


At last! Something clear I can undsaetrnd. Thanks!