.:RPG:. Descending Fate

Peterson, Human, 13 years ago

Location: Test Facility Delta 3093

Opening Private Documents Of Doctor Marshel Jackson:

Document Title:New Testing

Today I am especially eager to start work, the government has sent us new plans that are supposed to arrive today. The Boss said something about a new weapons program with biological elements involved with it. How Exciting i have personally always wanted to work with biological weapons. Oh i must be going i just received word the plans and equipment has arrived.

Location: Test Facility Delta 3093

Document Title:Some Complications.

The New experiments are going good however we are having some small complications. The Creatures they have sent use seem to infect or rather inpregnate a host by latching on to its face. Intreaging how the creatures to whom we thank bill for the nickname of "FaceHuggers" stay on the animal they stay attached to for such a short period of time before detaching and dying. After what seemed like two hours the Face Hugger detached Died and the host awoke showing some symptoms of pain before its chest exploded outward exposing a new definitive Creature. And hours later a marvalus Creature of power is fully created.

Location: Test Facility Delta 3093

Document Title:A Strange Dissaperance

Strange as I titled this , Bill our Senior scientist was reported missing this morning, Surprising Him of All people would go missing he was so energetic about this job. The Project seems to be doing okay. But the Government has Ordered us to try Human Trials and is thus sending us convicted Felons and other people Sentenced to death to be used as our "Ginnie Pigs" if you would dare call them that. I will report again soon.

Location: Test Facility Delta 3093

Document Title: Death and Destruction

We have surly Doomed ourselves the experiments have all escaped and right when we thought they were domesticated they turned and began killing everyone and destroying everything. over 60% of the staff here are dead or dying this seems like it will most likely be my last data entry of my life,unless the U.S.C.M. Team shows up, We can Only Prey, The Government said they sent their best.

1946 Hours Into Misssion
Location: Aboard U.S.C.M. Cruiser Fate High Orbit Over Test Facility Delta 3093
Who: U.S.C.M. Alpha Draconis Platoon
CO: Captain Kidd
XO: First Leuitenant Peterson
What:Preparing For Departure From Cruiser To Planet Side.

Location: Yautja Clan Command Ship
Who: Balatue and Hunters Moon Clan

Marines Objective:
*Destroy the Xenomorph Infestation
*Survive the Yautja's Hunting Party

Yautja's Objectives:
*Destroy the Xenomorph Infestation
*Kill any Marines you come across

Xenomorph Objectives:
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Peterson, Human, 13 years ago

Peterson stood with his gun at the ready position next to the dropship as the APC drove into the docking bayPeterson jumped in at the last moment. "listin up men We have some scientists gone missing and a code four alert running down there, you all know your jobs and what to do so Good luck en" Peterson finished as he Sat down in the chair next to Kidd. "Sir all units breifed and Standing By sir" Peterson said then turning on his Communcations Link, "Chief Ready for launch Ready when you are" peterson said into the mic. "Aye Aye sir" the poilt Replied.


predator428, Human, 13 years ago

A barren rock of a planet, the Delta 3093 planetoid should have hung in obscurity as just another mass floating in space. But with the arrival of the Weyland-Yutani corporation and the plague it brought with it, that small rock had become the site of a great battle to come. A place of Hell.

A shadow of black began to move across the infinite void of space towards the planetoid Delta 3093. The shadow would have past unnoticed if not for the disapperance of stars as a mass was revealed to block them. As the dark mass approached 3093, small stars of its own began to appear on the surface of the object. The clan ship of Balatu had come out of standby, the hunt was commencing.

A ring of tall metal tubes provided the only decoration in one of the vast corridors of the clanship. Then with a gust of life giving gasses, the true nature of the pods were revealed. The groggy predator hunters had been awakened from stasis.

One of these hunters, Predator428, stepped out of his cryotube and took his first real breath since the start of the journey. Predator428 spread his mandibles from his inner mouth and enjoyed the ships atmosphere. He began to stretch his extremities as his fellow clan mates began to awaken from their stasis. One by one, the hunters filed to the armory chamber. Selecting their personal armor and weapons from the racks. Predator428 applied each piece of armor and weapon, checking each one's structure and weight. Finally attaching his death head of a mask, the symbol of terror for hundreds of victims past. Hunting skills were one thing, but a single falt in armor or weapon could mean death. Predator428 knew this.

