Deadliest of the Species (Aliens vs. Predator)



ya i have read a few of these comics


ya i have read a few of these comics and there very weird i just dont get them and i did not find them very good ether ...



the story revolves more about this genetically engineered human than about aliens vs predators. VERY WEIRD most of the time i was wondering whether they accidentally printed the wrong comic with the wrong cover and pretty boring too and not very well made

Very cool Story


I have the complete Collection !!!! (but the german version)

I don't like the drawer, but the story is genius and crazy !!!! That are no normal comics !!!

A review


I now have the 2nd AvP comic omnibus, which has the entire Deadliest of the Species series included, and I must admit that this is a pretty damned good story, despite the fact that -like most comics- it can be hard to follow.

The artwork is good, the heroines are hot, and the storyline is engaging, although a few ideas would have us alien traditionalists screaming "HERESY!" lawl.

But, if you get a chance to read this, go ahead. As far as comics go, this is an epic, and well worth the time and money spent.

I give it 5 Points and the Malus-Darkblade-Hyper-Big-Rubber-Stamp-of-Approval.