The Balatu clanship required no pilot, an automated computer guided the craft over it's destination. As the great vessel decended into the thin atmosphere of the planetoid, the center of the hunt could be seen. A ring of towers, their purpose unknown, encircled a few sparce buildings just above ground. But these were not the target, the main facility was deep underground. An enormous city sat buried thousands of meters bellow the rock and sand. The facility on top would provide entry into the Weyland-Yutani labratory, and the xenomorph prey within.

The clanship increased its speed and turned its belly toward the base bellow. Dozens of flashes burst from the hull as the hunter's drop pods began their decent. For the honor of the clan, and the thrill of the hunt.

Lone_Hunter2, Human, 13 years ago

But the single dark mass that began to come to life was not alone...there was another ship moving towards Delta 3093,but still cloaked...

Lone Hunter awoke from his cryosleep drowsy, but within seconds he was fully alert. He was still getting used to be in a clan agian after all his years of solitude...lone hunter began putting on his armour, Scarred Shadow his superior had announced that they had picked up a message that concered the hard meat, most likely the human corparation known as weyland-yutani was behind,because the message was from a human scientest. what had occureded on the planet lone hunter didn't care juyst as long as he got the oppoutunity to kill a Xenomorph and be a blooded hunter. however there was only one thing that made him worry, after or all the message was a distress siganl and the clan Known as Hunters moon were most likely not the only ones to pick it up.

the Balatu Clan might of picked up the signal aswell, and not to mention whatever task force the humans would send to deal with their own mistake. Despite whatever happend between Hunters Moon and balatu Lone hunter didnt feel concerned... it was with the humans saftey and his actions towards them...help or hunt? sonner or later he would have to decide...

as he equipped the last of his weapons lone huner left his room to join the rest of the clan...none but scarred shadow seemed to trust or like him, after all he had been a loner hunting rouges and preventing the death of humans that he considered honourable, which was the main reason he had his own personal quaters.

he waited until every body else was ready and began following them into the meeting room.

Venom, Human, 13 years ago

His eyes began to open and he saw the dark corridors of the Balatu Clan ship, Venom had awoken. The stasis tube opened and gas leaked from of the once concealed chamber he was slumbering within, the hunters mandibles then outstretched as he gave a small grunt. He then stepped out, and observed his surroundings, it seemed that he was one of the last hunters to awake from his sleep s prepare as a several number of stasis tubes had been open with the occupants gone.

Venom then walked down the dark halls of the clan ship to find his armory. Selecting his war armor which was mostly invulnerable to xenomorph blood, and several other weapons including his favored double wrist blades, an gauntlet for each arm. The weapons and armor he had chosen were built for an elite warrior like himself and should prove hard to shatter or break…

Ready for the hunt he adjusted the settings in his mask to automatically scan every other life form other than his own, excluding other predators. Then he took himself towards the drop pod area of the ship and joined the other clan members in the thrill of the hunt.

Graf, Human, 13 years ago

Graf awoke from his stasis and tryed to look around whatever he was in, he couldn't remember. He stumbed out of the pod and into the Hunter's Moon clan ship. As his vision centered, he remembered where he was.

He had never been in cryosleep before so the effects were at least double what they normally are. Nonetheless, he moved twards the rack of weapons and armor on the other end of the hallway, clicking his mandibles in disgust of the aftertaste the cryo-gasses left in his mouth.

He started to suit up, attaching his armor, piece by piece, making sure everything was in good working condition. He extended his double wristblades and checked for any signs of decay or wear that the cryo-gasses may have left. His spear was strapped to his back and his disks and shurikens were placed in their proper holders around his belt. And finnaly, he placed the mask that he inherited from is father, a mask that has seen many battles, a mask that once belonged to an elder, on his head. It was time for war...

The-Wolf, Human, 13 years ago

In the gloomy skies came a pod. It was a lone pod from the station back at the hunter's homeplanet. Engulfed in flames, the pod decending into the trees and became invisible untill it smashed into the ground.

Doors slide open on the pod. The pod's body had electricity running up and down with sparks spurting out of all the wires. Eventully, the cloaked hunter, leaped through the mess and smashed his feet onto the warm soil. With a whip and flash, the Predator scanned the thermal modes. Zooming in, the Wolf located the facility and noticed several other hunters gathering together. Zooming ferther in at the Marine units closing in, the Wolf chattered his mandibles - in laughter wondering how they think they'll make it out with hordes of xenomorphes inside the facilities but mostly with his fellow hunters present.

The Wolf's three lasers run up and down all the Marines. He was marking his territory. The laser went back into his cloaked bio helmet and the swift beat darted off through the trees to get closer to the facilities. The Wolf dropped out of the sky, away from the patch of three and stood near his comrads. He zoomed forward and noticed they weren't far. He decided to move in towards the marines before he got into the messy situations with the Aliens.

delta-boy, Human, 13 years ago

delta blessed himself and kissed his cross he wore under his body armour, he looked around to see familar faces some nervous,excited and of course that rock bottom feeling from the drop-ship.This was the first time delta would go into combat all his training prepared him for this.

Waralien, Human, 13 years ago

Waralien awoke from a dazy sleep. He had taken time from working with the other drones to get some sleep. He had worked for awhile since his birth.

He stretched out himself over the resin flooring. His mouth opened wide revealing a sinister looking second mouth. He gazed around his surrounding. Several other Xenomorphs were there attending to their tasks.

He noticed that the warriors had awoken from their chambers and were heading to the Queen's chamber. Waralien wondered why they had awoken. They hadn't been called on since the breakout of their captors.

He hissed to a nearby drone on the situation. It replied of some mysterious movement from above ground. He reared himself up on all four and sped towards the Queen. He wanted to know what was the commotion about.

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Venom, Human, 13 years ago

A trail of smoke descended to the planets surface, it was Venoms drop pod. As it came through into the atmosphere it burst into flames, yet the pod was barely damaged by this and it continued its route. His destination was to land were the other hunters were, and then finally his drop pod plummeted and embedded itself in to the earth making a small crater. It had landed only several yards away from his clan members, and they hardly seemed startled by it at all.

The doors on the pod opened revealing the great beast within, he then stepped out and observed his surroundings. Switching through his vision modes and scanning the other predators to reveal their identities. Three of them were young bloods but the fourth was a respected blooded member of the clan, The Wolf equal in rank to Venom. They both were well known in the clan and the other hunters greeted him as he approached.

He the cloaked himself as the others did and they climbed up into the trees to observe the approaching prey, a squad of marines. The Wolf had already started to head towards them and Venom then quickly became closer the marines as well, swiftly and silently moving through the trees. The other three hunters lingered behind to watch the two Blooded Yaut’ja take down their prey..

Voltage-3000, Human, 13 years ago

clouds break as a vessel falls from the sky high above a the marines drop ship and was sent crashing in as an unsurprising welcome as it went through some marines flew out and fell too their doom.As for Voltage he fell into another drop ship that alredy landed. He went through wit a crash but no sound was left when the crsh happened...marines left to gaurd the ship go check to see what happeed inside the ship that was pierced by the power of the vessel. Two marines go wonering into the part of the ship where the pod landed stood up. one marine goes wondering to the door and sees nothing...then suddenly a hand goes flying out and sta the marine in the face. Voltage slams his head against the vessel to loosen it. Th other marine runs while shooting at voltages vessel but at the same time voltage knocks off the door with a powerful kick that hit the marine to the ground. Voltage flys out into the darkness as the marine gets up and searhces his pod. The man stoped and quickly turns to find his fate watching him...silence followed.....the man breathing hard and had sweat run down his face....he was egar but afraid and when he turned back to the pod a swift swing from Voltages skull hammer blasted the man across the face and sent him flying trough the wall of the ship. Voltage kneels down and types into his wrist comp and tells his clan his where abouts. He gets to his feet and checks everything he had on him when suddenly a radio transmission from the dead marine starts speaking out he knows that more are coming to this he goes into quick reaction and runs to his pod, few minutes later marines of about four appear inside the ship looking aorund until they see the pod. One marine runs up the pod and looks inside the broken window and see one of their own..but in curiousoity hte marine spots somthing in his hand blinking. it had these weird red marks like a clock. Right then the marine yelled out bomb and tried to run out of the drop ship but too ate as the explosion shoot the door off, three were killed as one made it out and rn bakc to the buildings door where panted and caught his breath. Voltage clicked as he was standing in front of the man with his cloaking on. Voltage appears and the marine throws his arms up with his gun but voltage doesn't react, he just looks up and spot a metal door falling. The man ready to pull the trigger was struck by the ehavy door which cracked his neck. Voltage was willing to take the skulls of his kill but they were not valuable fighters he wanted the big ones and soon took off into the building to kill the xeno festation.

Lone_Hunter2, Human, 13 years ago

every hunter's eyes where fixed on the vidscreen,transfixed at voltage's kills, some growling with amusment as the last marine's death.

Scarred shadow, one the hunters moon's subleaders, thought that the unblooded youngsters needed a demonstraion from one the more expreinced warriors.

lone hunter watched agian and agian as the humans where slauted by voltage 3000.something he would have to do soon...he felt a sick pull in his stomach..."take note" Scarred shadow said again "notice the swiftness in his movements and how fast he kills, there is no time for funon this hunt! if the humans are weak then kill them other wise they will merely serve as hosts for the Hard meat. but notice that we have competion" lonehunter turned his headfrom the screen to stare at his sub leader, "the Balatu clan is here!." the footage of Voltage's kills stop at the point where he watched the door fall then the image enlarged an object barely visible in the coner of the screen and showed a dropship that bore the markings of the only other clan that was as strong and deadly as Hunters moon...Balatu...and there moto "GODS OF DEATH"... the hunt had gotten interesting.

as one the warriors all moved to the dropships lead by Scarred shadow, the only other thing that would provided a problem was the Human ship that was barley seconds away with a fresh reinforcment of marines to tackle the mistake of there fellow humans, Lone hunter stood in his pod and turned as the doors closed, the pod began its desecent to the planet below... it was time for lone hunter to be blooded, as he should have so long long ago...

lone hunter felt the dropship crash to a halt and slowly the doors began to open...

Graf, Human, 13 years ago

Graf felt lonely. He had not been very warmly welcomed among the clan. Only Scarredshadow had actually welcomed him when he accepted him to the clan.

Graf watched as Lone_Hunter2 got into his pod and fell to the surface. It was time for the hunt. He had overheard something about GODS OF DEATH and competition. He didn't care, he just need the thrill, the rush that was aquired from the hunt. He strapped his razor whip around his waist and stepped into the drop pod.

As the pod broke through the film of the atmoshphere and the drag fins opened up, Graf maneuvered twards the drop location of Lone_Hunter2 and Voltage. His pod hit the gorund a little hard and Graf's breath was knocked out of him.

The doors of the pod hissed with steam and Graf's vision momentarily blurred when adjusting to the new atmosphere of the planet. He noticed a heat signature up ahead... Neither hard meat nor yautja... 'Human' he though to himself. 'Perfect'.

He activated his cloaking device and extended both of his wristblades. He started running swiftly twards the human, clicking his madibles as he did. The human must have heard him because he quickly turn and ran to the left, but he hadn't seen Graf, he had seen some Hard Meat.

Graf pulled out a shuriken and activated it, throwing it in the same movement. The human's head was neatly seperated from his body, effectively ending his life. Graf then grabbed the shuriken and threw it again, this time towards the hard meat. The first and third were cut in two, but the second one had jumped to the left and dodged the blades.

It pounced on Graf, using it's tail as a spring. Graf was a bit quicker and dodged to the side, reversing his wristblades and cutting into the Xeno's shoulder. The Xeno hit the ground with a *thud* and writhed around on the ground. Graf charged towards his prey and unlatched hid spear, but the hard meat recovered faster than expected. It used it's tail to strike at Graf and cut deep into his left shoulder, a shoulder for a shoulder, but the Hunter was ready for it, he extended his spear and stabbed the hard meat through the upper-chest area.

Graf took his knife and cut off the head of the kill, taking it to a bush and putting it in a bag, attached to a tracer for an easy find later...

Lone_Hunter2, Human, 13 years ago

Lone Hunter steeped out of his pod and switched through all of his vision modes. he took note of his surroundings and noticed that he was on a hill, and down at the bottom he noticed the wrekage of the human dropship that Voltage had destroyed.

as lone hunter began walking to the werkage he saw one his fellow members pod touch down around 100 metres from his position far off.he wondered for a second then cloacked and began to move to where the pod had landed whilst keeping an eye out for ather pods,Xenomorphs and humans.

as lone hunter came to the pod and saw no one around he beggan to walk in the driction of the foot prints of the his clan brother.he didn't need to walk long because as he approched the scene of the fight he saw the hunter known as graf come walking back towards his pod and noticed that his left shoulder was wounded. lone hunter decloacked " not even ten minutes and already you are no longer an unblooded youngster as I am" Graf turned to look at LH and even though his face was covered he knew that he was grinning."so...,he looked down on the headless Xeno and looked back up at graf, have you marked youself or were you to busy hiding the skull?"

"I'll do that, Graf said and as he said he approched the headless Xeno and broke off a finger and put it on his belt,after we have gathered with the rest of our clan". lone hunter grinned as hi did his and grafs wrist bands be gane to beep Scarred Shodow had touched down and had sent the quardints for the gethering point before the hunt."well lets go then" and together graf and lone hunter began to run to the gather point for there clan.

Graf, Human, 13 years ago

(Sorry, I needed to say that I am already a blooded hunter, but this is my first clan-kill... Just lettin' you know :P)

Graf nodded at Lone_Hunter2. "You will get your kill soon." He said as they ran. He checked his wrist computer and tapped a few buttons, showing a detailed lay-out of the facility which he downloaded from the ship's database. "Looks like the building is infested with hard meat, perfect, I was in need of some new trophys. Lets try and re-group with some other clan members."

Waralien, Human, 13 years ago

As he reached the Queen he could feel the disturbance as well. It felt as though one of his brothers had been silenced. What did that would surely pay.

The Queen informed the assembled warriors that one of their runner scouts had seen several objects descending from the sky. Waralien took in every detail of the situation.

After the short breifing the Queen sent out her warriors. As they reached the entrance of their hive, Waralien halted the blood thirsty aliens. He scanned the surrounding area. He saw the smoke from the pods off to the distance. He then saw the reasearch facility. Their hive had moved from that area for protection. But the one place that had given them birth would now serve a new purpose.

Waralien sent out several squads of aliens to cover the area. He sent some out after smoke. The rest he led to the facility. He may have been weak in the ranks of the hive, but there was a purpose for the Queen letting him led the attack. He was one of the smartest of the hive. He wouldn't let the Queen down.

The facility was in view. He could hear screams of marines being picked off by what ever had followed them. He and his squad hurried into the dark and forgotten shelter of the facility. This would be his staging ground. What ever had come to this place would find horrors beyond their imagination.

FireHunter, Human, 13 years ago

A predator pod fell to the ground, smashing into the planet with a meteor-like crash. This pod had been flying for some while, carrying an infected predator within it's confined space. After the pod had crashed, the predator inside staggered out, gasping for breath, he removed his mask and threw it to the ground, suddenly he screamed a beastly roar and fell to the ground, quivering violently, the horrendous creature inside him was awakening. He could feel it squirming, crawling, eating his insides for the last few days, it exploded from his chest in a shower of blood and bone as he began running for the jutting shard of rock not far away, he'd prefer to die than let an alien chestburster kill him.
the small creature scuttled off, looking for the rest of it's hive, it could smell them nearby,it could see a cave, it could grow safely there before being killed by yautja or human.
To the beast it will become.

Voltage-3000, Human, 13 years ago

Voltage moved way past down the hall to the lab area where it all strted. As he opened the door their were bodies scattered. Voltage looked around found a couple eggs. One hatched already and cought crawling through the vent and at the saem time voltage ran at it with agression trying to grab it but it was too small. As he was doing that he turned on his thermal and saw the heat inside the eggs start to rise and knew they were going to hatch soon all 26 of them. Voltage starts to place bombs around the eggs. he even examined the bodys and blood trails. He picked around bored...volateg stood right up quickly and turned. The mans chest started cracking. Voltage ran over and stepped on the mans chest and killed the newborn xeno. Voltage still had his thermal on and saw a two figures run past the door. Idenity's where Lone hunter and Graf ,Voltage took surprise at the young bloods and decided to follow them.

Waralien, Human, 13 years ago

The stench of filth was abundant around the empty lab. This suited Waralien. But there was an unfamiliar smell around the lab. This smell reeked of blood and decay. Nothing like the hive.

First thing to do was to secure the eggs in the facility. The main batch were located in the sub-levels of the facility. Those were easily protected considering the only opening was small enough for huggers to crawl through. The others were more difficult. Some were located near the edge of the facility. Those were possibly lost already. One batch Waralien knew about were the ones in the center of the facility. These were incased in thick, protective casings and past attempts to free them failed. These were the ones that Waralien was more curious about.

After stationing some warriors in ducks and hidden areas, Waralien sped off down several flights of stairs to find out the source of the mysterious smell. Just as he came to a catwalk, he heard movement. Waralien stood still. He listened. After a while he began hissing a message only his bretheren could hear: Several footsteps, all heavy, suggesting thick armor. Soft clankings: they have weapons, high risk factor. All Xenos, take precaution to these intruders.

After relaying the message, Waralien sought after the intruders. Silent like the shadows around him, he crept slowly after, not wanting to catch his prey's attention.

predator428, Human, 13 years ago

The upper base was in chaos.

Predator428 watched from above a tower as the marines met the suprise attack from the two predator clans. Most of the humans had made it inside the facility before his clan had arrived, but the rest were not so lucky. The scattered soldiers were hacked to pieces, one by one by the invading predators. Predator428 watched the ensuing battle and spotted a downed dropship were a group of marines had begun to organize. He activated his mask's magnification system and observed the group. These soldiers were not scurrying around as rats like rest of them. A gunnery sergeant was directing the troops quite well. Predator428 watched as a few of his clanmates were downed. One of the unblooded was cut clean in half by the now concentrated fire, his companion's head was completely decimated. These unfortunate humans had just made themselves worthy of death.

Predator428 unhooked his speargun from the holster in the back of his shin plate. His mask automaticly synched the gun's sights with his goggles. Predator428 zoomed in closer on the only officer on the surface still in charge. The human was shouting franticly giving orders, spittle flew from the agitated man. Predator428 took aim and pressed the firing stud. A forked projectile, no bigger than a finger shot from the barrel at twice the speed of sound.

The shot caught the human just above the nose, his head snapped back an a gush of brains and pieces of skull sprayed on the man behind him. Suddenly without direction, the soldiers panicked. Predator428 tooks his chance and leapt from his perch with his cloak activataed, a mass of muscle and steal shook the ground as he landed near the soldiers.

A "shink" came from his gauntlet has the two wristblades ejected, glimmering in the planetiod's sun. Predator428 cocked his arm back and thrust the blades into the back of the nearest human. He didn't even scream as the blades cut through his spine and exited through his chest, shredding his inards. Predator428 raised the body over his head and uttered a roar that echoed across the open field as he materialized to the soldiers.

He tossed the body aside and began his work in the rest of them, slitting throats and gouging open bellies. A few managed to hit Predator428 with their weapons, the white hot bullets cut in to his flesh but he was dulled the the pain. His body was to full of adrenaline to feel much of anything other than rage and power. Finally eight of the nine marines lay dead, the last survivor shreaking and firing his pulse rifle wildly at Predator428. He ducked and weaved as he ran toward the human, dodging the crazed stream of bullets. Predator428 grabbed the man by the face and held him in the air. With another roar, Predator428 swing his blades down in an arc and cut the man in half from shoulder to waist. His legs and right arm fell to the ground and loops of steaming intestines unraveled from his belly along with liters of warm blood.

Predator428 dropped the corpse and surveyed the field. He and his clan mates had a clear path into the facility entrance. Predator428 signaled his clan to head toward the elevators, he would follow soon. Predator428 needed to claim his trophies properly after all; he pulled out a small knife and began the working of skinning his victims.

Graf, Human, 13 years ago

Graf noticed Volatge fall in behind himself and LH. 'Good, more clanmates' he thought to himself. As he turned the corner he stopped and looked out a fan vent where he could hear the cries of the marines and a single loud roar.

Just as he realized that this was not a HM member, an alien jumped down onto LH and Graf quickly turned and fired his net gun at the same time. Now the net gun he fired wasn't normal, it was acid proof, the only one he had with him. "Leave it, it will die," he said as the alien was cut to pieced by the rope.

He ran down the corridor and up a small flgith of stairs and ran straight into a small squadron of humans. 'Great... Noise' he though. The humans didn't really know how to react, apparently they were rookies, but they all had guns and therefore, viable prey.

Graf pounced upon the first one and extended his wristblades with a loud *shink*. The man's futile scream was lost within the crys of the other as Voltage and LH did their work. Graf cut the skull off the human he had killed and put it in a small mesh bag on his belt. 'The more trophys, the better'

He continued down the hallway, activating his cloaking device as he did. Graf relied more of instinct than his visions, but he still took the time to flip through them. He noticed a very odd scene infront of him. All the Xeno seemed oblivious to his presence as they went about carrying and handing eggs to one another, gently sliding them down a broken airway where Graf supposed more were waiting to take the vounerable eggs back to their hive.

Graf moved backwards slowly, only to come face-to-face with a Hard Meat Warrior. 'Wonderful' Graf thought as he punched it in the side of the head. Then he started running back to Voltage and LH, 'I think they should know about what I just saw'...